Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

We have been up to a lot these past few weeks before school starts back for Walker, so I thought I'd do a little "Life Lately," even though it's just a big mishmash of the life of a stay-at-home mom and two littles {and my husband, of course!}. 

\\ Walker is super into fire trucks, firemen, and anything related to those lately. He gets on these kicks and, if you'll remember, was super into anything and everything construction this time last year. Well, he's since moved on to fire trucks and all that comes with that. He begs me to watch "Fireman Sam" on the regular and practically stalks the fire stations we drive by. If a fire station has its door{s} open, he will beg me to take him there, and, admittedly, most times I do. It feels so awkward and random just walking up and knocking on the door of a fire station, but every time we've gone, none of the guys seem to mind and many of them tell us to "come by any time," which of course, Walker takes to heart and reminds me often, "Mama, the guys said I can come by anytime. So...can you take me?" 

\\ All of our little friends are starting school back at various times this month and early next month, so we've had some fun play dates to round out the summer and spend special time with them. We've also gone to Chick-fil-A more times than I can count and, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm a little Christian Chicken'd out at the moment. 

\\ We've had lunch dates with Brandon, which of course the boys just love {and I do, too!}. There's a feed store right next to his office, so we'll stop by while we're there to let the boys see the chickens, goslings and this time, even a rooster. They think it's the coolest thing in the world. And, well, for this girl who grew up in a small town in East Texas, I was able to teach my husband that feed stores contained more than just fertilizer. ;)

\\ I've also loved dressing them alike recently now that Knox is in the bigger baby side of the store {sob} and Walker is still able to wear toddler clothes, although he's inching toward the 5T size and the big boy side of the store {double sob}. It's cute to see them in their sweet matching brother outfits; everything my boy mama heart dreamed of. 

\\ Walker's still going strong with Taekwondo and even recently got his first belt {yellow}. We go twice a week and Knox does great in the waiting room while Walker's in class...but I have to ensure I bring a snack and his water...and about five toys that he never really plays with but wants nearby. 

\\ We recently went back to our alma mater, Baylor University, for a quick trip before the madness of fall begins and before the campus is completely packed with football spectators. I'm planning to share more next week since I've had a lot of requests to do so since posting the below picture, but: we met in room #249 of the Castellaw Communications Building in January 2008. And we went back last weekend and took a picture there with our two boys in tow. It was so surreal and I'm just so thankful the Lord knitted together our love story through that great university. 

\\ Walker had Meet the Teacher on Monday morning, and we just love his sweet teacher. He'll go twice a week this year {starting TODAY!} and I'm so excited for him. He's thrilled to pieces and I can't wait to see how much he learns, grows and excels this year. 

\\ Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the solar eclipse happened on Monday. We didn't get full totality in Texas {only about 80%}, but it was still cool to witness. One of Brandon's bosses gave him a pair of these glasses to bring home to me, which I thought was so nice. They had a big "Eclipse Party" at work on Monday so he got to watch it there, but Walker and I partook at home in the backyard. Shirtless for him, because that's how he likes to roll these days. I don't think Walker really understood what was happening, but he did think it was neat to see how dark it got in our living room in midday. But, once I announced that it was over about 1:15 p.m. CT, he said, "That's it? The 'clips' is over? Okay, mama, it's time for my nap." Ha! 

Texas is expected to get full totality for a solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 {the day after my 37th birthday!}, so, Lord willing, we'll get to witness that phenomenon again in six years...and my babies will be nine and six. I just can't. 

Here's how Walker looked at the eclipse: 

...and how my brother did. ;) Hahaha!

\\ And lastly, we said "see you later" to our amazing babysitter, Jessica, on Tuesday afternoon. She watched the boys for two hours every. single. Tuesday this summer and I know two little boys who are already having withdrawals. We just love her to pieces and thankfully she'll be back twice next month while I go to the eye doctor and dentist. ;) But honestly, it was so nice having her this summer and not only did it give me a few hours to myself to either run errands or go to doctor's appointments or even just to stay home and clean -- it gave the boys a new face to look at, a new voice to hear, and someone to take them to play or do something fun. We love you, Jessica! 

So there's a bit of "Life Lately" for you! Hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday! I'm off to get Walker ready for his first day of school and Knox ready for his 15-month checkup and immunizations...wish us all luck today! :)

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  1. Jack went through that firetruck obsession last summer. It was so fun, in fact I miss it!! I have the exact same picture of Jack sitting on the firetruck, its the sweetest. CFA play dates are the best, but I hate how crowded ours gets by noon. We always go early. You know I love love to dress my boys alike! I'm taking full advantage of it this year because I have a feeling it will be my last. Hope Walker has the best first day and sweet Knoxy does okay with shots!!

  2. Happy first day of school, Walker! That pic of him on the fire truck is pure adorable-ness! Hope you and Knox enjoy your day together as well!!

  3. AHH I hope Walker has the BEST first day-and an extra hug to you sweet friend, I hope the day goes well for you and you perhaps enjoy a bit of extra peace and quiet ;-)

  4. Y'all have been living summer to the fullest!! Love that you can just bring Walker by the fire station - good to know :) You definitely have to keep dressing the boys alike for as long as you can - it's just so cute!! Lol at your brother's welding mask for the eclipse!! Hope Walker had a great first day of school and Knox's shots went well!

  5. Aw, love that you work in feed store visits. What a cute little fam you have. Enjoy your Thursday!

  6. I'm desperate to find a reliable sitter for Vivi. I am wearing my parents and in-laws slam out haha! Not that they mind but it would be nice to have someone I can call other than family every now and then ;)


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