Monday, July 24, 2017


Whew, why do Mondays always come so quickly? We had a busy, but fun, weekend. Here's a bit of what we were up to: 


+ Brandon had his blessed summer hours where he got home before lunch, so the boys and I just had some play time in the morning, followed by Walker's favorite part of Friday: going outside to watch the trash truck in action. 

+ After lunch, we went to check out our new bowling alley, which was super neat! They had everything: arcade games, bumper cars, bowling, a full menu + bar where they bring the food to you as you bowl, bumpers on the lane that come up just for each player, etc. It was a really fun 10 minutes of bowling...until our machine broke and it wasn't fixed, and the boys left crying. It's a long story, but thankfully the general manager made it right and we're planning to go back next Friday on a little date with Walker to try it again. 

+ I ran some errands during the boys' nap time and then we ventured out to give Walker his ice cream reward for getting five stickers on his sticker chart last week. 

...and then stopped by Chick-fil-A for a peach shake to share. 


+ We had a lazy morning: Brandon made pancakes, we introduced Knox to "Sesame Street," we cleaned up a bit around the house, Knox took a morning nap, and then it was a birthday party afternoon. 

+ Walker's best friend's birthday party and our nephew's birthday party were both Saturday at the exact same time. Since we had just spent a week with our nephew at the beach {and we RSVP'd to Walker's best friend's birthday party first}, Brandon and I split up: I took the boys to Walker's best friend's party and Brandon went to our nephew's party since that one was outdoors and it was just too hot for Knox. 

So anyway, I took the boys and they had a ball jumping at the trampoline park and Walker and his best friend just had a ball with each other. 

+ The boys both took 2.5-hour afternoon naps {!!!}, and then we went on a family date night to Chuy's, followed by swimming at my in-law's. Walker jumped off the diving board for the first time and just loved it...and proceeded to do it over and over and over again. He's such a little fish! 


+ Sunday was church, lunch and naps; a slow, easy day. Brandon and I watched an episode of "Bloodline" while the boys slept, I got some laundry and blogging done, and we just relaxed inside on a hot, hot day. 

We're gearing up for a fun week ahead! Hope y'all have a great Monday. 

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  1. Looks like such a fun and relaxing weekend!! I love Chick-Fil-A's shakes!!!

  2. Why are bowling alley's so much fun!! Glad you had a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Sounds like such a great weekend!! Hope the bowling goes better when you all go back :) I think you made the right decision on the bday party! There's so much going on these days that stuff is going to be double booked and you just have to do the best you can!

  4. I need to try the peach shake!!! I am a huge lover of the Cookies and Cream hahaha worth a try to switch things up do you think!?

  5. What a fantastic summer weekend!!! Love that y'all were able to go swimming after dinner on Saturday - so much fun! Have a wonderful week :)

  6. Bowling is the best - I'm glad you'll get to go back to finish your game. I love the sticker chart for ice cream :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. Bummer about your bowling adventure but I'm glad you get to try again! Yay for good customer service! The picture of Walker and his bestie with the walkie talkies is precious!!

  8. What a perfect summer weekend! It melts my heart that Walker loves the trash truck so much haha! Allllll boy! :)

  9. so cute. have a good day.


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