Monday, September 18, 2017


We had such a wonderful weekend in my hometown in southeast Texas. So much so, that none of us wanted to leave yesterday morning to make the four-hour trek home and I most definitely cried in the car as we were driving over the lake to head out of town. It was always hard living so far from my family, but it's even harder now that we have kids -- especially one who's old enough to understand how far away his Foxy and Papa and Nana and Pah are. But, it's wonderful how sweet our time is when we're all together and how special it is to spend that time with each other. 

Here's a peek into our weekend: 


+ Brandon took the day off, so we were able to get on the road around 9:45 a.m., which was a great early start to our weekend! We made the four-hour drive, only having to stop once for lunch and a bathroom break. Once we got into town, we immediately drove out to my grandparents' house {where we stay when we go home} to get the boys down for naps and just relaxed ourselves, visited with my grandparents and got unpacked. 

+ We met my parents out at their house after the boys woke up and we all went out on a family ride around the lake on the Mule, followed by dinner and baths for the boys...and they clearly think their Foxy and Papa's bathroom is way cooler than theirs at home! ;) 


+ We had a lazy morning at my grandparents' house, where the boys played with mine and my cousins' old toys and played on my grandmother's piano while they waited for breakfast. My grandmother made a homemade egg/sausage/cheese casserole and biscuits, and the boys sat at this sweet little table my grandmother has kept for 50 years; the boys are the third generation to sit at it and I love that sweet family tradition. 

+ We all went to my mom's store for a bit, then I dropped all three of my boys off with my Dad for a guys day while my sister and I went to work with my Mom. We had lunch on the porch of my mom's store from my favorite local restaurant and enjoyed spending time together just us girls. 

+ Walker and Knox took naps and when the girls returned home, my Dad took Brandon out flying for a while. I was a nervous wreck the entire time, but I know Brandon had fun. ;) 

+ My grandparents came over for a family dinner: beef tenderloin, autumn chopped salad and macaroni pasta salad, along with cake from my favorite local baker to celebrate my Mom's birthday a little early. She made our wedding cakes and I seriously crave them! 

+ After dinner, we all took a sunset cruise in the boat, which was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. And yes, we put Walker in the Barbie life jacket for old time's sake. ;) And yes, Knox was in a pink life jacket. My poor boys. Ha!

+ We put the boys to bed and stayed up far too late watching the Texas game {my grandparents are Texas grads so we'll cheer for them when Baylor's doing horribly} and were so sad to see them lose. But they played a great game! 


+ My grandmother made a delicious French Toast breakfast casserole and bacon for breakfast {we were so spoiled on this trip!} and then we got ready quickly to get on the road early. We met up with my parents outside their church to say goodbye, then made the long trek home. We stopped in Dallas to eat at one of our favorite restaurants before heading out to the 'burbs, and it was absolutely delicious! 

+ I did a ton of unpacking and laundry, made a run to pick up my groceries at Walmart and then got supper ready while watching the sad Cowboys game {womp womp}. I was so worn out last night that I took some ZzzQuil and called it an early 8:30 p.m. early. ;) 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Such a fun weekend! Going home is always the best but so hard to leave. How fun that Brandon got to go flying with your dad! I know the boys had the best time with their grandparents!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend at home with your family! It's really hard living far from family, but always nice when you have time to catch up and enjoy being together! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Yeah I'd say your weekend was pretty freaking awesome! Love the shot of the boys in that fancy tub haha. And flying?? So fun (but I would have been nervous too!) The boat time looked so beautiful!

  4. What a great weekend! Visits with parents are always the best and I can see why the boys love that bathroom - that tub and the tv - sounds great!

  5. Sounds like a perfect family weekend!! I'm jealous of that tub too! That would be perfect for a show and a relaxing bubble bath! I'm sure living away is hard but I know it makes the time together that much more special.

  6. Sounds like such a fun weekend with family! Now I am itching to try Desperados, we love Mexican and never tried that! Going home is always bittersweet for us too. :( I can't tell you how many times we've gotten in the car to make the trip back to Dallas and I've boohooed the whole way home. I usually end up trying to convince all our family they just need to move closer! Haha.

  7. Such a fun weekend! It's always so fun to visit family out of town, but also so sad when it's time to head home. Glad you all were able to spend some quality time together. Walker in the Barbie life vest, it never gets old!!

  8. What a perfect weekend! Your boys are so lucky to have such awesome grandparents and great grandparents! There is seriously nothing like quality family time <3

  9. Wow - so much fun! That bathtub pic? Stop it! haha So dang cute!

  10. What a super fun weekend!! So great you were able to see so many family members!


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