Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down together having coffee this morning, we would have a lot to chat about. A few things: 

\\ I feel like this has been the longest week in the history of ever. I looked at the clock and the calendar on Tuesday and realized it was only 8:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and was immediately thinking, "Calgon, take me away!" Anyone else with me?

\\ I know there's a giant debate in the mom-o-sphere about back-to-school/end-of-year/Teacher Appreciation Week gifts. And I'm totally going to be that basic mom who is giving Walker's teacher a candle at Meet the Teacher on Monday morning. This one, to be exact, with a cute little tag on it that says, "This year is going to be Scent-sational!" Cheesy, yes. But I'm hoping she'll appreciate it, even though I'm sure it'll be one of 10 candles she'll receive that day. 

\\ All of these first day of school pictures I'm seeing are making me cry like crazy -- especially those Kindergarten ones...and most especially those first day of Kindergarten/first day of senior year side-by-side pictures. I mean, I literally cannot look at them without crying and hearing that cheesy country song, "You're Gonna Miss This" playing in my head. I said it on Instagram yesterday, but I'll say it here again: I'm raising a glass to those of you mamas sending your babies to Kindergarten. You'll find me curled up in the floor in the fetal position in two years when we have to send Walker to Kindergarten. And now I'm moving on because I can't talk about it. 

\\ So I told y'all I recently purchased Rapidlash and would report back if it worked or not. And um, YES. It works! I haven't noticed too much of a difference in thickness, but I have noticed a huge difference in length in almost a month of using it nightly. Totally worth the $30-ish in my humble opinion! 

\\ And on the subject of beauty buys, I have had a couple of people ask me about the whitening "toothpaste" I use, so I thought I would share here, too. It has totally taken me about six months to fully grasp using a charcoal "toothpaste," but now I don't think I could ever go back. I use this one {purchased on Amazon} and it lasts forever! I use the freebie soft-bristle toothbrush my dentist gave me at the end of my last appointment, wet it under the sink and dip into this canister of activated charcoal. I use it twice daily {if I remember} and it has really made a difference in the color of my teeth! So much so that my dentist asked me what I was using to whiten my teeth, so I consider that a win! I still do follow-up with a regular toothpaste using my electric toothbrush. ;)

\\ Walker said to me yesterday: "Mommy, it's the best." I said, "What's the best?" He replied, "Your laugh. I love you so much. You're my best friend." Y'all, I about started crying my head off at that sweet statement! There are some days I want to ring his neck, but then he charms the socks off of me with little statements like those. Can he just stay little forever? 

\\ Knox has started saying his name {"Naaaaaaaaa!"} and I think it's the most precious thing on the face of this Earth. He's so proud of himself when he says it, too, and usually follows it up with a clap and "Yay!" 

\\ I haven't yet shelled out the money for the highly-coveted Lake Pajamas {they're on my Christmas list!} but I did recently buy these and I am completely and utterly obsessed. As in, I do a load of laundry every day just so I can wear them again that night. Does that make me crazy? Don't answer that. ;) 

So what are you confessing today? 

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  1. oh I totally got the boys teachers a little back to school happy! #basic Tell me about this charcoal toothpaste, does it have a taste? I have super sensitive teeth, would it hurt them? I have wanted some lake jammies but haven't bit the bullet yet..but here's my question, do you only wear your pajamas once and then wash? Clearly i'm doing things wrong because I re-wear for a few nights..maybe I'm gross hahaha. I can't handle thinking about Jack going to Kindergarten and that first day of school pic. Keep him little!!!

  2. Does Rapid lash irritate your eyes at all?? I'm dying to try it but worried it's going to irritate my contacts. Also, I can't even think about kindergarten. I may or may not have cried rocking my baby to sleep last night thinking about her being 6 months next week. I mean she's practically heading off to college soon :( I guess that means it's time for another! ;)

  3. I actually bought the charcoal when you recommended it and both my husband and I love it. As for the lake Jammie's-I think I'm just going to take the plunge because I haven't found anything I like better; except the grownup Hanna Jammie's

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one cry her eyes out at every back to school picture. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW UP. Can't they just stay little? Who do I talk to about this?

  5. How have I never heard of this charcoal toothpaste?! I need to try it. And might as well add the Rapid Lash to my cart while I'm at it, ha!

  6. What are these Lake Pajamas you speak of?!?! Do I need to add them to my Christmas list too???

    Isn't it the SWEETEST when they say they love us and we are their best friend? Makes me melt into a puddle of mush, every single time!!

  7. Oh my goodness, Walker is so sweet!!! He has the best comments! That's awesome that toothpaste works so well - if your dentist asks, you know it's good!!

  8. I do not look forward to the day my kiddos start going to school. As much as sometimes I want to wish them away ;) I really am not ready for all that jazz! I honestly never knew teach gifts were such a thing until the last year or so. Clearly I'm out of the loop! I'm saving that toothpaste to my want list! Oh and yes, this week has felt never ending. The struggle is real. I don't drink coffee but I drink an advocare energy drink in the more so cheers, friend! ;)


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