Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is Thursday?! I'm in complete shock at how fast November has flown by. 

Brandon has been traveling on business since Sunday, so this will definitely be me, you know: wine: 

Thank you to those of you who linked up with Emily, Owen and me on Wednesday for our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide! This week we shared gift ideas for ladies, and oh my gracious, I loved seeing y'all's ideas! {You can see my post here.} I haven't bought for my mom or grandmother yet, and y'all definitely have given me a few options for them. :) 

Just a note, we are taking off next week for Thanksgiving, but we will be back Wednesday, Nov. 29 and sharing gift ideas for men, so be sure to link up with us and share some gift ideas for your favorite guy. 

Have y'all heard about Honey? Brandon shared this gem with me and I'm obsessed, because I love saving money anywhere and everywhere I can -- and I like for it to be easy to do so. Basically, it's a tool that automatically finds and applies coupon codes for tons of online stores. I use it mostly for Amazon -- and it works! I've found, say, a travel golf bag that my father-in-law wanted for Christmas listed at $59.99 with free Prime shipping. Well, Honey automatically found one that another Amazon seller had listed that was $54.99 with free shipping, and automatically applied the discount and showed it to me. It's already saved us at least $40-50 this holiday season. You can use my referral code here to join and start saving! 

So I totally copied April and ordered this white top...on Amazon! Now, I'm totally unsure of what it's going to look like on me {even though it looked adorable on April} but I figured for $12.99 and free shipping, it would be worth a shot. It's supposed to be delivered later this month, and I hope it will be here in time to wear to allllllll the Christmas parties if it fits! Fingers crossed! 

Who remembers those pre-Internet days of your mom handing you the J.C. Penney or Sears catalog, giving you a pen and telling you to circle what you wanted for Christmas? {I'm probably showing my age here but I actually remember when my parents got dial-up Internet in the house for the very first time...and the Dot Matrix printer...and the Gateway desktop computer. Ha!} 

Anyway, I recently handed the boys the Target Christmas catalog, a pen and let them go to town. Walker circled everything, Knox had no idea what was going on, and I got about 15 minutes to work on dinner. It was a win for everyone! ;) 

If you're looking for a cute book to read to your kiddos about Thanksgiving, might I suggest this one? My Grammy gifted it to my boys last year and Walker loves when we read it to him! It's a great little reminder of why we celebrate Thanksgiving! {This one is also super cute.}

TOMY was so sweet to send us the John Deere Monster Treads Mega Wheels toy and y'all, my boys adore it! Walker is really on a tractor kick right now {he has asked us and Santa for a tractor for Christmas many, many times} and he has had a ball with this sweet toy. The tires expand when they push it down, and the sounds activate when the tires expand. This would make a fun gift for a little guy in your life! Thanks, TOMY! 

We were also thrilled to receive a sample of Maple Holistics' Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, which smells great and I loved the tingle. I have psoriasis on my scalp, and I could definitely feel it working on those areas of my scalp. Brandon also loved this, too! {And I was super impressed that their "sample" was a full-sized product! Color me impressed!} Thanks, Maple Holistics! 

I hope y'all have great weekends! 

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  1. Gah! I LIVED for the JC Penny catalog! That thing was HUGE! I've heard of Honey but wasn't sure how it worked, thank for sharing :) I just signed up with your link!

  2. so much goodness in this post! Tops being Brandon coming home today!! I gave jack that target catalog to circle fun! Im ordering those tractors for christmas, my boys will love them! Cant wait to see that top on you, i know it''ll be darling!

  3. Yess, I used to love looking through catalogs and picking out the things I wanted! I've never heard of Honey, but I'm trying to get better about using coupons so I'll definitely have to check it out.

  4. Honey sounds fantastic! Oh gosh, the boys with the toy catalogues - I love it!

  5. Honey sounds like an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my goodness, I keep hearing about Honey, but I've yet to get started using it! I guess this is the kick in the pants I needed?! Also, yes to catalogs! My boys color in them all the time haha

  7. Can't wait to see how that shirt looks on you - it's super cute! Girl, I still love the paper Christmas flyers! Even though I've seen most of the ads I was looking for, I'm still getting a paper Thanksgiving morning to look at ads :)

  8. OMG I absolutely remember circling things in magazines! I took it SUPER seriously too haha!!

  9. I saw her post that top and I screenshotted as well! Let me know how it works and I may order it too!


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