Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekending: First One for May

This weekend was one I didn't want to end: we had a wonderful 2.5 days full of much-needed family time and it was just wonderful. Summer is nearing and we're eagerly welcoming it with open arms; I truly did see summer through the eyes of my children this weekend and it was, quite simply, pure magic. 

Here's what we were up to: 


+ We had a sweet little day with no plans on our agenda, and y'all, it was awesome. I took the boys back out to Founders Plaza at DFW Airport {the second time in a week!}. We had a picnic lunch while watching the airplanes take off and land, and the boys just loved it, and I loved that they were slathered in Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen and had on their big sun hats {and Walker had on my sunglasses}. 

+ I had a great mail day on Friday afternoon: a graduation announcement for my brother's girlfriend; a Mother's Day gift for my mom from Laura Cox Designs; and a precious swim coverup for me from Pearl & Monroe

+ Knox woke up from a {three hour!!!} nap with this hilarious bedhead and I was just rolling! Love this silly little goose!

+ Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we opted to make homemade Mexican at home instead of fighting the crowds out. So, crunchy tacos, refried black beans and rice were on the menu! And of course, a homemade margarita!

+ After the boys were in bed, Brandon and I caught up on a few DVR'd episodes of "Designated Survivor" and called it an early night. 


+ I took Walker to soccer, and you can see how that's going. Yep, that's my kid with his jersey over his head. #proudmom 

+ We did a ton of yard work, then my grandparents {who were in town from Mexico} came over to see the boys for a little bit before their flight back home. 

+ Brandon and I made The Masters egg salad sandwiches for a late lunch while the boys were napping, then lounged around for a bit, catching up on more DVR'd shows. 

+ Later, we got ready for dinner with Emily and her husband and little girl at Newk's. I loved the boys in their sweet seersucker John Johns and Sun Sans

+ We had a great dinner catching up with Emily and her sweet family, and then got a couple of pictures when we were finished. I promise we got one with Walker, but he's super into goofy faces for the camera right now, so none of those really turned out well. ;) But how cute are Betsy and Knox?! 

Emily and I actually went to high school together and were in each others weddings. It has been so fun to reconnect these last few months! 

+ After dinner, Brandon and I took the boys to a local splash pad. It truly was a fabulous spring evening: the restaurant right on the other side of that white picket fence had live music; Brandon sat with Knox there in the shade while I let Walker run around in the water {but he really preferred to play on the adjacent playground!}; and then Brandon brought Knox over for his first splash pad experience...and let's just say he loved it! He's my water baby, that's for sure. 


+ We went to church, and I couldn't help but snap a picture of this cutie before we left! (Big brother wasn't into pictures yesterday morning! #threenager) 

+ After lunch and naps, Brandon blew up our inflatable pool, filled up the water table, turned on some music and brought the boys outside to play! I gave Walker a Push Pop and that, coupled with his little slide he had Brandon drag over to the edge of his pool, just made his little day! I almost cried hearing the boys' uncontrollable laughter and joy over a cheap inflatable pool, and it just reminded me that kids don't always need all the "stuff" to be entertained. Sometimes taking it back to the basics is just enough! 

+ I made my family's oven-fried chicken recipe for supper, Brandon and I watched a couple more DVR'd TV shows and again, we called it an early night. We know we're cool! ;) 

I hope y'all have great weeks! 



  1. What a fun filled weekend!! It was freezing here. That pool looks so fun. I've got to get ours out and ready for this summer! So fun to connect with old friends. And of course I love those Jon jons on the boys!

  2. What a perfect weekend. I LoVE their little John John's. And Jackson would have done anything to be at your house yesterday-he asked me to put water in our new water table about twenty times, he didn't understand why we could when it was 60 degrees ;-)

  3. The picnic with the planes sounds perfect!! We love staying home/going to friends houses for Cinco de Mayo too - going out is WAY too crowded!

  4. You look beautiful and I love that cute top! Also Knox's bedhead is hilarious haha- definitely frame worthy! ;)

  5. You looked so fab all weekend lady and your boys were presh! Love the mail day you had too and I've watched the 'hallelujah' video 100 times!!

  6. Sounds like a great picnic!! Makes me want to have a picnic!! Have a great Monday!!

  7. What an amazing weather weekend you guys had!! Looked like everyone had a blast! Umm need to try that egg salad recipe! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Aww! What a fun weekend with your little ones. Jess at Just Jess

  9. Loving all the outside time!! I cannot wait for Vivi to enjoy playing outside and in a little pool :) that coverup is super cute!

  10. All of your weekends just sound so wonderful!!! Lol at Walker and his soccer jersey for a 2nd week - so great! Love your new P&M coverup!


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