Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down together having coffee this morning, we'd be chatting about a few things: 

+ My heart is still breaking for Las Vegas and the events that unfolded there Sunday night into Monday morning. I know this world isn't our home, but it's just so hard to see these terrible things continuing to happen even though I know that the world is only going to get worse, not better, until His return. Come, Jesus. 

Brandon is scheduled to be in Las Vegas on Monday for an annual trade show, staying in a hotel that's around three blocks or so from the Mandalay Bay. He and I cannot thank God enough that his event is this coming Monday as opposed to this past Monday; if he would have been there...well, I just can't imagine thinking about all of the "what-if's." I just can't.

+ You know what I'm thankful for? Friendships. Friendships of all shapes and sizes and even those from the blogging world. I have made some of my best friends from this little corner of  the Internet and I'm just so thankful for these girls. Our texting conversations crack me up and I'm just so grateful that, even though they're hundreds of miles away, these girls get me and I often wish we all just lived in the same town together! 

+ Our calendar this fall is giving me hives. We literally have something going on almost every weekend, and I'm just over here trying not to freak out at all we have going on. Why is October so crazy busy every year?! 

+ You know what else is stressing me out? Christmas. I love Christmas so much, but the having-to-buy-the-perfect-gift business is making me anxious. And also? We are starting the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year and I'm nervous I'm going to forget to move him and Walker will figure me out. ;) 

+ I need to get back into an exercise routine and stat. I got out of it about a month ago and I just can't seem to get back into it. Add to that the days are getting shorter, and all I want to do in the evenings is curl up on my couch with my husband and a glass of wine. I need Jillian Michaels to just come train me every day. For free. And not yell at me. Is that asking too much?! 

+ Walker doesn't have school tomorrow for "Fall Break," and I'm all kinds of out of sorts. My OCD totally shows when I get thrown off due to one little kink in my schedule. Seriously, I need a shirt that says, "Your OCD is Showing." Or something. 

+ I really love the peplum trend, but I just don't know if my post-two-babies body is suited for it. Like, I really love this shirt for fall, but I have hips unlike the model and am not a size 00 like this precious model probably is. So I just don't know. Also, I could live in the Calson brand. I seriously love all of their stuff! 

Okay, so that's all off my chest...! ;) Hope y'all have a fabulous Thursday! Almost the weekend! 

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  1. Amen for blogging friendships! Now if we could just all live in the same town that'd be great :( I'm struggling in the exercise department. The mom guilt takes over when I consider taking Vivi to the gym nursery on my days off. Been trying to do driveway exercises but I always find an excuse!

  2. Nathan is a frequent flier in Vegas for trade shows as well and stays at The Mandalay Bay often. I can not let my brain go there! We are also going to a big concert this weekend so lots of praying over anxiety is happening over here! I'm with you on the peplum trend (though I think you could TOTALLY rock it) and I loved it on my body pre-baby, I'm just not sure any more. But I feel that way about most articles of clothing actually, ha!

  3. Amen on all of us living together. Gosh yesterdays conversation was so needed. I love the peplum trend too but every time I try a shirt on it looks terrible on me. Its like its too short waisted and just makes me look larger than i am! Ugh, exercising and me don't go well. I go in spurts of being good and doing it 3-4 days a week and then something happens and i get out of it and its so hard togged back in!

  4. Wow, praying that your husband stays safe on this trip, and so thankful he wasn't there this week. And girl, you look amazing! You can totally rock that shirt.

  5. October is crazy in our house too so I'm just holding on for the ride. We have something almost every weekend for the rest of the year already but I am determined to carve out free time to just enjoy the season this year! I think you could definitely pull off that top!

  6. So glad Brandon wasn't there last week - that is so scary!! I am so with you on the workouts... I did so well on the bikini series but fell off so hard once it was done. I signed up for Tone It Up's 21 day fall challenge but we'll see how well I stick to it lol Good luck with the October schedule - it seems to fill up so quickly.. starting tomorrow!

  7. I'm SO glad that Brandon wasn't in Vegas this past Monday--you're right the what if's would consume you.
    So thankful for you, friend!!

  8. October is crazy around here too. We have so much going on and I just want to soak in every fall minute. I also fell off the exercise wagon. I was so good this summer and now nothing. Thank goodness it's sweater weather!

  9. Go for the peplum! It would look great on you. You just have to find the right fit/length that you feel great in :)


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