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What's Up Wednesday: July 2017

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon this month. 

I'm linking up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for "What's Up Wednesday" to answer the following questions: 

{1} What We're Eating This Week
Well, it's summer and I loathe turning on my oven when it's upwards of 100 degrees out, so we've had lots of easy, quick meals on the stovetop and on the grill. Lately we have had: Bacon, Asparagus, Shallot and Pea Pasta; salmon on the grill with a side of couscous and broccoli; grilled chicken with Italian Summer Pasta Salad; and have reinstated Friday Night Pizza Night with either a quick take-and-bake pizza or a homemade one. 

{2} What I'm Reminiscing About
I just feel like summer went by so quickly. I know everyone says it, but wasn't it just May? Wasn't I just trying to figure out what to do with the boys all summer long? Now Walker starts school in less than a month and I'm just baffled that our fall schedule and routine will be here before I know it. So, I'm basically reminiscing about May and how we had the entire summer ahead of us and I'm just trying to soak up this last month of summer. (Even though it is still hot as Hades here in Texas until at least early October.) 

{3} What I'm Loving 
I could go on and on about things I'm loving lately! I'm trying to be really good about spending since we're gearing up for the super expensive holiday season where I feel like I'm constantly buying ALL THE THINGS, but I do have my eye on a few things: 

This hat, which has been added to my Christmas list {ahem, husband}: 

This top: 

And I'm also loving these earrings I purchased to wear to Baylor games this fall {for $5.99!}: 

{4} What We've Been Up To
Well, it's been a nice little lazy summer, honestly, and I'm relishing these slower days after last summer, which was basically survival mode after having a newborn baby in late May 2016. I feel like we've actually been able to enjoy summer and all it has to offer this year. 

Walker started a summer "camp" at his school, which he goes to one day a week for four hours. He absolutely loves it, and it's a great time for me to do things around the house during Knox's morning nap and spend a few hours with him one-on-one while big brother is at school. We've had lots of fun play dates with friends and cousins; gone swimming; visited the library to check out books {and have smoothies}; taken a trip to the local fire station; and I've had my babysitter come for two hours each week to take the boys to do something fun while I catch up on stuff at home {or go to doctor's appointments}. 

{5} What I'm Dreading 
I'm not sure if "dreading" is the right word, but I'm definitely not looking forward to my annual eye doctor and bi-annual dentist appointments I have coming up. Two of my least favorite doctor visits ever! 

{6} What I'm Excited About 
Brandon and I were planning a trip to Cabo in late September to celebrate our anniversary {early}, but that kind of fell through the cracks with travel details. October is such a busy month, and our parents were going to have to literally put their lives on hold and miss out on some important stuff to watch the boys, so we just rearranged and are now going to Scottsdale/Phoenix for a weekend in October! So if anyone has any must-see things or must-eat restaurants, please let me know! It will be the first time there for both of us, so we're totally in the dark. 

{7} What I'm Watching/Reading 
I have really fallen off the reading bandwagon this summer and need to get back on it quickly. Anyone have any good book recommendations? 

As for watching, I'm all sucked in to summer TV: "The Bachelorette," "Real Housewives" and we are still binge-watching "Bloodline." We also finished the latest seasons of "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards." I can't wait for fall TV to come back. {I'm looking at you, "This is Us!"} 

{8} What I'm Listening To
As per usual, I'm listening to the boys' little kid-friendly CD's in the car. I stupidly bought Walker this CD and now I want to yank my ears off every time we're in the car. But then I see he and Knox dancing to it and my heart melts and I just crank that volume up louder. #momlife

But in those rare moments when I get alone time in the car, I'm so basic and am loving "Despacito!" It's such an addicting song! 

{9} What I'm Wearing 
Well, when I'm not in my swimsuit {this one and this one have been favorites this summer}, I'm in Nike shorts and a workout top...and a ponytail. It's just too dang hot for anything else at this point in the year! 

{10} What I'm Doing This Weekend
We're still loving Brandon's summer hours at work, where he gets off at 11 a.m. on Fridays! We're planning to take Walker on a little "Mommy/Daddy Date" to go bowling on Friday evening; then have lunch with Emily and her sweet family on Saturday; and then we'll just have church on Sunday and I'm praying for a nice, lazy Sunday afternoon! 

