Friday, June 16, 2017


Happy Friday! 

I'm so excited to celebrate my sweet dad this weekend for Father's Day. I know everyone says it, but I truly do have the best dad. My parents divorced when I was two years old, and he raised me by himself until I was five. He then married my step-mom when I was five, but I'll tell you that in those three years, he was the ultimate "Mr. Mom!" He learned how to fix my hair, and I vividly remember special times between us during those early years. {And on the subject of my mom, there is zero "step" in that title, though; to me, she is my mom, and my boys' grandmother and we don't even recognize the "step" factor in it at all.} So I'm excited that we get to be together this weekend. I just love him so much! 

And of course, I'm beyond thankful for my husband and what a wonderful dad he is to our boys; how hard he works to provide for our family; and the sacrifices he makes being away from us traveling once a month. He loves his boys dearly, and we are thrilled to celebrate him this weekend, too. 

We made these Hawaiian Chicken Chile Kebabs earlier this week and they were delicious, not to mention healthy. Definitely add these to your summer grill rotation! 

I went into Sephora last week to pick up a gift card for my sister's birthday, and of course, in true Sephora fashion, they sucked me in with all the goodies in store, not to mention the creative displays. What caught my eye were the, basically, "Splurge vs. Save" displays. They had an expensive mascara labeled and then the affordable Sephora brand that does the same thing right next to it. So, I purchased this mascara for $12 {!!!}, which is basically a dupe of the cult Diorshow Mascara, which retails for $28.50. And I love it! Definitely use a light coat at first, let it dry a minute and build from there; I love the volume it gives to my lashes without being clumpy. 

Speaking of things I've recently purchased, I took Annie's advice and bought this foldable pool for the kiddos at the beach. It's technically a pet pool, but after reading a lot of reviews on it, I'm thinking this is going to be great to have -- and great to be able to put in a suitcase. 

I have a feeling that Knox is going to be iffy about the sand, so I wanted to have a "clean" place for him to play in with water -- or even nap in! -- while we're out on the beach. And if I know his big brother, he'll be in it quite a bit, too. ;) 

This is so random, but if you're ever struggling to find something for your kids to do on a hot summer day {or even a rainy day, or a freezing day...}, take them to PetsMart. My boys love to go see all the fish, guinea pigs, hamsters and cats up for adoption, and the dogs in training or at "day care." I'm telling you, it entertains them for at least an hour and the giggles I hear from them just make me smile so big. It's the little things, y'all! 

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! 

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  1. I can't wait to make those Kebobs! We got the same pool bed it's currently on my porch. Graham loves it. We will be taking it to the beach with us whenever we go. I need to try that mascara!! Have so much fun visiting your parents this weekend!

  2. That melts my heart about your dad. What a hero to step up and take care of you full time! Also those kebobs look AMAZING!

  3. I have never thought to take my kids to the pet store-you are a genius ;-) And I teared up reading about your dad/mom. It takes the most incredible person to love a child as their own, it just makes my heart so happy you got the mom you SO deserve!!

  4. I am 100% purchasing that pool for next summer. This summer we basically just keep Viv under an umbrella because I'm terrified she's going to get sunburn but it will be so perfect next summer when she is 1. And YES to Petsmart! We take my niece and nephew there all the time! We actually just went last week and my nephew kept saying "hold it, hold it" to the birds haha!

  5. My kids LOVE going to the pet store...even though we have one fish. But we go and look at all the animals some days when we are out and about and need to escape the heat (or rain). Those kabobs look so yummy and like something that my family would love. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating Father's Day!

  6. Sephora always gets be with their great displays as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating all the dads in your life!

  7. Enjoy celebrating this weekend!! Those kabobs look delicious and I can see the boys being obsessed with that pool!!

  8. Those kebabs look delish! Austin got a new girl for Father's Day, and I think he needs to make these for me ASAP!

  9. Those Kabobs look amazing! Also, I love the pool idea for the beach! I've never thought of doing that!

  10. Oh my gosh, Gracie LOVES going to the pet store!!! It's a perfect, free, fun activity!

  11. I love the way you describe your relationship with your step-mom. It takes a very special person to step in and help raise children who aren't their own and love them as if they were!

  12. That mascara has been my favorite for YEARS! So amazing and the price is awesome too! I picked up that pool after Annie suggested it too and have loved it. Vacation is getting near (for us both!!).

  13. I loved what you shared about your sweet dad! You're a lucky girl to have him! XO


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