Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down having coffee together this morning, there's a lot we would talk about. A few things:

\\ 2017 has really been a year of "all things breaking" in our house and while I know it's just the "joys of home ownership," it's getting really old...and really draining on my budget. We started off the year with a rogue dishwasher leak that ended up in having to move out of the house for two weeks while that was all repaired and ultimately had to replace the dishwasher; then the power steering went out in my car and that had to be replaced and reset; then our A/C had to be replaced; then someone hit my car at Target and didn't leave a note, and we had to file hit-and-run on our insurance and pay the deductible; a ding-dong rear-ended me a few weeks ago (thankfully he had insurance and claimed liability); and then finally this week the ice maker went out in our fridge and had to be replaced. I know these are all "things" and can be replaced/fixed, but they've all been such big-ticket items and I'm just really wanting to catch a break. I'm honestly praying that 2018 will not be quite so crazy in the home/car department. 

\\ It's late September and it's still hot as blazes and humid as all get-out here in North Texas. I've decorated for fall, but it still feels like summer. I'm so envious of you Northerners who are actually getting a fall right now. I sent my kid to school in shorts and a T-shirt this week. Although the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a colder, wetter winter for our part of the country, and I honestly wouldn't hate it. It's been humid and around 70* on Christmas Day for the last two years and I would love if it wouldn't do that again this year. 

\\ Brandon and I are celebrating seven years of marriage in a couple of weeks, which is just crazy to me. I mean, weren't we just those young 23- and 24-year-old kids getting married? Where did those seven years go?! We're heading to Scottsdale for the weekend next month to celebrate, and you know you're old when all you discuss is how excited you are to sleep in past 6:45 a.m. 

\\ Tuesday felt like such a whirlwind day...and then I looked at the clock and it was only 9:20 a.m. My morning was nuts! I had gotten the boys up, fed and dressed; made a full meal to take to my step-cousin who just had a baby; cleaned the kitchen; vacuumed the house; called and scheduled the ice maker repairman; called and scheduled a rental car pick-up time and a car drop-off time for the ding-dong who rear-ended me a few weeks ago; took Walker to school; did a load of laundry; got Knox laid down for his morning nap; started the dishwasher...whew! I felt like I'd run a marathon by 10 a.m. #momlife 

\\ I went into Whole Foods the other day and can I just say that I never feel cool enough to go in that store? I'm all, "What's ghee?!" #facepalm 

\\ I am loving "Dancing with the Stars." Brandon even got into it with me earlier this week, too! My favorite is seeing those big athletes doing the cha-cha out there -- something completely out of their comfort zone. 

So what's on your heart this morning? What are you confessing? 

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  1. So sorry that things keep breaking, ugh! Target must be the place to get hit, remember that crazy guy who hit my car there too? Your Tuesday has me exhausted just reading it! I feel the same about whole foods..luckily we don't have one, I'm definitely not cool enough haha

  2. Not cool enough for Whole Foods...I'm dying. So so so funny! I totally get what you are saying, though. What the heck IS ghee? It's still 90 degrees in Indiana, too - where the heck is fall? I'm so tired of looking at our summer clothes! #firstworldprobs Fingers crossed it cools off in Texas for you all soon!

  3. Awe... bummer about all those things breaking! You're right, comes with owning a home, something we are well aware of now that we own again after a few years of renting. Hoping 2018 is better in that department for ya.

  4. I watched the first episode of DWTS and think I'm really going to like this season! Can't believe all of your stuff keeps breaking - the worst! Y'all definitely need a break

  5. Let us all remember Christmas Day 2012 when it SNOWED ON CHRISTMAS. (sidenote: I had JUST won my iPad at the WS holiday party--do you remember Brandon trying to trade noise-cancelling headphones for it? I took video of the snow on my iPad!). Texas Weather--always unpredictable.

  6. Girl I totally understand the year of bills. That had been the last 18 months for us. 2 ACL surgeries for our dog, IVF, 2309482398 doctor's appointments, hospital bills, air condition in our cars x2. Shew!

  7. I can totally relate to this year being one thing after another (in a slightly different way). Fingers crossed you catch a break! Including a break from the heat! I've been complaining about the unusual heat here in MI and then I remind myself that some states deal with it way more often! Bless your hearts!