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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Destin Recap {Days 1-3}

We had a wonderful time on our recent trip to Destin, Florida! Brandon and I had been planning this trip since last summer and had been looking forward to it for so long. His parents caught wind of our trip in the winter, and they decided it would be fun to take a family trip, so they booked a condo right next door to our hotel and invited Brandon's two brothers, their wives and kids and it was just a big ol' family affair. 

A few things: we flew there because A) Brandon travels so much for work that we are able to use his miles, and we look at that as our reward for him being gone 65-ish days out of the year and B) I wasn't sitting in a car with my car-hating kids for 10+ hours. So there's that! Ha! 

We stayed at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa and it was great! It was so family-friendly and the boys just had a ball. Again, we stayed here and not in the condo with family because A) We had already booked it last summer for July 4th weekend way before Brandon's family decided to tag along and B) We were able to use Brandon's bukoos of hotel points since he travels so much. So there's also that! ;) 

So here's the recap from days 1-3. I'll be back with days 4-6 tomorrow! 

This was both of our boys' first-ever flights, so we got to the airport a little early to ensure we had enough time to let them see all of the fun {to them} things: the baggage being taken back, the moving sidewalks, the Skylink train inside the airport, planes taking off, etc. We got our stuff checked in and fed them in the Admirals Club {and let Walker have his very first Shirley Temple} before taking the worst flight of our lives. I could go on and on about how awful it was, but let's just say that Brandon has already contacted the airline's customer relations department about the terrible flight attendants and the way we {and many other passengers} were treated on that flight. But I'm not letting that ruin our experience! 

My top is from Francesca's {sold out} and my shorts are here

We made it to Destin, rented our car and carseats and made a beeline to the resort. We were upgraded to an awesome family suite with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico...and I couldn't believe how white the sand was and how clear the water was! It was just beautiful! 

We were all starving by this point, so we had dinner al fresco at one of the hotel's restaurants, Barefoot, where I immediately ordered a delicious adult beverage. It was delicious! 

Then, we ventured out onto the beach! I was really unsure how the boys would react after traveling all day, skipping their afternoon naps and experiencing the beach for the first time, but they loved it! Knox, quite literally, dove right in and we had to watch him like a hawk to ensure he didn't just crawl right into the ocean. Walker was a bit more hesitant at first, but he grew to love the ocean as the week went on and would just beg us first thing each morning to "get out to the beach." 

Brandon's family had already arrived earlier in the day and had made their way out to the beach, so we caught up with them before calling it a night. 

Beach day! We woke up to another beautiful day in Destin, and I was so thankful that we had gorgeous weather to enjoy. We had breakfast at the hotel and let the boys play for a bit. 
Knox still takes a morning nap, so Brandon took Walker down to the beach to play and I came down with Knox later. Brandon's family was down at the beach, too, and I know Walker enjoyed getting to spend time with his cousins. 

We came back to the hotel around lunchtime, ate lunch at the beachside restaurant and got the boys down for a nap. Then, Brandon and I enjoyed a glass of wine on our room's balcony while they slept. It was a great two hours to spend with just us with this gorgeous view: 

Walker's hat is here, rash guard is here and bottoms are here 

Knox's hat is here, rash guard is here and bottoms are here 

That night, my mother-in-law requested sunset family photos on the beach, so we ate dinner with them at their condo and then all went down to the beach to take those. 

Brandon's shirt is here and shorts are here
My dress is old from Old Navy and shoes are old from Target
Walker's shirt is from the Snips & Snails Facebook group; shorts are here; and shoes are here
Knox's bubble is from the Snips & Snails Facebook group and shoes are here

Yet another gorgeous day in Destin! Brandon took Walker down to the beach again in the morning while Knox took a nap, and then he and I met everyone down at the beach later that morning. 

After lots of beach time, we got cleaned up and had lunch at an indoor restaurant at the hotel, got the boys down for naps and took naps ourselves. There is nothing like a good nap, but especially a good vacation nap! 

Walker's hat was a gift shop special after he lost his; we kept calling him "Panama Jack!"
But his rash guard is here and bottoms are here

My swimsuit is here and hat is here; Knox's hat is here and rash guard is here 

Monday was actually my mother-in-law's birthday, so we went over to their condo to have dinner with them. I ordered a cake from Publix via phone before we left Texas and had my brother-in-law pick it up for me on Monday evening. 

