Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Knox's 1st Birthday Party Rewind

I can't believe that we celebrated our sweet Knox's first birthday this weekend! His actual birthday isn't until Monday, but we celebrated this past weekend because he was being dedicated at church on Mother's Day and we didn't want my family to have to drive four hours one way twice in two weekends. So! We celebrated, and celebrated we did! 

We held his party in a pavilion at a local park, and thankfully we had great weather. May in Texas is so unpredictable, but we made a gamble and won in the weather department, thank goodness! Our house is just so tiny and there's seriously zero room for anyone to stand, much less sit, so a third-party location was key. Bonus: I didn't have to clean up before or after, so win! It was such a gorgeous day and I'm so thankful! 

We kept the party small: family and a few very close friends, and y'all, it was perfect. My family {parents, brothers and sister and aunt}; Brandon's older brother, his wife, their three daughters; Brandon's younger brother and his wife; and three close couple friends and their kiddos. I'm seriously considering doing parties like this moving forward because it was so low-key, relaxing and such a deviation from the giant shin-digs I usually throw and end up being just exhausted when it's all said and done. I read a quote the other day somewhere that said, "Your normal is your kid's magic." And it just hit me. I may think the party is small and nothing to write home about, but to them, that's what memories are made of. I mean, I had a birthday party when I was little at McDonald's {McDonald's!} and still remember thinking it was the coolest thing getting to go behind the counter to help the lady make ice cream cups for my friends. It truly is the little things, y'all! 

So, here are some photos from the event, and all the details are below. If I missed something that you have a question about, just comment to let me know and I'll get back to you! :)

The party theme was "Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails." I didn't go overboard {unlike Walker's first birthday...sorry Knox}, but I do love me a good party, so I did it up just a bit. 

I found these baby shower invitations via Olive & Star on Etsy and thought they were just precious, so I asked the Etsy shop owner if she could make them into a birthday party invitation, and she did! They were good-quality card stock and I mailed them out in late March since May is absolutely crazy. 

I totally went the easy route this year {#secondkid} and did Chick-fil-A catering. Since the party was at noon, people would definitely be expecting lunch! So, I ordered a chicken nugget tray, a wrap tray, a fruit tray and had their tea and lemonade, as well as bottled water and juice boxes. Nothing better than being able to throw away plastic containers when you're all done! 

I ordered Knox's smash cake, the guest's mini cupcakes and the "1" cookies from a local bakery and she did a great job! I was really impressed with their quality and the taste was excellent. I didn't do a big cake for everyone -- and instead did cupcakes -- so we wouldn't have to worry with cutting and serving. It just made it so much easier!

Since it was outdoors at a park, I really didn't have too much space to work with {nor time to set it up}, and quite honestly, it was a bit refreshing! 
  • I had a chalkboard that my mom made on the table, as well as this little sign I ordered from Amazon. My mom also made the little "ONE" highchair banner. {Knox's highchair is from Ikea.} 
  • The little "ONE" cake topper is from Amazon, as was ONE balloon. We got the green and blue balloons from Kroger the morning of the party. 
  • The plates, napkins, tablecloths, goody bags and cutlery were from Target.
Knox's John John and party hat were from Dainty Couture on Etsy, and his sandals were purchased on Amazon. I wore these shorts, this shirt, these earrings and my Walmart sandals. Brandon wore his Columbia fishing shirt with some shorts from TJ Maxx and his cheapie flip-flops, while Walker wore a monogrammed "W" shirt I found on the Snips & Snails Facebook group, these denim shorts and his navy Natives

We loved celebrating our sweet boy and can't wait to spoil him on his actual BIRTHday on Monday! 

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  1. The party was perfect!! The details were so great, you did a fantastic job! And I'm with you on smaller parties!

  2. What a gorgeous party, well done mama!!! Happy birthday sweet Knox x

  3. What a cute party! I love low-key parties with just close family. And I saw that quote the other day too and it really hit home. It doesn't take a lot to impress little ones, so sometimes less is more. Hope he had a wonderful day! :)

  4. The color scheme is the cutest combo ever! It looked like the perfect, fun day! On already...waaahhh!!!

  5. This was such a perfect little party-I am all about the cupcakes too-so much easier! Glad you guys had such a gorgeous day!

  6. Such a cute party! I think simple parties like this are the best :) Easy yummy food & good company!

  7. Seriously the perfect party! Love that you did it at a local park and had close people around you :) Knox is so adorable in his outfits and I can't believe it's already been a year!

  8. Adorable!! I love the idea of going small with the guest list and chick fit a catering never fails!

  9. Everything looks so perfect!! That cake looks DELISH! I totally agree that we go overboard sometimes when the kids won't even remember the decorations and hundreds of dollars spent. Simple is just perfect and they kids will have fun regardless!


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