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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: My Favorite Drugstore Beauty Buys

One of my favorite things to do pre-kids was wander the beauty aisles of Target, CVS and Walgreens at my leisure, picking up a new, cheap shampoo or mascara to try out. But fast forward 3.5 years and my, oh my, how things have changed. I rely on CVS' Curbside Pickup and Amazon Prime far more likely than I'd care to admit -- because I'm not taking my two wild ones into the store if I can help it and, quite honestly, I don't really know what "wandering the aisles" looks like anymore. We're more of a "get in and get out and please don't have a tantrum and freak out while we're in the store"-type people these days. ;)

But I still do love me some cheap{er} beauty products, and I'll admit that I've thrown a bottle of OPI Cajun Shrimp in with my curbside pickup order of children's cough syrup and extra humidifier filters. 

So here are my favorites cheapies, because who doesn't love a good, cheap beauty buy every now and again? 

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I have been using this lipstick for about a year now and I am obsessed. You can't beat the price tag, and I love the creaminess and staying power of this lipstick...especially for its price. I am so picky about my lip color, and since I have super pale skin with pink undertones I feel like I can never find one I really like that doesn't wash me out. I used this lip color for years before I fell in love with the NYX one; an exact dupe!

It was all over the blog-o-sphere in the last couple of years, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered this cult concealer a bit ago and I do love it. It's very thick {a little goes a long way} and has a distinct smell, but it does work -- especially for those under-eye circles {thank you, children} and those pimples that you never can seem to cover up with anything else.  

I feel like you can't go wrong with some of the e.l.f. products, and this bronzer is no exception! It's so cheap and it's the perfect shade to give my fair, pale skin a hint of color without making me look like an Oompa Loompa or a sparkly disco dancer. I apply it with this brush.

RapidLash. Are y'all tired of hearing me talk about it yet?! After having children, my eyelashes started to thin out and weren't nearly as thick and long as they were pre-kids. {The things no one tells you...} So I ordered this stuff and was pretty hesitant to try it, honestly. I don't wear contacts {just reading glasses} and I don't have super sensitive eyes, but I was still nervous. But, I have been using it for about a month now and I can say with confidence that my lashes are longer! I haven't noticed much of a difference in thickness, but definitely in the length...and I haven't had any issues with redness, sensitivity, etc. 

I have been using this lotion since high school and I just love it. I have very dry skin in the winter and it helps moisturize then, but I also live on the surface of the sun {humid Texas} and don't want a lotion that will melt off of me in the summer. This lotion does a great job of moisturizing well in all climates and seasons without being oily and I love the smell. I apply it right after I get out of the shower in the mornings and love how well it works. 

Another cult beauty favorite is this scrub. I have combination skin on my face and I love that this sloughs off that dry skin while also managing my oily skin, too. I often use it at night to get all that dead skin off before applying my moisturizer {I'm currently back to using this one}. I've also found that Walmart's Equate brand of this works just as well...and bonus that I can add it to my Walmart Online Grocery order! 

I have tried many charcoal masks on the market and none work as well as this drugstore find! It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry; it definitely makes my skin feel clean and purified without tingling or burning. It also wipes off easily with a warm washcloth, meaning I don't have to scrub my face like a mad woman trying to get it off! And, it has a faint, pleasant smell. 

My husband introduced me to this chapstick, and I love it! It moisturizes well and I feel like it stays on longer than normal Chapstick. But buyer beware: it does have a tingle at first {especially if your lips are chapped and/or dry}. If I'm ever in a jam, though, I'll apply Aquaphor to my lips and it works so great, too! 

And finally, these makeup remover wipes are awesome! I use these to remove my makeup before bedtime and they get so much off, it's insane! I do follow up with a quick wash with a cleanser, washcloth and warm water, but I love how much these remove -- and I love how easy they are to pack and go. Like with the scrub, I've found that Walmart's Equate brand works just as well as the name brand. 


And also? It's totally not sponsored, but if you've never tried CVS Curbside Pickup, you can use promo code "CVSSEM1015" for $10 off your first curbside pickup of $15 or more. I don't get anything in return if you use the code; I just wanted to share the love! :)

And, and: if you don't have Amazon Prime, what are you waiting for?! Click here to use my referral code. When you join and make a $5 purchase, I do get a $5 credit. But seriously, I don't know what I did before Amazon Prime. It's a mom's best friend! 

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  1. I love a good drugstore find! I need to try that charcoal mask asap! And I am seriously going to order Rapidlash this week!

  2. That st. ives scrub is so good-I have used it for 10+ years!! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Love the Burts Bees chapstick! I always have one in my purse!

  4. I love that lipstick-I have it too and LOVE it. I have super sensitive eyes but would so love to try out Rapid Lash!

  5. Rapid lash huh? I'm almost out of my R&F one (it was gifted to me, way too expensive) so this I might have to get! That lipstick is so pretty - totally buying it! You always look fab so these posts are my fav!

  6. I honestly think glamoflauge is a dupe for mac pro longwear concealer. It has great coverage! And you can't go wrong with NYX lipsticks!

  7. Ahh I love this! I love trying a good drugstore beauty product, but am right there with you on not having time to explore at Target anymore ;) Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!!

  8. Love your choices!! Burt's Bess is 100% my favorite chap stick!! I need to look into that bronzer!

  9. I live for those Neutrogena wipes; I could not survive without them! I buy them at Costco in bulk because it's cheaper and it takes me forever to run out. :) I'm going to have to try the charcoal mask!

  10. Full disclosure my adult acne has been driving me nuts lately. I used that apricot scrub in college, and I had totally forgotten about it. I think I need to go buy some! I also use those Neutrogena wipes and love them!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  11. I love anything nyx and would be lost without those neutrogena wipes!! Any favorite drugstore mascaras?! I've been loving benefit they're real but lately it just hasn't been doing it for me!


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