After dinner, we all went down to the beach to let the kids play in the ocean for a bit before bedtime. 

Knox's bottoms are here; Walker's are here; Brandon's are old J.Crew and his Texas hat is from a store in Waco  

Knox's bottoms are here and Walker's are here 

Walker's bottoms here; Knox's bottoms here 

I'll be back with the rest of our vacation recap tomorrow! :)

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  1. Ok so I just caught up on all your posts from like, the last two weeks so this is going to be a super random comment BUT:

    1. I'm so sorry people are being jerks to you about Knox walking/what you write on your blog. You think people would realize we all just want someone to listen, not judge or shove their thoughts/opinions down our throats but alas, no.

    2. I get the same girl comments about Camden because I won't just his curls off yet. Literally almost everything the boy wears is navy blue. Makes no sense to me!

    3. THANK YOU for finding and linking those cute earrings from Amazon! I looked all over townS (the town I live in and the one I vacationed in) for a similar pair to wear for the family pictures we took on vacation with no luck. Still ordering a pair even though its "too late."

    4. Your vacay looked fabulous!! HECK YES to free flights and free hotels as the perk of traveling hubbys. Some days that is JUST the reminder I need to get myself through another bedtime without him, lol. Transitioning back to our regular sleep schedule has been an actual nightmare - and I really tried to keep him on the exact same schedule while we were gone! I feel like I'm sleep training all over again. He is also in the middle of a Leap which ALWAYS means rough sleep without fail. But I know vacay did not help the situation!

    Hope you are having a good weeK!!

  2. such a fun first few days!! that water is gorgeous, I have always loved destin! So glad the boys loved the water so much!

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry the boys' first flight was terrible! But I'm glad the rest of your vacation seems like it was relaxing and fun!

  4. Oh wow! What a great view.

    And sorry, I've been a longtime reader and finally realized I never commented, so hello!

  5. Ahhhhh that view and those colors in the sky for beach sunsets! How bad do you want to be baaaack? This most makes me all sorts of pumped for our vacay! Loved the family shots ya'll took!

  6. That is terrible that the flight wasn't even rough due to unruly kids, but the service :-( Glad you got that adult beverage in right away! ;-) This looks so perfect-I love how Knox loved it so much. Makes me crave a beach vacation so bad!

  7. That picture of Knox in the sand/water is so precious! Glad they both loved the ocean! You looked so pretty as always! :)

  8. Sounds like a great start to vacay, other than the flight-- so sorry that wasn't a better experience! Love all the pics of your sweet boys at the beach, and totally need to remember this Hilton for future beach vacays!

  9. So sorry you had a terrible flight!! What airline were you on? Sounds like a great trip! We're planning our fall beach trip and debating between Destin and a few other cities. Did you feel like there was stuff to do there in the city at night? We haven't been in years and didn't know if it was built up more now or if it was still mainly just beaches but not a lot to do besides that.

  10. Don't mind me while I sit here and get lost pretending that I'm in one of these beautiful pictures! The flight situation sucks, but at least you had that gorgeous backdrop once you arrived!!

  11. Love that you guys had your own place to stay - even when traveling with family it's nice to have some time and space to yourselves! These photos are so gorgeous - the boys look like they are in heaven!!

  12. Now I'm really curious about your flight--I assume you flew AE? I still tell the tale of a surly flight attendant I had on my ONE AE flight in 2012. I luckily fell asleep so I wouldn't ave to deal with her during the flight.

  13. How much fun!! That's too funny Brandon's whole family decided to tag along lol Even though Brandon travels so much, those perks are nice! I thought I was building some momentum on my points and I wasn't even close lol Sorry the boys' first flight was such a bust!! Sounds like a wonderfully, relaxing vacation!!

  14. Gosh such great pictures! Framers for sure! I'm glad your boys loved the beach!!

  15. I have been wanting to go to Destin for SO LONG, and this post makes me want to go even more!!!! Also, Gracie has the same cactus rash guard that Knox does - so cute! :)

  16. Looks like it was a fantastic trip!! That's where my family stayed growing up! So many amazing memories for us -- hope your family felt the same!


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