{11} What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
August and September are my least favorite months of the's still so hot outside, but all the fall clothes {that you Northerners actually can wear next month I'm sure!} are everywhere and just tempting me to purchase. ;) But I think I'm just looking forward to getting into somewhat of a routine...and for all the kids to go back to school so the indoor and outdoor play places aren't quite as crazy crowded as they are right now. 

{12} What Else is New 
We don't have much else new to report! I hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Bonus Question: What is Your Favorite Part of Summer?
Honestly, I'm such a routine girl and I live and die by my calendar. {Spontaneous I am not.} But, summer has really helped me embrace spontaneity a bit and I'm really loving these slower, easier days. Yes, it gets a little crazy 'round here by Thursday afternoon, but I'm loving that we practically live in swimsuits each day, and I do love that my boys are home with me every single day, minus Walker's one-day-a-week summer camp. And, I'm just loving being able to see summer through my kids' eyes. I loved summer as a kid and have fond memories of Popsicles in the pool; swimming all day, every day; getting to be home with my mom all day; and hanging out with my friends. 

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  1. I agree about summer flying by. How is it a few days away from being august! I also agree about august and September being my least favorite months. You're ready for fall yet it's no where near. The only good thing ab those months is football. Loved catching up on all y'all have been up to!

  2. Your guys (and you) are definitely filling the summer with super fun activities! Memories to last them a lifetime :)
    Love that scalloped swimsuit--I saw it the other day somewhere and did a double take!

  3. My husband lived in Chandler (outside of Phoenix) for about a year back in 2007. For breakfast he swears by Hoosier Cafe :)

  4. I can definitely see you in that beautiful blouse girl!! I'm loving those bathing suits as well!! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  5. Looks like you all are having the perfect summer! I love those swimsuits! The detailing is so girly! And I'm the same way when it comes to spontaneity but summertime is a way to kick back and enjoy those popsicles at 2 pm. It makes special memories with our little ones for sure.

  6. I don't understand how in the world summer has gone by so quickly - I bet it's even worse when you have kids... sigh. At least y'all have had a wonderful summer! That SUPER stinks y'all can't go to Cabo anymore but Phoenix will be a blast! I've only heard good things about it. I am so ready for the fall clothes but we won't be breaking those out down here until January lol

  7. We've had Friday pizza the last few weeks and I think that's definitely going to be a new thing around here especially into the fall! Oh my gosh Phx/Scottsdale will be such fun! My parents love it so they take us every year - I have posts in my travel tab with places/restaurants but we did a new restaurant this year - El Chorro - the cutest outdoor seating, delicious menu and they serve sticky buns as the bread!

  8. I'm obsessed with that black Target one piece. I might head to my local Target today and see if they have it! Also, I posted a recent reads list last week, take a look! There are some really good books in that list. If you have any good books we could totally trade a few?!?

  9. Good bye summer - see ya! haha Bring on Fall pa-lease! So I'm LOVING those hats but I live in idea how that would be represented. Also, that top is now being added to my list as well - love it! Saving your pasta recipe bc it ounds delish! Have a great day friend!

  10. You all have had a blast this summer! It has gone by so quickly. I hope you all have the best trip to Arizona! It will still be a couple of months before we get to wear those clothes in KY too but I've been cleaning out my closet to get ready.

  11. Scottsdale is perfect for anniversaries! Ryan and I went to the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess to their Well & Being Spa when we lived in AZ, and it was phenomenal - worth every penny! Also, have a meal at The Good Egg. You'll love it.

    Your boys are too cute, and isn't in the truth that summer goes by too fast?!

  12. Summer truly is flying by! I can't believe it's the end of July! Also great score on those earrings!

  13. I have the same bathing suit, first one! Its so comfy and flattering :) Scottsdale sounds so fun! Can't wait to read about he trip!

  14. GREAT idea to have the babysitter take the kids out so you can get things done around the house. Loving those swimsuits and those earrings, can't beat that price!

  15. Thank you for getting your annual eye exam (it helps support my job, haha). Also, I am OBSESSED with Despacito! It's also the only word I know in that song, so I do a lot of just "DESPACITO, da da da da da da, DESPACITO" Hilarious.

  16. Olive & Ivy in Scottsdale was our favorite restaurant when we vacationed there this past winter! It's in the Fashion Square area with lots of shopping and restaurants!


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