Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekending + Giveaway Winner

Monday, always come so quickly! 

We had a pretty lazy little weekend around here. Brandon left on Thursday to drive up to Arkansas to go fishing with all the men in my family, and I was home with the boys. That annual fishing trip, held each year the first weekend in August, always signals the end of summer to me, so I was busy this weekend readying my mind for all things school and fall. Granted, it's still going to be H-O-T here until at least mid-October {and I certainly am not one of those fall decorators until at least late September}, but I was loving getting Walker's backpack and lunchbox ready for school; purchasing a few back-to-school items for him; and getting my calendar in order. 

Here's a few highlights from our weekend with just "The Three Musketeers" since my cutie husband was off doing this: 


+ We made our first-ever trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History! I asked my in-law's to tag along to help me with the boys, and I'm glad I did because I'm not sure how I would have kept eyes on them at all times during a busy summer Friday. The museum has an awesome children's museum inside that the boys just loved, as well as a DinoLabos and DinoDig area, and the "Clifford The Big Red Dog" special exhibition, which were so neat, too! But their favorite part, hands down, was the little pretend grocery store inside the children's museum area. They would have stayed there and "shopped" all day if I would have let them! We will definitely be back. 

+ Our afternoon and evening was pretty lazy. Even though Brandon wasn't home, I still popped a frozen pizza in the oven for our traditional Friday Night Pizza Night, and watched some Netflix after the boys went to bed. 


+ After Knox's morning nap, we headed over to my in-law's house. Thankfully they live only 15-20 minutes away, so it's a short drive. We swam in their pool, and the boys played and had lunch over there, and I got some adult interaction. ;) My mother-in-law needed some help sorting clothes to sell to a consignment store, so we did that while the boys napped upstairs at their house. 

+ Again, it was another lazy evening of leftovers {and a glass of wine for me!}, and the boys and I just played. Walker was really missing Brandon Saturday night, so I told him he could sleep with me. Let's just say we won't be doing that for a little bit after the 4 a.m. wake-up call he gave me saying, "Mommy! The sun's waking up!" #yikes


+ I was going to attempt to take the boys and me to church all by myself...but that just didn't happen. Instead, we hung out around the house, all took afternoon naps and were pretty lazy. 

+ Brandon got home around dinnertime and I was off-duty! ;) 

And the winner of the Megan Made Designs giveaway is: Megan Thoennes! Congratulations, Megan! Please email me at to claim your prize. :)


  1. That museum looks like SO MUCH FUN! So perfect for kids! I get jealous every time I see pictures from your in-laws looks so nice! And those sleepovers are a struggle (4am wakeup call over here today too) but I bet it felt SO special for Walker!! Have a great Monday!

  2. what a nice weekend!! I am laughing because I am totally a "decorate for fall end of august" kind of girl! hahah. That museum looks amazing, so nice your inlaws could come and help. Those places stress me out with all the people and kids running around. I nearly have a heart attack just trying to keep up with jack, I couldn't do it with graham too without help. Happy Monday!

  3. The MOS is just the best- the one we have here is one of my favorites to go to! Glad the 3 of you had a great weekend while dad was least i think that's what that photo was LOL! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. My husband was out of town for work all weekend, so I totally called in the grandparents too! ;) It takes a village! Love that last picture of you and your sweet boy!

  5. That's a fun tradition for the boys to go fishing the same weekend every year! The museum looks like a blast and sounds like y'all had a nice mommy and boys weekend :) The whole Walker getting to sleep with you sounds so sweet... until 4am lol!!

  6. YES. I need all the stories about the horrors of sleeping with your children, please! The desire is already so strong to let him sleep with me, especially when Nathan is gone. I'm doomed. Glad you guys had a fun weekend!!

  7. That museum looks like so much fun! That's so nice your in-laws live so close!! and a 4am wakeup call, no thank you haha


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