Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: My Favorite Fall Looks

Let's be real: North Texas (where I live) gets about one or two weeks a year of amazingly gorgeous fall weather. Meaning I can wear a long-sleeve T-shirt, jeans and booties and not sweat my rear end off. There are no heavy jackets, scarves, layers or anything of that sort until about, oh, January or February. I love me some Texas, but its lack of seasons is really annoying. 

Maybe that's why I'm so into fall fashion...that whole "You want what you can't have" mentality, I guess. That said, here are my favorite fall looks/pieces right now: 

What are your favorites?

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  1. NC is about the same...its ridiculous, it'll be 60 and chilly one day and 80 and hot the next. just give me all cool weather. love these outfits!!

  2. The side tie tee is SO cute! And the jeans! NC weather is so unpredictable we usually go from 90 to 30 in a week. Ugh!

  3. I feel you with that weather over here in SC!! We have been sleeping with the windows open this week, and it's actually been under 80 during the days! I am loving it. That side-tie tee is so cute, and it comes in so many fun colors!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. Oh my goodness, I want one of all of these (for the things I dont already have because I LOVE COZY!! haha)

  5. Totally feel ya on the want whatcha can't have! I am enjoying our "cooler" weather lately, but def won't be breaking out any thick sweaters for a while. Love you fall picks. That top middle cream sweater looks COZY.

  6. I love things like the tie-sleeve sweatshirt for Texas weather. The 3/4 sleeves make it a little more bearable to wear fall clothes in the Texas heat.

  7. Love these cute tops!! I tried on that J Crew cuffed shirt and loved it but it fit super big. I'll have to go back and try it on a few sizes smaller next time


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