Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekending: First One for October

Happy Monday! We enjoyed a really low-key, slow weekend that was very welcomed before the hustle and bustle of October. But, we welcomed October with open arms yesterday -- and even Texas got the memo that the glorious month had arrived; we woke up to temperatures in the low 60's, which was just perfect! 

Here's a little recap of our weekend: 


+ It was a really slow day, to tell the truth. It was yucky and rainy...the perfect day for cozying up inside. The boys and I ran lots of errands in the morning: Walmart Grocery Pickup, Target, the dry cleaners, and I let Walker get a Happy Meal for lunch. 

+ Brandon got home from his business trip and he and the boys enjoyed playing Lincoln Logs together and catching up. 

+ Once the boys were in bed, Brandon and I shared a frozen pizza {so fancy!}, had a glass of wine and caught up on some DVR'd shows from the week. 


+ Brandon and Walker went on a Saturday morning donut run while Knox and I hung out together for a bit. 

+ We spent the rest of the day being so lazy: College Gameday on TV; stayed in our jammies until lunchtime; made pumpkin muffins with Walker; the boys mowed the yard; and then I went to get a haircut while they all three napped. 

This little pretend lawn mower has been a huge hit with both of our boys!

+ We met some friends for dinner at Jake's, which was chosen because it has a splash pad outside for the little ones to run around in after their meal! ;) I packed towels and a change of clothes, which was a good thing because they were all freezing after a romp through that water on the last day of September! #OnlyinTexas

+ Once the boys were down, Brandon and I were lazy and I actually fell asleep on  the couch watching an episode of "A Football Life" about Emmitt Smith, which I'll have to re-watch later. It was so interesting, but this girl was tired! 


+ We woke up to the most beautiful sunrise that I had to run outside and snap a quick picture. This is completely untouched; God's handiwork certainly is prettier than any filter I could add!

+ Brandon made pancakes for breakfast and then we all headed out for church. 

+ Our Sunday afternoon was perfect: naps for all of us, dress-up time for the boys, watching the Cowboys game {not perfect}, and Walker went with me to deliver pumpkin muffins to some friends as a little "Happy October!" present -- and we made a pit stop at Sonic on the way home for some slushies. :) 

+ We made my favorite fall salad for supper, Brandon and I did our BSF together once the boys were in bed, and we caught up on some more shows before calling it an early night. 

I hope y'all have great weeks! 

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  1. A great low key weekend!! Funny, my boys had Happy Meal's on Friday too. Lincoln Logs..something I haven't seen in forever. May be a great gift idea for jacks birthday. Writing this down!! So happy Brandon is home and ya'll are all back under one roof!! Happy Monday!

  2. What a nice low key weekend! I love the breakfasts you guys had - donuts and pancakes - YUM! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love low-key weekends! Glad you had a good one. :)

  4. Low key weekends are just the best! Sounds like you all made the most of this one!

  5. I had completely forgotten about Jake's! Gah, another Dallas restaurant I miss.

  6. A lazy Saturday sounds perfect! I love the few little munchkins in the side of the donut box!

  7. What a wonderful last weekend before it gets busy! I do have to say, the donuts have my mouth watering lol! Happy 1st week of October!

  8. Your weekend sounds a lot like mine-- a slow paced one that also included frozen pizza and pancakes. Ha! I have a hectic October coming (packed with fun) so I too embraced my slow-paced weekend.

  9. Aren't weekends at home with no plans so good for the soul?! We are gone every single weekend from now until December so these past few weekends at home were extra great!

  10. I love a laid back, low key, go with the flow type of weekend. This looks like my type :)

  11. Such a simple weekend, but this is the type of days I dream about having when we have kids someday. You really have a beautiful family! ❤️


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