Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down having coffee together this morning, we would have a lot chat about. A few things: 

\\ I'm in sheer denial that it's the last full week of July. Seriously, how is it almost August? This summer has absolutely flown by, and I can't believe that Walker will have started school by this time next month. 

\\ Even though it's just preschool right now, it made me a bit sad to think that next year Walker will start Pre-Kindergarten and in two years, Kindergarten. Holy moly. That said, I took him down from three-days-a-week preschool to two-days-a-week preschool, and I think that, coupled with our weekly two-hour BSF program, will be plenty and give us just the right amount of time together at home vs. at school/church. Knox may or may not start in January when the new semester starts; we'll see how I feel about it then. 

\\ I admit that I'm an avid Real Housewives watcher, and I'm pretty convinced that New York is my favorite. But can we just talk about how much it bugs me when Ramona and Sonja are such freaks about their rooms every time they travel? They're so annoying. 

\\ Brandon and I started doing yoga together each evening and it's such a nice time to wind down with him after putting the kids down to bed. It's nothing fancy -- just a yoga series on YouTube that we stream via Amazon Fire TV -- but it feels amazing and I swear we have slept better at night because of it.

\\ And, adding to that, we had gotten into a bad habit of having a glass {or two} of wine in the evenings and we noticed we weren't sleeping well...and were gaining some weight. So, we have made a big change and reserved our wine for weekend evenings only, if that. It's definitely not easy, but our sleep and weight need to get back on track, and after just two weeks of it, we have already noticed our sleep getting much better and some water weight dropping off. 

\\ It's just so ridiculously hot in Texas right now. It was 102* at 4 p.m. when I took the boys out to pick up one item from Kroger that I forgot to put on my Walmart Online Grocery list and I was sweating just walking into the grocery store. I have lived in Texas my entire life and yet every year I complain about the heat like it actually surprises me...but good grief, it is just hot right now. 

\\ I absolutely adore reading blogs, but I'll tell you what kills me: bloggers whose posts are all completely sponsored. I just want to scream, "We don't want to see that!" I mean, absolutely get that free swag and make some money in the process, but I just miss the blogging days where bloggers didn't have 90% of their blog and social media accounts shilling stuff. 

\\ Thanks to Owen's recommendation, I ordered RapidLash and I'm hoping it works! My eyelashes are so sparse and thin after having two babies {the things no one tells you...!} and they used to be so long, full and thick. I've read the reviews online and it appears that I'll have to use it for about a month to see any noticeable results, but I'll report back! I'm hoping it works! 

\\ Knox is getting about six teeth right now and the poor guy is just downright miserable. I think I put it out of my mind how fussy and clingy they are when they're cutting teeth, but bless his little heart, he just wants to be held all day and practically lives off of Ibuprofen and Tylenol...le sigh. 

So, what are you confessing today? 

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  1. I am so interested to hear how Rapid Lash works for you!!! I haven't pulled the trigger yet because I'm worried about it irritating my eyes and contacts. I had 2 corneal ulcers a few years ago so now I am terrified of eye problems!

  2. I'll give the yoga a try as my husband has been complaining of sleep issues lately. I've been so exhausted with new house chores(painting and the like), but the poor guy needs his sleep too!

    Yes, yes, yes!! I am so over sponsored blogs. Most of the blogs I read now are not sponsored or have one or two. I've completely given up simply because I can't tell what a real opinion and what's paid!

    Hope the heat subsides for you! We got a couple of days of relief up in VA and it's so welcome!

  3. I completely agree about the 100% sponsored posts. I feel like that's why blogging has gone down over the last couple of years (especially my own!), it started becoming waaay too much with everything you "should" be doing with making money being the main goal. So discouraging! Poor Knox getting SIX teeth. Camden is getting two of his molars right now and that is about to send both of us over the edge. Hang in there!

  4. That's so nice y'all do yoga together in the evenings as a way to unwind - I can totally see how you'd sleep better after doing that! Gosh, it's hotter than blue blazes right now and I saw a quick article saying this fall is going to be a hot one... nooooooo!!!

  5. Poor guy with his teeth! I can't even imagine how painful that is. And I feel you on blogging. I SO wish we could go back to the 'old days'!

  6. Kudos to you on all your healthy changes. I am sure that the added sleep is making you feel so much better. Wine definitely messes with my sleep too!

  7. Completely agree on wine and sleep problems. I noticed when I drank before bed, I would wake up at like 3 or 4 a.m. and be WIDE AWAKE for like an hour or two. Cut out regular glasses of wine and that went away. Love that y'all are tackling this together!

  8. That wine totally brings on the extra pounds! I just cut back a bit on the alcohol too..which is sad because it's just so nice to wind down with. Love that you two are doing yoga together! :-)


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