Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy {Black} Friday! Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Who has been up early today doing some shopping?! We had a great Thanksgiving and now I'm totally and completely in the Christmas spirit. I loved Christmas as a kid, then it just kind of became another thing to celebrate as I grew older...and then I had kids and it all changed and I absolutely love it again. Sometimes I feel like Buddy the Elf I just love it so much. So my apologies if it gets obnoxious for the next month. #sorrynotsorry 

Here are my favorites this week: 

I'm trying something new this year and ordering my Christmas cards via Amazon Photos. My photographer friend Liz was telling me about them -- and if they're good enough for a photographer, they're good enough for me! They're actually having 50% off of their cards through tomorrow with the promo code "MERRYCARDS50." 

And speaking of Christmas cards, I saw this on The Champagne Supernova's blog and had to share here. Your friendly neighborhood journalism major thanks you in advance for taking this to heart. ;) 

Y'all know I love seasonal books for my kids and even bought a basket this year to contain them all. A girlfriend asked me which are my top three favorites, so I thought I'd share here, too. {I'll be sharing a post next week about all my favorite Christmas books!} 

+ The Sweet Smell of Christmas: This book reminds me of my childhood and is just so precious. My boys love reading this and taking part in the scratch-and-sniff. 

+ The Night Before Christmas -- In Texas, That Is: My Nana bought me this book on my first Christmas and we grew up reading it. If you're a Texan, this is a must! 

+ The Berenstain Bears The Very First Christmas: I love the Berenstain Bears books for their ease in talking about all things {e.g. lying, a new baby, cleaning up}, but I especially love the childlike way they explain the reason Christians celebrate Christmas. 

Are any of y'all obsessed with Christmas pajamas for your kids? My favorite ones are Leveret {they're so soft and hold up well in the wash without getting pilly}, but of course Hanna Andersson comes in a close second, and Old Navy is a close third. {I will say that I was super disappointed in Baby Gap's Christmas PJ offerings this year. :(} 

I bought these pajamas for the boys this year and yes, we're already wearing them! 

Leveret Red and Green Striped Two-Piece Pajamas 

Hanna Andersson Long John Organic Cotton Pajamas

Old Navy Christmas Cars Sleep Set 

So we may or may not have already seen Santa Claus...! We love to go to Bass Pro Shop {bonus that the activities to do while you wait, visit and photo are all free} and the boys did great this year! Walker was all about Santa and Knox was fine until he actually had to sit in his lap, and then promptly tried to slide right down out of his lap. And then once he was down, said, "Bye Sah-tah! Ho ho ho!" 

And since this post is apparently turning into all things Christmas {whoops}, I wanted to remind y'all to join Emily, Owen and me on Wednesday, Nov. 29 to share your gift guides for guys! 

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  1. I don't have kids yet, but last year I made my husband wear matching Christmas pajamas with me! Haha! I think it's so fun!

  2. We ordered our cards from Amazon Photos too!!! Got them in yesterday and I have to say, I'm quite impressed especially with the price tag! The Santa picture this year turned out really good! My SIL & BIL always take my niece to Bass Pro lol


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