Friday, September 15, 2017


Happy Friday! 

Here are some of my favorites this week: 

I am dying over this adorable ruffle sleeve sweatshirt! Sheaffer posted it on Monday {see her cute outfit combination here} and ever since she posted it, I can't stop thinking about it. Give me all the girly, ruffly details, please! 

Y'all know by now that I'm kind of a history nerd and far too obsessed with the British Royal Family that I'd like to admit. I love to watch any and every documentary about them {"The Queen at 90" is a recent favorite} and read all the books I can about them. So, I checked this book out from my local library and have found it very intriguing -- especially given the recent 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. But of course when I picked it up to start reading Monday night, Brandon said, "Oh my gosh. Don't you already know everything about her?! I mean, what new could you find out?!" Hahaha! He knows me all too well. ;) 

One of my favorite evening rituals is playing "Candy Land" with Walker for a few minutes after Knox goes to bed. He loves it (and it's a great way for him to learn his colors while simultaneously learning how to sit still, take turns and be patient) and it's such a fun time for us to spend some special one-on-one time with him each day. 

And of course I can't leave out a picture of this cutie pie in his American flag sunglasses. ;)

Allow me to blow your mind. You can buy postage stamps on Amazon. I repeat: you can buy postage stamps on Amazon! This was such a game changer for me and I got way too excited about this revelation thanks to Janie. No more lugging my kids to the post office, dealing with less-than-enthused employees, begging Walker to not ring the bell for package pickup and Knox to stop grabbing boxes for sale and throwing them on the floor...all to buy sticky paper that allows me to mail a thank-you note. Mind. Blown. 

Also, please file this under "Boring Amazon Prime Purchases Now That I'm a Mom"/"Things I Never Thought I'd Blog About." KThanks. 

You know those people who make the perfect charcuterie board? You know, those perfectly placed cheeses, perfectly rolled meats, amazing olives stuffed with blue cheese on an adorable slate board with their equally as adorable handwriting telling me about a cheese from Greece I've never heard of but now must have all the time? Yes? Awesome. I am not that person. But, let me tell you what: recently compiled a guide on how to build the perfect charcuterie board and I was all over that! I mean, yes, please, tell me the exact cheeses, meats, accompaniments, and appropriate portion sizes! So, if you're like me and can't seem to get that charcuterie board just right, check out that link. It is so helpful to me and I've been practicing for our next wine night! ;) 

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  1. that ruffle sweatshirt is going on my birthday list stat! I have been thinking candy land would be a great birthday gift for Jack. He loves a board game but we don't have many! Sweet knox always makes me smile!! I have never even attempted a charcuterie board before..the word makes me giggle for some reason! #mature

  2. I'm going to be able to buy my second child on Amazon next, I think! But for real, I WILL buy stamps on Amazon, thank you! Ain't nobody got time for the post office, especially with babies - I swear they are the least parent/baby friendly places in the whole world! I love that charcuterie board post and now that's what I want for dinner! Have a good weekend, girl!

  3. I attempted my first charcuterie board last week and seriously struggled putting it together, I need to save that list! I'm also loving that shirt with the ruffle sleeves <3

  4. Oh my goodness... I am beyond excited to see you can buy STAMPS on Amazon!!!! Life changing! :) Thanks for sharing that!

  5. STOP! You can buy stamps on Amazon? This is a game changer! I love Candy Land- favorite childhood game and always love to play it with my nieces and nephew :)

  6. the charcuterie board is good info, and you can buy stamps at grocery stores in the checkout line. you just tell them you want a book of stamps. you could probably also buy them from the customer service desk.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I knew about the grocery store...but I don't go inside the grocery store anymore! Like ever...because, kids. ;) I use Walmart Grocery Pickup. This is why the Amazon revelation was amazing to me!

  7. OMG that charcuterie board is my love language. I could live off of that seriously. And WOW thank you so much for telling me that about stamps! I absolutely dreadddd going to the post office!

  8. Love that ruffled top! And I am so obsessed with Princess Diana too - I still have a few specials in our dvr to watch and have been looking for some books to read this fall while I'm home so I'm going to check that one out!

  9. I dont care where things are placed on a charcuterie board, just as long as it's in front of me and I'm able to stuff face with it! hahaha

  10. Not even joking, my jaw totally dropped about the stamps. WHAT??? Ordering some now.

  11. Stamps from Amazon?!?!? LIFE CHANGING!!

  12. Seriously love that cheese board how-to!!! We love cheese boards but I can never make them as pretty - I've got to step up my game ;) So good to know about the stamps on Amazon!!

  13. LOVE that top! W is too cute playing Candyland, and I think stamps via Amazon will be a game changer for sure! So glad to know this!!


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