Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Destin Recap {Days 4-6}

I'm back today to recap the rest of our Destin vacation! You can read the first part here. :)

It was so much fun to spend July 4th at the beach, and we're definitely thinking this may be an annual thing. Our hotel had it decorated so festively and Walker loved seeing all the red, white and blue décor everywhere. 

We had breakfast at the hotel again, then, since the boys had gone to bed so late the night before and were up so early, we all took a morning nap, then hit the pool. {The beach was crazy!} It was such a fun morning at the pool and the boys swam and swam and swam some more...and completely wore themselves out! We bathed the boys, had a little picnic lunch in our hotel room and laid them down for a nap while we enjoyed a drink on the balcony. 

Knox's sun hat is here; Walker lost his sun hat and we bought this one from the hotel gift shop

Their sunglasses are from Target's Dollar Aisle and I kept them on with these, which was so helpful!

Knox's swimsuit is from Old Navy {sold out} and Walker's is from the Snips & Snails Facebook page 

The boys' matching red, white and blue shirts are from Old Navy {sold out} 

That night, we got cleaned up and went over to my in-laws' condo for dinner and then took more pictures on the beach. 

Knox and Walker's Jon Jons are from the Snips & Snails Facebook page

I'm wearing my top from Modest Modern Mama, white shorts and Laura Cox Designs earrings

Brandon's shirt is here, swimsuit is here and hat is from a store in Waco

We let the kids play on the beach for a little bit before high-tailing it back to our hotel for baths and to get Knox down for bed. Our room had a front-row seat to the fireworks, so we let Walker stay up to watch those with us for his first time ever seeing them. Knox slept right through the entire 18-minute {loud} show, which totally shocked us! Walker was a bit wary at first, but then really loved it all. It was a beautiful show and just reminded me how blessed we truly are to live in this country. We truly are the land of the free because of the brave. 

Both boys were up by 5 a.m. {yawn}, so we had an early breakfast at the hotel and Knox was back asleep on Brandon by 6:30 a.m. 

I don't have too many pictures from this morning/afternoon because it was truly a lazy, slow, relaxing day. We all took a nap when Knox did in the morning, then spent the majority of the late morning/early afternoon at the hotel pool. We had another picnic lunch in our room and Brandon and the boys took an afternoon nap while I got a few things organized and packed and just relaxed myself. 

Thanks to Annie's recommendation, we had an early dinner at Acme Oyster House, which was delicious! It was in this precious, quaint little village called Baytowne Wharf, which totally reminded us of a mix between downtown Charleston and old Florida. It was so cute! After dinner, we let Walker pick out some candy at a little candy store, Brandon and I grabbed Bushwacker's to go from a bar {we loved that you could walk outside of restaurants here with drinks!}, let the boys feed the fish, and Brandon rode the carousel with Walker. 

Brandon's shirt is here, shorts are here and shoes are here

My dress is here, earrings are here and sunglasses are here

Knox's shirt is from the Snips & Snails Facebook group, shorts are here and shoes are here

Knox's Jon Jon is from the Snips & Snails Facebook group and shoes are here 

Walker's shirt is from the Snips & Snails Facebook group and shorts are here 

That evening, we went to the beach for one last time and were greeted with the most gorgeous sunset. It was just beautiful and a wonderful way to close out our visit. 

This was our go-home day. I stayed in the room with Knox so he could have a morning nap while Brandon took Walker down to the beach for one last hoo-rah. We don't live anywhere close to an ocean, and I can tell you for a fact that the four of us already miss it immensely. 

We had kind of a rough travel day with a flight delay leaving Destin, then had to be re-routed on arrival into Dallas due to weather, then had to wait 1.5 hours for our bags because the ramps closed due to lightning at the airport. And neither boy slept on the plane {missing their afternoon naps} and were just a bit cranky. Whew! We grabbed some Mexican food to go, unpacked, did three loads of laundry, got the boys down for an early bedtime and went to bed pretty early ourselves. 

Destin, we miss you! 

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  1. what a great end to the trip. Loved your front row spot for fireworks! So glad ya'll had the best trip! I love the beach so much. I am sure you are already planning your next trip back!

  2. You did have a great end to the trip! I can't believe how close you were to those fireworks - and that Knox slept right through them!! We are going to do 30A next summer so I'm adding Baytowne Warf to our stop list. It looks idyllic!!

  3. What a great few days-that little village is just adorable, those are my favorite places to visit. Looks like such a perfect family trip!

  4. We've always gone to HHI over July 4th week and it's the best!! Just something so "America" about it lol Love their little July 4th outfits! Your lazy Wednesday sounds amazing! So glad y'all had such a wonderful beach vacation!

  5. Found your blog through the Thoughts for Thursday link-up! Your boys are precious and this sounds like a wonderful 4th of July vacay. Being able to watch fireworks from your balcony? Magic!

  6. The beach is the best place to spend the 4th!! I love y'all's red, white, and blue looks. Oh, and those sun hats and sunglasses on the kids - adorable!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. Love that maxi dress on you! Such great memories you guys are making for your boys <3


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