Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday: Last One for June

It's a Happy Friday, indeed, because we're heading to the beach this weekend! #allthepraisehands 

But before I continue with my manic packing marathon, here are some favorites from the week: 

Did you catch my collaboration with Modest Modern Mama earlier this week? If not, you can read that here! I'm so in love this precious off-the-shoulder top and am definitely including it in my suitcase today. ;) 

Something else that's coming with me in my suitcase? This adorable beach hat! I couldn't resist this one, and bonus, it's affordable at only $28! 

This crazy kid had swimming lessons this week and he did great! Obviously this picture was taken not at swim {note the puddle jumper} but I'm hoping we can lose that thing once we get home from the beach. 

I saw this precious sign on the House Seven blog and I seriously have to have it in our next house. I love it! 

These two sweet brothers were being little dolls and so sweet with each other at Target the other day. {This rarely happens, hence the documentation!} And yes, Walker wanted that giant obnoxious buggy and I can never say no. #sucker

And a sixth item for today: 

Just a couple of housekeeping items to close out this Friday. 

The first thing is that I always reply to your blog comments...unless you have a "no-reply" email. If you haven't gotten a reply from me, then you very likely have a no-reply email! Here's how to fix that! :)

The second thing is this: I try to be very open, honest and transparent on this blog. I know that no one {including me} likes to read blogs that are all, "This is the BEST _____." or "I love life and everyone in it!" or "This trip was MY FAVORITE...!" Life isn't always pretty and I'm guilty of not looking at it through rose-colored glasses most of the time. But all of that to say, I do have feelings. I'm a person. And the things that I go through and choose to blog about may not be a big deal to some, but they're a big deal to me, therefore I choose to write about them. Here's the deal: life is hard and someone will always have problems bigger or smaller than mine, and vice versa...but it's not a game of comparison. This blog is my outlet, and I feel like that since it is my space, I have the right to talk about the bumps in my road, even if someone else's bumps are bigger and deeper than mine {whether knowingly or unknowingly}. I appreciate each of you who read here and I want you to know that I'm always going to be open and honest in this space. If not, then why on earth am I writing? And, I have had to do this many times: I've had to unfollow someone's blog because I didn't like what they were writing or had to say. And you know what? That's okay! If you don't agree with, like or feel connected to what I write in my space here, then it will not offend me in any way if you choose to no longer read here. I want you to leave my blog feeling good with what you read...and if not, then I'm not for you. And I'm okay with that! So thank you all for making my blog a daily place for you to read and please know that I will continue to be open, honest and transparent regardless. 

Have great weekends everyone! 

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  1. that off the shoulder top is the cutest and the hat will be perfect for the beach! I'm loving that sign and wish I had some place to hang it in my house. It would be so cute in a mudroom...that I don't have, ha! Love those sweet brothers, I just adore seeing my boys being sweet to each other! I hate that you had to write that disclaimer at the end of your post. No one should feel less than when writing their blog and I am sorry that you were made to feel that way. You know how much I love you and your blog and so many others do as well. Your feelings are not "less than" any one else and if someone makes you feel that way it is their issue, not yours! Keep doing what you're doing sweet friend! xo!

  2. Hope you have the best time on your beach vacay - which you will duh!! As for your last little point - you do you girl!! this is your space like you said :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love your blog and YOU because you are so open and honest! You are the best mommy and wife and I wish we could be friends IRL! I am SO excited about your beach trip. I know you are going to make unforgettable memories with your precious boys. Post lots of pics!

  4. I love you and I love your blog and I love that we have this friendship from blogging! You do you! (I noticed the analogy from our texting yesterday and am glad I could offer some insight šŸ˜‰). Have so so so much fun on your trip--you deserve it and as many margaritas as you want!! Love you friend!

  5. Have a FANTASTIC time at the beach!!! It is much deserved!

  6. That blue top is the cutest! Have the best vacation :)

  7. Have so much fun!!! I love a good beach hat, my favorite beach accessory!!

  8. The last time I took my niece to the grocery store she wanted to use the giant shopping cart that has a car attached to the front. It was so big that I felt like I was pushing around a cruise ship, but she had so much fun! I hope you have a great time at the beach.

  9. Have SO much fun at the beach this weekend!! We're heading to the beach tomorrow so we'll be snapping each other beach pics ;) All I have to say is you.go.girl on your last paragraph!! You're 100% right with everything you said! Love reading your blog :)

  10. LOVE your honesty in this post and the last!! Have a great vacay :)

  11. I love reading about your blog. Reminds me of the times when mine were little. Keep doing what you are doing and if someone doesn't like your blog then they can easily unfollow you. Have a wonderful vacation and Happy 4th of July!

  12. Love that top! I hope you have a great weekend =0)


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