Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: My Favorite Pricey Beauty Buys

I shared with y'all recently my favorite drugstore beauty buys, and I thought I'd share today my favorite pricey beauty buys. I know we all have at least one item in our makeup drawer or cabinet or sitting in our shower that cost an arm and a leg, but works so well we just can't live without it. Here are my favorites: 

{1} I have used this eyeshadow for a few years and just love it. I love a good every day, understated eyeshadow for daytime {and I mean, when do I ever go out at nighttime?!} and this works perfectly for my blue eyes without looking like it's just too much going on. I use "Venus" on my brow bone, "W.O.S." on my lid, and "Naked 2" on my crease. 

{2} I recently discovered this cleanser and it works wonders. I only use it two-three times per week {usually on the days I don't put makeup on my face} and I feel like it does a great job at removing all of those yucky dead skin cells and making my skin brighter. {Note: I have combination skin; my T-Zone is oily, but I have dry flakes around my nose.} I use this along with my Clarisonic

{3} Also a recent discovery is this eye cream. It has a great richness to it and I feel like it's really moisturizing my eye area...and I have noticed a decrease in my crow's feet on the corners of my eyes since using this. I apply it every night before I go to bed and let it sink in while I sleep. 

{4} This makeup setting spray is so amazing! I would use it daily when I worked full-time to ensure my makeup stayed in place all day, but I use it now on days I know I won't be at home all day and I need my makeup to stay in the same place I applied it! {E.g. a Baylor football game, traveling, etc.} I don't know what on earth is in this stuff, but it works wonders.

{5} I have used this foundation for a few years now and it is the best thing for my combination skin. I was a bit hesitant to try it because I need full coverage and didn't think a powder foundation would offer that. But boy was I wrong! I apply concealer beforehand and then apply this foundation and I'm amazed at how much coverage it offers without feeling heavy and pore-clogging on my face. Plus, we live in Texas and I always felt that, no matter how much makeup setting spray I used, my foundation would be oily looking/melting by the end of those hot summer days. 

{6} Another favorite of mine is this night cream. Not only does it smell amazing, it's light on my face and I can totally tell a difference in my skin's radiance by morning after using it. Again, I have combination skin, so I have to be careful with night creams, as they can be too thick and can, in turn, clog my pores. I have zero issues with pore-clogging or that heavy feeling with this night cream! 

{7} My cousin is a hairstylist and used this texturizer on my hair when she did it on my wedding day. It gives your hair just a bit of tackiness and body -- almost like second- or third-day hair without any grease -- and allows you to style, tease, etc. it better. I use this on days I wash my hair: I'll wash, blow-dry and style my hair, and then apply this to the crown on the areas I'm going to tease my hair. It gives it just a bit more texture to work with and helps my fine hair stay in place. I love this stuff! 

{8} A total cult favorite that I've been using since college is NARS blush in "Orgasm." It's the perfect peachy pink color that takes you throughout the seasons. It has great staying power and has a tiny touch of sparkle that appears in the sun...not something like a Disco Dancer in 1974. ;) 

What about you? What are your favorite pricey beauty buys? 

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed a better setting spray (I think the oen I have is ELF brand lol). I'm going to check this one out the next time I'm at Sephora! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I swear I've heard about that blush for yearsssss... I seriously need to try it out! I'm a Bobbi Brown lover but I've heard great things about bare minerals as well.

  3. I have several of the products! I just recently started using the blush. I've obviously lived in a hole for too long haha. Great finds!

  4. I use the NARS "Orgasm" blush too and love it! Thanks for the suggestions on eye shadow and face wash... I have been looking for something good lately and will check these out.

  5. I want to try the makeup setting spray--sounds like it's good stuff!

  6. I don't ever use a setting spray, but have been thinking about picking one up, I'm going to try this one!

  7. I don't use eyeshadow much but when I do, I love the Naked palette! Bare Minerals works well. I typically use a liquid foundation in the winter and then use something like that in the summers. It really does have good coverage!

  8. I have that eye shadow pallet and love it! The colors are perfect for the everyday look


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