Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Roll Call: East Texas-isms

I love how April does a "Roll Call" on her blog, and so I thought I'd borrow the idea today and do one for some East Texas-isms. 

Over the weekend on Instagram Stories, I shared a few of my "East Texas-isms," including the way I say "foil," what I call that thing you push at the grocery store, and that road you exit off onto from the freeway. And the responses I got were amazing! So I figured I'd continue it here today...and I want y'all to comment and tell me what y'all say, too! I love hearing what people call certain things from all over the country. 

Here are mine: 

+ I say "foil" like this: "fol." Not like my husband, who says it, "Foiiiiii-uhl." 

+ That thing you push at the grocery store: a buggy 

+ The road you exit off onto from the freeway: a feeder road (or just a feeder) 

+ I say "tennis shoes" or just "tennies."

+ That thing to change the channel: a remote 

+ Everything to me is "Coke." For example, "Do you want a Coke?" You respond: "Yes!" Then I'll ask you, "Which kind? We have Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite..." 

+ I say "I'm fixing supper." I know the correct thing to say is, "I'm cooking dinner," but that is just one of my things! 

+ And yes, I say "supper" instead of "dinner." Breakfast, lunch, supper. :)

+ I also say that I'm "fixin' to do something." I don't say it often, but I will catch myself: "I'm fixin' to do it!" 

+ Y'all. Always y'all. And we pluralize an already plural "word" by saying, "All of y'all" or just "All y'all." So, for example: "We are planning to go to the game with all of y'all." 

+ "Bless your heart." This can be used in a bad or good way. For example: if Walker is crying because he fell down: "Oh, buddy. Bless your heart. You're okay!" But in a bad way: "That girl is wearing leggings as pants and you can see her panty outline. Bless her heart." 

+ I've been told I pronounce the word "insurance" differently, too: "In-surance" as opposed to "Ensure-ince." 

+ "Don't be ugly" is also another one, which basically means "Don't be rude." 

+ I pronounce "Whataburger" like the below: "Waterburger." Haha! 

+ And, the way Texans (including me) drop syllables is something I never notice until I go up North or out of the country. For example: 

\\ Florida: "Flor-duh." 

\\ Anything with an -ing is usually dropped. For example: Going = Goin'; Doing = Doin'; Driving = Drivin', etc. 

+ And finally, I truly did not know there was a "d" at the end of "Iced Tea" until I was in high school. I always thought it was "Ice Tea," because that's how we say it (emphasis on the long "I" in "Iced) and was dying when I found out there was a "d" at the end of that word. Ha! 

So I want to hear from you! What do you call these things?! What do you say instead?! Let me hear it! :)

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  1. Hahaha these made me laugh! You know how I say the first 3. But I agree with you on remote, tennies, y'all, bless your heart, supper, coke, don't be ugly (a phrase I say on the reg to my family) and insurance (who calls it ensur-ance??) 😂 We are alike in so many ways... but fol will never be one I say hahah

  2. hehe these are so fun! My grandma used to say Breakfast, Dinner, Supper...there was no lunch. Lunch was Dinner. It was super confusing to me as a kid lol

  3. Almost all of these apply to us Georgians, too! Except, we call the remote the controller. And no one really even says "iced tea" here - it's just "sweet tea." We call kisses "sugars." And perhaps my biggest southern-ism, which I didn't even know wasn't an everyone-thing...sugar bowl. Which is a cute way of saying belly button. I got a few laughs in college for that one.

  4. Out here in CA I call my Sprite soda, it's grocery cart, remote and I say it Flor-da. I have dinner.

  5. This is so cute :) I love this.. SO funny how in the South we say things so different too!!

  6. This is so great!! And yes - y'all is basic vocab for me!

  7. I love these! I'm laughing because I notice that you call it supper and I love it - my grandmom always used to do that! Love bless your heart too!

  8. Omg these are hilarious. I just started reading along with your blog not to long ago and I have to say I am totally guilty of a lot of these you mentioned!! I'm from a little small town in southeast Texas (Lumberton) so I totally get the country Texas talk! Haha. I moved to Dallas 5 years ago and just that little move made me realize how much of an accent I had. People would catch it a lot my first few years here. Some others I'm guilty of... "wash" pronounced "warsh" - my husband has me almosttt broken of this one but for some reason an R pops in there from time to time still. I call the TV remote, TV changer.. which sounds really unintelligent now that I think of it! Haha. Like you said you say "In-surance" I do that with the word encounter. I say "En-counter" instead of saying it all together... "Don't be ugly" has me laughing out loud bc I work at a preschool and I'll say that to my kiddos and they look at me like what?? Also ice-tea!!! I'm slightly mind blown bc I've never thought about it, but I drop the D every time!! hahaha.

  9. I always get caught out with several words/phrases when I visit the US (from Australia).

    Sweater = jumper
    Tennis shoes = sneakers
    Shopping cart = trolley
    Grocery store = supermarket
    Fries = chips
    Foil = aluminium foil (we've got an extra i in there)
    Soda of any kind = soft drink
    Exit off a freeway (highway) = off ramp or exit ramp.
    Flip flops = thongs

    Those are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

  10. This is so funny! I am in Philly and I think we have a language all our own too. I pronounce water as "wooder." And I've never heard of a feeder road! We call it the on ramp or the off/exit ramp.

  11. OMG I'm dying!!! I did notice that you pronounced "insurance" differently than I do, haha!!!

  12. Yes yes yessss to all of these!!! Southern through and through!

  13. It blew my mind when I found out it was Whataburger and not Waterburger. It's comforting to talk about it with my fellow Texans up here and we all pronounce it the same!

  14. I grew up in San Antonio and I say a lot of these things although I lost my accent when we moved away. Jess at Just Jess


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