Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's Fridayyyy! 

We're off to Scottsdale this morning for a quick weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. We truly don't have much on our agenda other than the spa, climbing Camelback Mountain, eating and sleeping -- lots of sleeping. #parenting 

But I'm thrilled for a few days away with Brandon to celebrate marriage and to spend some uninterrupted time together. 

One of my favorite places is Trader Joe's. I took the boys last week and we picked up some fun things that I wanted to share: pumpkins (of course!), gouda goat cheese, little personal cheese pizzas for the boys, wine (of course), Cookie Butter cookies (delicious) and Butternut Squash "Parmesan." My boys also love their Honey Nut O's and Gorilla Munch cereal and Walker's personal favorite are the "Walker" brand shortbread cookies. 

What are some other must-haves at TJ's? 

Earlier this week, I shared my mother-in-law's "faux made" chicken pot pie. It's so easy, so delicious and so filling! She gave me the recipe right after we got married, as it's one of Brandon's favorites, and I love making it in the fall and winter. It's by no means pretty, but it sure is yummy. Click here to view the recipe! 

I took Walker on a little Mommy/Son date on Sunday afternoon. We went to get some ice cream, and it was such a fun time spending some one-on-one time with my biggest little guy. I loved hearing all about his favorite part of the day (getting ice cream), why he liked gummy bears in his ice cream ("Because they taste like my vitamins!") and what he learned in church that day ("Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we don't have to."). 

When we got home, Brandon kissed me. Walker practically yelled, "Daddy! Hey! You can't do that! Stop! Stop kissin' Mama! WE WERE ON A DATE!" 

I just died laughing, but I also thought that was so sweet. 

This post. SO MUCH YES in this post. "My kids are not an inconvenience (for you)." I mean, honestly. I loved it so much. Please read it if you have a few minutes. 

"Kids are a normal part of society; it’s always been that way. You are not actually entitled to a child-free life. Sorry, not sorry. You don’t have to have them yourself, and you can go to as many adult-only things as possible, but you don’t get to expect that we are going to keep kids out of your way in the world we all share: parks, sidewalks, grocery stores, restaurants (yes, I take my kids to restaurants and I won’t apologize), the beach, airplanes…etc."


Have great weekends, friends! 

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  1. i hope you have the best weekend getaway!! Ya'll deserve time away just the two of you. I love TJ, i wish that it were close to use, I would shop there on the reg! have a wonderful time!

  2. Have the best time this weekend!! I love how special your date was to Walker-he is the sweetest boy!

  3. Hoping you guys have a great weekend away! I love your son's cute little hairstyle in the picture where you are out shopping. :) And, I totally need to try that pot pie recipe! I love pot pie, it reminds me of growing up, but I have always been too intimidated to try and make it.

  4. Love kiddo dates. TJ's is my very favourite and I make a cross border trip from Canada to get stuff from there :-). Have an awesome anniversary!
    Sarita @ it's my girls' world

  5. Ohhh please, please, please post your Scottsdale weekend in detail. My husband and I are heading there over New Years Eve and have no plans at all - so I'm up for whatever suggestions you may have!

  6. Have fun in Scottsdale - I'm so excited for you guys! Cannot wait to hear about it!

  7. Yes, yes and yes to that quote on kids. It annoys me that people have become so anti-kids in terms of wanting parents to lock their children inside the house aside from going to school or trips to the park. I get it, nobody likes it when a kid is having a meltdown, but they are still a part of society. A more important than us if you ask me since they are the future generations that will keep our legacies going.

    Let's stop treating them like little bothers and find some patience and compassion instead.

  8. I just went to Trader Joe's this afternoon and I wish I had your list before I went! :) I love their pumpkin ravioli and the butternut squash mac n cheese. Also, any cheese at all is a favorite of mine! :) Have a wonderful getaway!

  9. I hope you are having an amazing trip! RELAX and have a drink for me! Also, how precious is what Walker said?!? Little things like that need to be written in baby books :)

  10. I'm so making that Chicken Pot Pie! I love them, but I didn't know there was an easy solution! Also, Happy Anniversary! Have fun with your hubs :)


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