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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Second Baby Favorites (9-12 Months)

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: time to link up with Jessi and Jenn for "What's Hap-pining Wednesday!" 

I'm getting super emotional thinking that Knox is almost a year old {seriously, where did the time go?!}, so I thought I'd share what have been some of our favorite baby items for him these past three months. I shared my 0-3 month favorites heremy 3-6 months favorites here, and my 6-9 month favorites hereso be sure to check those out, too! 

So here's what we have loved the last three months, albeit a bit random, but loved nonetheless: 

one || two || three

four || five 

six || seven || eight 

Knox has eczema, bless his little heart, and so our pediatrician recommended this lotion for him to use after his nightly bath. His bad spots are on the backs of his arms and the backs of his legs, so we slather him well with this and have really noticed a difference in his skin when we use it vs. when we don't. Of course, eczema tends to flare up in hot climates, so I've already purchased packs of these from Amazon to prepare for our hot Texas summer ahead. 

I'm still hitting myself that I didn't have this high chair when Walker was a baby. Let me repeat this: NO FABRIC. All the praise hands! The older they get, the messier eaters they become {until they can finally eat cereal without spilling more on themselves/the ground than actually getting into their mouth}, and there's just nothing worse than having to strip the fabric off a highchair daily just to wash it and do it all again the next day. It's maddening! So this high chair is a Godsend. I just wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe after each meal and it's as good as new. And you totally can't beat the $19.99 price tag, either!

Originally intended as a gift for Walker, Knox has commandeered this toy as his own and is absolutely obsessed! The child loves him some Little People, so it's a good thing he's getting some more for his birthday. ;) He'll take his airplane {not included} and make "vroom, vroom" noises all across my living room floor. It's definitely a hit with this little boy, that's for sure!

Also a toy that was originally Walker's, Knox loves to play with puzzles! Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles are a big hit in this house. His absolute favorite is the vehicle sounds puzzle, but runners up include the shapes puzzle, construction vehicles puzzle and ABC puzzle

Since Knox is still rear-facing, this mirror really helps me see what he's doing back there. And bonus, he loves that he can see me when I turn around at a red light or catch his eye in it via my rearview mirror when I'm driving. He also loves seeing himself in it and will crack up at himself making faces. This was definitely money well spent, because we spend a lot of time in the car around here!

Knox has finally fully grasped the whole sippy cup situation, and thankfully I had saved these from when Walker was a baby {although that strong-willed child wouldn't use them and instead only drank from these straw sippy cups}. I've found these are easiest for him to suck from and don't leak all over the place when he throws them on the floor or tosses his head back to chug his water. 

I blogged about this bath mat recently {link to that post here}, but we love it so much for both boys that I had to include it here, too. We previously had another brand of a bath mat and had to toss it because it got that nasty, yucky red mold pretty quickly. (Disgusting!) I did a lot of research and finally ordered this one from Amazon; it has a special hanger on it that allows you to hang it dry at night {#allthepraisehands} while still being comfortable and actually work as an anti-skid agent. 

This is Knox's very favorite book. He loves all Karen Katz books, really {this one and this one are his other current favorites}, but "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" never ceases to throw him into a fit of giggles. I've already got his Amazon Wish List filled with tons of other Karen Katz books and can't wait for him to read them. 


  1. Ah I remember that book! Andi LOVED it! We used that mirror as well! Filing this for my 2nd baby tab! Happy hump day friend! xo

  2. I need to check out that bath mat-I am a bad mom and have never used one, but my boys have slipped once or twice and this would be a good investment! And how do the boys just gravitate towards anything with wheels!? It's in their DNA!

  3. We just picked a similar highchair - white/no fabric so I'm glad you love! Definitely adding that book to my shopping cart - I want a bunch of books but it's like where do you start, ha!

  4. I am absolutely buying that high chair when Vivi starts eating solids!! That price tag... yes please!


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