Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Life Lately

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these pictures in my Insta Stories, but I wanted to share them here, too, as a fun little reminder for me as to what our summer has looked like thus far. Here's a bit of what we've been up to: 

+ Enjoying slower mornings with nowhere to be {usually} until after Knox's morning nap. 

+ Scheduling a few play dates with friends; Silas and Walker just adore each other. 

+ While we were playing with some friends at The Galleria recently, sweet Knox got to play there for the first time and he was just in heaven! He loved climbing through the little tunnels and having me slide him down the slides. It was so sweet to watch!

+ Walker started karate last week and goes twice a week, each week. He's doing a great job and I love seeing him so focused and listening intently to his instructors. He loves coming home and showing Brandon how he punched, kicked and jumped that day in class. 

+ I've also been trying to really make time to spend some much-needed two-on-one time with the boys lately. During the school year, I feel like I'm a shuttle bus and we're constantly on the move to and from school, BSF and church that by the time we're all home together, they're napping or melting down or I'm in the middle of cooking dinner or wiping a bottom. So, this summer thus far has been nice to slow down and enjoy some time with just the boys and me. 

Early last week, I had to pick up a gift card for my sister from Sephora and on our way out of the little town square area, I stopped and let them play in the water fountain. Walker was practically undressing himself and ready to hop on in by the time I turned around from getting Knox out of the stroller, so it took a minute to explain that he couldn't swim in the fountain; he could dip is feet in and/or splash with his hands. And of course, my water-loving Knox was trying to dive bomb out of my arms and into the water the entire time. Ha! But we rounded out our morning with lunch at Chick-fil-A, and to see the smiles on their faces from something so mundane as a fountain and lunch...well, it reminded me that I was doing something right. 

+ I mentioned this Friday, but I had the boys paint a coffee mug for my dad {their Papa} for Father's Day, and Walker thought it was the coolest thing! He got to paint it and then I had a lady there help me get Walker's handprint and Knox's footprint on the mug. I just love to look back at their hand- and footprints years later to see how tiny they used to be, and I hope it brings a smile to my dad's face this weekend. 

+ Knox has seriously become the messiest eater, and while it's absolutely hilarious to witness, it's a bear to clean up! His recent favorite is black beans, and as you can see, he got them everywhere the other night -- even in his hair! I was crying laughing at how hilarious he looked with black beans slathered all over his face and body. But seriously, after I wiped him and the high chair down with wet paper towels, I then had to use 12 -- TWELVE! -- Clorox wipes to get all of that off the high chair. Ha! 

+ Our amazing babysitter has committed to coming over to hang out with the boys for two hours a week, and it's been great for both them and me. For them, they get to see a different face and get to go do fun things with her {seriously, she's amazing and we all just love her} and for me, I get to get some work done {blogging, bill pay, etc.} and clean the house without littles underfoot and without feeling guilty for doing all of that and not giving them adequate attention. So it's been amazing! She took them to the splash pad last week and Walker is still talking about it! 

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  1. As soon as I scrolled down to that first picture I totally thought Walker was holding a selfie stick hahaha!! So glad you all are enjoying all your time together this summer! Something about summer's slower pace is just the best!!

  2. Isn't it funny what two hours of amazing help can do for everyone's week??

  3. You are the funnest (funnest? coolest? most awesome?) mom ever! Ya'll look like you're having so much fun! cheers to summer! Have a great Wednesday friend! xo

  4. So much summer fun! Knox is a messy eater haha! I'm so glad you are utilizing the babysitter once a week. I know that has to be so refreshing just to get a couple hours to yourself!

  5. Haha that photo of Knox eating is hilarious! Also karate sounds fun!

  6. Chick Fil A and playing in a fountain - such a fun day! That picture of Knox in the highchair is so precious - also makes me glad I picked a similar one that can be wiped down easily :)

  7. That's so great you have a weekly babysitter scheduled. It's so important for your sanity and I know how good it feels to get the house CLEAN! I'm trying to be better about not cleaning while baby is awake so I am focused on her but shew I'm not good at ignoring a messy house!


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