Monday, July 17, 2017


We had such a low-key weekend and it was so nice to just rest and recharge -- and I didn't cook one time all weekend, which was awesome! Here's a bit of what we were up to: 


The only picture I have from this day was me putting Knox's hair in a ponytail, much to Brandon's chagrin. ;) I told him if he's going to get called a girl so much, I'll show them a girl! Haha! 

But seriously, we had a pretty easy day: Knox's developmental exam, which he passed with flying colors and the pediatrician is so happy with his speech/language and fine motor development that she said physical therapy isn't necessary and he'll walk when he's good and ready -- such a praise! We celebrated with a delicious lunch at a new Mexican restaurant  afterward, followed by naps for the boys and more "Bloodline" binge-ing for us. My aunt came over and I popped a ready-to-bake pizza in the oven and we visited for a bit before calling it an early night. 


This is so embarrassing to admit, but I was in my PJ's until nearly 2 p.m. Saturday! It was a rainy, icky morning {which started out with Brandon and Walker making us chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast} and then went to us redoing our bathroom and kitchen grout, Brandon fixing our two toilets that have been constantly running for about a month, and me doing about four loads of laundry. It was the perfect day to cross those "honey do" items off his list and for me to get caught up with laundry and cleaning.  And we spent lots of time playing with two sweet boys! 

That evening, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate Walker's best friend, Smith's, birthday! His party is next weekend, but his sweet mama wanted us all to get together to celebrate his actual birthday. Before Saturday, I hadn't stepped foot in a Chuck E. Cheese since I was probably Walker's age, but we went and it was so fun to see it through the boys' eyes. Walker wanted to do ALL THE THINGS and touch ALL THE THINGS {and I used practically an entire bottle of hand sanitizer and about 13 Wet Wipes on the car ride home} and Knox was just staring at everything like, "What is this place, guys?" 

Once the boys were in bed, we binge-watched more "Bloodline," as per our recent tradition. 


Brandon started his new assignment as a greeter at our church, and I just love seeing that handsome guy as we walk into church on Sunday mornings. ;) Since he has to be at church a little bit earlier than us -- and I haven't yet figured out how much time it takes me to get them and me ready on time in the mornings -- we had a little photoshoot before we left for church. I just can't resist little boys in Jon Jons and Sun Sans! 

My grandparents were driving through Dallas on their way home from their house in Angel Fire, New Mexico, so they stopped and had lunch with us at P.F. Chang's. It was so good to see them and the boys loved seeing their sweet Nana and Pah! 

When we got home, the boys and I both took some much-needed two-hour naps, and then I took Walker to Marble Slab for his reward for getting five stickers on his bedtime sticker chart last week -- and to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, of course! ;) On our way back home, I heard his little voice say from the back seat, "Mama [which sounds like, "Mom-uhhh"], Thank you for making me happy. You will always be in my heart, you know? I will always remember you forever." I'm glad I had sunglasses on because I was practically bawling as I was driving us back home. I'm so thankful for the privilege of being his Mommy! 

And I don't ever want to forget those sweet, sticky little three-year-old boy hands, complete with stickers from Sunday School and that little summer "tan" he's got going on...and the camo shirt that's reserved specifically for nap time on Sunday afternoons. Oh, I just love him so much. 

We ended our evening with leftovers, an early bedtime for the boys, more "Bloodline" for us {because of course} and lights out for Brandon and me by 9:30 p.m. #oldpeoplestatus 

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  1. What a fun relaxing weekend! I didn't cook once either haha. I haven't been to chuckie cheese in years. Probably since I was a nanny after college. I'm laughing about walkers tee.. I let jack wear his paw patrol tee yesterday Bc I didn't think we were doing anything. I save it for days when we aren't leaving the house. Ha!! Well we ended up at dinner w friends. Baha. He loved it though!! Have a great Monday friend!

  2. Well it must have been a weekend for not cooking because I found myself thinking the same thing last night! Cam was sick too, so I barely even cut up a banana #winning. Well, I guess I would have rather cooked than do some of the things I did... Anyways! Isn't Bloodline SO good? Are you on the current season yet? The second one was a bit slow for me but this newest one, WHOAA!

  3. All the praise hands for that awesome report on KNox's development! I know that's a HUGE weight lifted off of your shoulders!
    No shame in being in Pj's till 2pm, especially on a rainy day. You guys deserved a low key, laid back family morning!

  4. Precious Walker......that almost made me tear up! What a sweet boy

  5. So happy to hear that his exam went well and he passed with flying colors!! Love that you even were able to get a nap in there as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. So glad to hear Knox received an amazing report from his exam!!! Sounds like you all had a pretty great weekend :)

  7. Yay for passing developmental exams! Porter's taking his sweet time walking, too, and it's so comforting knowing doctors can verify their overall health. Also, from one boy mama to another, your littles are just too darn cute!

  8. Chuck e Cheese and ice cream-looks like the perfect weekend to me! And loving them in their jon-jons :-)

  9. I am craving a Saturday like yours so much- sounds absolutely perfect! Love the pics from Sunday- especially those cute church outfits and W's sticky fingers!

  10. Your weekend sounds pretty darn great - PJs tunil 2? Grandparents? NO cooking? Yes please! (I ate dinner with my parents Fri-Sun, no joke, so no cooking on my end either haha) hometown dates tonight! woot woot!

  11. That ponytail, I die!! Haha! How sweet is Walker my goodness that even makes me tear up!

  12. So glad y'all don't have to worry with physical therapy for Knox - such a praise! What a relaxing Saturday. That is so funny about Chuckie Cheese - that place is so gross if you think about it but it's so much fun for kids! I will definitely be watching my kids like a hawk to make sure they don't stick their hands in their mouth! lol Walker is just so sweet!!!


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