Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Confessions

If we were sitting down having coffee together this morning, there would be a lot on my heart to share with you. A few things we would talk about: 

+ I'm not really a person who is good at asking for help. I'm definitely a work in progress in this area, but I have a long way to go with it. I know it's pride and I have just got to let that go. But, a way I'm working on it is hiring our babysitter to come once a week this summer for just two hours to take the boys somewhere fun while I stay back at home and get some work done, pay bills, clean my house {or go to the doctor or get my hair cut}. I've only done it twice so far this summer, but I know it has been great for all of us. The boys just need to see a different face sometimes and have a change of scenery, and our babysitter is seriously amazing, taking them to do all the fun things Mommy just isn't fun enough to do. 

+ All of that said, I'm such a creature of habit and love the structure and routine that the school year brings. I saw a meme one time that said, "I love spontaneity...providing it's carefully planned." <---- That's me to a fault! 

+ I think my kids know when I decide to lay down and take a nap when they do, because every time, without fail, one or both of them will wake up way earlier than normal. It's like they have a sixth sense that Mommy sat down! Ha! 

+ It's totally self-inflicted -- and because I'm old -- but after the busy weekend we had this past weekend, which included us going to bed around 11 or 12 p.m. {when we normally go to bed around 9:30 or 10 p.m.}, I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep! I am worn out! #thisis30 

+ I recently started watching "Gilmore Girls" for the first time ever, and I am obsessed! How did I never watch this show when it first aired?! Brandon's totally not into it, so I have to binge when he's traveling for work, so it's taking me forever to get through, but oh my gosh, I love it! 

+ I get really annoyed when people don't write thank-you notes. I was just raised that you write a thank-you note after you receive a gift, regardless of age, in an appropriate amount of time. I have someone who never, ever writes a thank-you note, thank-you text, thank-you email or even acknowledges the gifts we give her children at their birthday parties we're invited to each year and I just don't understand it! Is writing thank-you notes a lost art? 

+ Can I just say that I can eat the heck out of a frozen pizza? Like, have to physically retrain myself from eating the entire dang thing?! What is it about a freaking Totino's that turns me into a pizza-eating monster!? Tell me I'm not alone! 

I hope this didn't all sound like whining, but man, it feels good to get some of this off my chest. Thank you for "listening" to me today!

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  1. I'm so glad that you have hired your sitter, it makes such a difference to have someone help wit the kids! I feel like my attitude is so much better on days that I've had a sitter some haha. I'm admittedly the worst about thank you notes. I will send a text immediately upon receiving said gift but writing the actual note I've got to get better about. My mom raised me differently and really dies every time it doesn't happen. What is it about frozen pizza? I think its the thin c rust..I could easily eat an entire one. yum!!

  2. Totino's are my jam! I don't know if it's the price point or the thin crust, but I could eat them every day!

  3. The thank you note thing......I'm right there with you.....and it's something that you don't ever forget!

  4. First, welcome to the club as a Gilmore Girls fan! I highly recommend listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast where they watch each episode (but start with season 2, as season 1 they're still finding their groove and some of the episodes are awkward). And I hear you on the thank you notes! I just need some sort of acknowledgement that the gift arrived and it was the correct gift. I don't need a note from friends for the gifts I give their kids, but as the kids get older I guess I do expect that the kids write me a note, like I did for all my far-flung relatives? But wedding thank you notes are non-negotiable for me. Two of my closest friends didn't send me a thank you note for their wedding gifts, and I STILL wonder what happened!

  5. Totally feel you on the Totinos thing! Makes zero sense to me. 9:30 or 10 would be a late bedtime for me these days, lol. But in my defense I get up at like, 4:30!!

  6. Love love love Gilmore Girls!! Also, YES on the thank you notes! One of my best friends got married in October & we dropped over $1,000 on that wedding (which I was in too). No thank you note from the shower or wedding. We just got a thank you from another wedding we went to in October. I just don't get it. All our notes were sent out within a month at the absolute longest! It's so important to be grateful!!

  7. I spend the whole week recovering from a 'late night' too. I have my future SILs bachelorette tomorrow night and am terrified at how exhausted I am going to be all weekend! And yes to the frozen pizza..give me a Red Baron cheese pizza and it is almost guaranteed to be gone by the end of the night. Glad you are loving having a babysitter-of course ideally I would like to not work full time, but our daycare has been so good for the both of them-they adore her and get to do so many fun things that this mama isn't cool enough for ;-)

  8. Girl! JUST seeing this and I'm currently on season 4 of Gilmore Girls and have ZERO idea why I've never seen it before - I even got Seth on board! haha Love it!


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