Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites: Last One for August

Happy Friday! This is Brandon's last "Summer Friday," so we're planning to enjoy every single minute of him being home before lunch today and soak up a weekend of absolutely zero plans. Here's a bit of what I'm loving this week: 

Walker started Pre-K 3 yesterday and while my mama heart was a little sad to see him leave  {and hearing him say, "Okay, mama, you can go!"}, I was happy watching him walk right on in, feel comfortable, and right at home. His teacher is just precious and we are so excited for a great school year. 

Wednesday night, we had our traditional back-to-school spaghetti dinner and s'mores dessert, which I'm hoping to continue to do throughout their school years. 

Speaking of the boys, Brandon's co-worker gave him some old costumes of her boys, and Walker immediately fell in love with the police officer costume. Since Tuesday night, he has been trying to carry Knox around like a sack of potatoes and "take him to jail"...and it's practically a fight to get him out of that costume to go anywhere. #boys

This week, I finally organized all of the sweet little projects Walker has brought home from school over the last few years. They had been sitting disheveled on a shelf in my hall closet for years and when they finally fell out on my head last weekend, I knew it was high time to get them organized. 

I was inspired by Emily and bought this clear tub on Amazon, along with the legal and letter-sized hanging folders, and printed off the labels from Pinterest (here). I like that the tub can hold both legal- and letter-size hanging folders, since a lot of the things Walker brings home right now are on legal-sized construction paper. So, I put the Mother's Day Out stuff on the legal-sized side and will put everything from Preschool through 12th grade on the other, letter-sized side. 

It felt so good to have this finished and organized! I'm planning to get a box done for Knox over the long Labor Day weekend. 

This post was a fun one to write; did you check it out? Who doesn't love a cheap beauty buy?! Do you use any of these products?

I am completely obsessed with the "Murder Made Me Famous" series on the Reelz channel. Do any of y'all watch? We regularly watch "Dateline" and "20/20," and while this does have some cheesy acting, the stories are so crazy and remind me a lot of those other shows. {I definitely cannot watch when Brandon isn't home, though!} We watched the one about the Menendez Brothers on Wednesday night and I was just sitting on the couch saying, "Nuh-uh!!!!" It's definitely a show I'm recording on DVR this summer until my other fall TV shows come back. 

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  1. Glad Walker had a great day. Happy weekend.

  2. S'mores and spaghetti, sounds like a perfect tradition to me! That filing system for projects is just genius! Definitely doing that soon! Have a great weekend, girl!

  3. That spaghetti pic of Knox is my favorite ever!! My boys love to dress up. We had a police outfit and jack has been wearing it tons lately. He says he wants to be a police officer for halloween and graham can be his bad guy, ha! So glad Walker had a great first day of school! Your box is awesome, I can't tell you how much I love mine and how full it already is just from Jacks first 4 years of life!! Happy Friday girlfriend!

  4. I love your back to school dinner tradition! Spaghetti and s'mores? Sign me up!! All the clapping hands emojis for that organization project!! We're on a major organization kick in our house and it's amazing how little projects like that make you feel so much more on top of things!

  5. OH MY GOSH. Knox eating spaghetti is the most amazing thing ever!! I need to try giving it to Hadley again- that is hilarious. So glad the first week has gone well for Walker- and for mama!

  6. I love the idea of the special projects box! My daughter is just now bringing home coloring pages, etc. from the church nursery. I know I can't hold onto everything, but I love the idea of picking a few special things each year and keeping them organized. Happy weekend!

  7. We watched the one on the Menendez brothers too, SO crazy! We love shows like that! I am absolutely making an organizer like that for Vivi once she's a little older, that's genius!

  8. I am totally going to reorganize my girls' stuff into plastic boxes like that! I have these fancy accordion style boxes but the hanging folders seem much easier. Have a great weekend!

  9. Please remind me of those bins you made in a few years!! Love the organization! And Knox with the spaghetti all over - love!

  10. I need to do this bin to organize all Gracie's things!! They are currently stuffed in drawers 😬

  11. I love your organization for your children! That is such a great way to handle all the many things they come home with!

  12. I'm so glad Walker did so well with school and I love your spaghetti and smores dinner tradition! I need to remember that tub to keep all of the kids projects - it's a great idea!!


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