Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekending: Family Fun Edition

For what felt like the first time in a long while, we had a weekend full of just spending time with our family with absolutely zero plans...and it was wonderful. But as per usual, the weekends always fly by! Here's what we were up to: 


+ We celebrated my aunt's birthday with a family lunch with the boys, me, one of my brothers and his girlfriend, my aunt, grandmother and uncle. It was so good to have some of my family together in the same Metroplex for a few hours! 

+ After lunch, the boys and I went with my brother and his girlfriend to grab ice cream and visit for a bit; Knox was in love with his ice cream, as evidenced by it all over his face: 

+ That evening, we took the boys out to Benihana for their first-ever hibachi experience. Walker was completely in love {he's the perfect age to actually "get" it}, but Knox was a little "meh." It was still so much fun and of course, delicious! 

My earrings
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+ Brandon and I had a lazy evening of lots of football on TV and an early bedtime. 


+ Walker had his very first belt testing for Taekwondo, and we are so thrilled that he got his first-ever belt: yellow! We're proud of how far he's come in such a short time with Taekwondo and are pleased at how much it's helped with behavior, respect and self-control! 

+ My mother-in-law was having a garage sale and I went over Saturday morning to drop some stuff off and help her out for a little bit. After that, we had leftover Benihana for lunch {delicious!} and then I went to get a massage when the boys were taking their afternoon naps. It was absolutely amazing, per usual, and I told Brandon that is the best Christmas present I've gotten a monthly massage membership! 

+ We did a ton of cleaning out and organizing around the house on Saturday afternoon/evening. There's something about the impending start of school that always makes me want to get organized! We cleaned out Walker and Knox's toys, organized LEGOs {soooo many LEGOs!}, Brandon made a Home Depot run and quite literally cleaned the floor of our garage and did some yard work, too. I did a ton of laundry and cleaning inside the house, as well. We made these "burgers" for supper and then watched a few minutes of "20/20" in bed {yes, we're old} before a big ol' storm rolled in and we had a scared little bedtime visitor {Walker} for a few hours until the rain stopped and he was returned to his bed. ;) 


+ We went to church, but I was quickly able to snap this picture before we left. As I captioned on Instagram, "One of us is thrilled it's Sunday and realizes this is the day the Lord has made...and the other isn't rejoicing and being glad in it." Ha! 

+ After church, Brandon made us all grilled cheese, which was perfect for a rainy Sunday. Too bad we didn't have any tomato soup on hand! The boys and I all napped while Brandon cleaned both of our cars inside and out and returned some stuff to Home Depot. 

+ We made a quick Sam's run, then came home and Brandon made us pancakes, eggs and biscuits for supper. I loved having him in the kitchen for two meals yesterday! ;) 

+ The sun was finally out, so we went on a long family walk. Walker is doing so great on his balance bike

+ We did the bath and bedtime routine and then Brandon and I finished our "20/20" episode, I read a few pages of my book and we called it an early night. 

I hope y'all have a great week! 

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  1. such a wonderful weekend! Ya'll got a ton accomplished on Saturday. So proud of Walker and earning his first belt!! I need brandon to come clean my car inside and out...wahh! Glad ya'll were able to relax and do "nothing" all weekend!

  2. Ok now you have me craving breakfast for dinner tonight and grilled cheese haha! Such a fun weekend - A massage is seriously the best time of my week/month these days whenever I can grab one!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! A monthly massage membership is a great gift idea! Guaranteed treat yourself time each month :) We cleaned out our house and organized all weekend as well and it felt so good! We still have some work on it to finish up this week but it's amazing how much better it makes your house feel.

  4. What an absolutely lovely weekend!! I love Walker's smile - he's just adorable & Knox has my sentiments for Monday :) Have a great monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend, naps included! I love getting things done around the house and you guys got so much done! Congrats to your little guy on his new belt!

  6. That sounds like the most wonderful weekend! Congratulations to your little guy on his new belt - so exciting. Also, your makeup is flawless...I just thought I'd point that out :)

  7. Sounds like the perfect weekend!! I love that your husband cooks! Mine doesn't and I keep telling him he's going to have to step it up! ;)

  8. I love weekends at home that you can just get ALL THE THINGS done! So nice! And now I'm craving breakfast for dinner, the best!

  9. I could eat sweet Knox with a spoon oh my goodness! I am in the same "decluttering" state right now... trying to get rid of EVERYTHING! And yay for Walker getting his first belt!

  10. YAY Walker on that yellow belt! It looks like you guys had such a great weekend-I am totally craving some Benihana now! ;-)

  11. What an amazing weekend!! Great job to Walker for his yellow belt! That's so great karate is helping him so much :) Hooray for getting a massage and taking naps - that sounds like bliss! Have a great week!


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