Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down having coffee together this morning, there would be a lot on my heart to share with you. A few things we would talk about: 

\\ Y'all, I am so emotionally exhausted. If it's not one thing with Walker, it's another. Right as we think we get the sleep situation under control, his behavior goes crazy and I just don't know what to do. I have been reading "Parenting with Love and Logic" and also re-reading "The Strong-Willed Child" in hopes that it can give me some ideas on how to parent this strong-willed boy of ours. I stand firm in my belief that age three is worse than age two. Heavy sigh. I love him so much, but it's just hard when he can be just outright mean sometimes. We did sign him up for an 8-week-long trial class of Taekwondo this summer in hopes that, since it's discipline-based, it will be good for him, as well as serve as an outlet for him. So I'll keep y'all updated on that situation! 

\\ Thanks to Jenn for the long phone conversation yesterday that made me feel like a human again and not like the horrible mom that I had been feeling like lately. There is absolutely nothing worse than Mom Guilt, I swear...especially when you're guilting yourself. Mom Guilt is so real, and I swear it affects all moms -- staying at home, working full time, working part time, having a side job, etc. It's no joke!  

\\ I have a love/hate relationship with summer in the South. I love it because there's so much more freedom and less car time shuffling from Obligation A to Obligation B {and did I mention no packing lunches?!}, but I hate that it's practically the face of the sun here in Texas from about June-early October. Yes, it's so great that we can be in the pool the majority of the time when it's so hot, but it practically feels like bath water and the humidity is so oppressive. But I still would take summer over winter any day. ;) 

\\ Remember when I talked about needing a date night last week? Well, that didn't happen. And we need it to ASAP! Seriously though, I'm trying to get a babysitter lined up for tomorrow night; Brandon and I just need a little one-on-one time to ourselves to reconnect a bit...and enjoy a meal where we aren't interrupted 405 times and have to cut up chicken nuggets into bite-sized pieces. 

\\ I'm trying to be better about what I eat {and drink} and it's proving very difficult, but I'm doing it. I have made some small changes to hopefully get me started on the right track; namely giving up my nightly dessert and changing my evening glass of wine to a cup of hot tea, along with working out {namely lifting some weights and doing some much-needed crunches, leg lifts and lunges} and just making better eating choices. I can always look at my face and tell when it's time to lose a couple of pounds, and I saw myself in pictures on Monday and knew that it was time. Yikes! 

\\ Total first-world problem here, but I accidentally threw this shirt in the dryer and it shrunk a bit and I'm super bummed about it. Darn it! I definitely might be throwing that in my Old Navy cart {again} this weekend... 

\\ We are hopefully getting my car back from the auto body shop early next week and I'm so excited to be in my own car again! Someone hit my car in the Target parking lot and I came out to damage...and no note. Ugh! While I'm thankful for car insurance (and uninsured motorist insurance), it stinks to have to actually file. 

I hope this didn't all sound like whining, but man, it feels good to get some of this off my chest. Thank you for "listening" to me today!

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  1. I am laughing... we are twins! Pretty sure I wrote the exact same post today!! I hope you get that date night. And we'll, you know how I feel about everything else going on!!

  2. I can't imagine doing your type of heat in the summer - you guys are stars for handling it! I hope date night comes through for tomorrow :)

  3. Mom guilt is the worst, but having friends you can talk it out with is such a gift!

  4. You are a GREAT mama! As with all things, this too will pass!

  5. Oh sweet friend! Jared's mom read the strong willed child book a lot when he was younger. It's a running joke in our family that I'll get it at a baby shower to prepare ;) Hopefully Walker is just going through a quick phase and the taekwondo will help! I'll pray for you to find some guidance and peace on this. I think a date night out is just what you all need! I was thinking you looked super skinny in your MDW pictures but I totally understand not being in the spot you feel comfortable. We're back on a health kick in our house too and it was hard at first but it's getting easier every day.

  6. Oh I can relate to SO much of this!! Mom guilt & the whole struggling to make date night happen is all too real over here and I think it is for a lot of us! Thank you for sharing this post, it was just what I needed today :)


  7. I think so many of us can relate to those tough issues. I want to read those parenting books you have recommended. I am right there with you. You are DOING GREAT, don't ever doubt it!

  8. I hope you get that date night! 3 is so hard. My 3rd is about to turn 3 and she's already such a struggle for me (she loves loves loves daddy though). And just remember it's just a phase and as they grow you can reason with them more and more. It is so easy to feel isolated as a mom (working or home) a phone call with a friend is so good for the soul!

  9. Momma you are doing a great job! I hear age 3 is definitely worse than 2. Your strong willed little boy is giving you a run for your money but I just know that you are such a great mom to him! Hang in there!

  10. That's the worst that your shirt shrank!! I hate that! I'm sorry it's so difficult with Walker - that must be so defeating! It sounds like you're handling it well - I'm interested to see if Taekwondo helps! You should talk to my mom... she had the worst time with my sister (and still does sometimes lol)


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