Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Technology Tuesday: Safety First with Nucleus

Something that's very important to both Brandon and me -- and I know parents everywhere -- is our children's safety. Whether ensuring Walker holds our hand as we cross a parking lot, or teaching the boys about "stranger danger," to even making sure the boys aren't being too rough with each other while our backs are turned. 

Enter Nucleus: a smart home intercom system provider that allows us to be connected to each other at home and on the go. What's neat about it -- and what we were most impressed with -- was the "auto-answer" feature that can be enabled. Unlike FaceTime or Skype, I "call" and it automatically picks up without having to be answered and accepted. 

I can "call" the living room while I'm back in my bedroom and tell Brandon I need him to help me make the bed; or "call" and tell the boys it's time for dinner {no more yelling in the house -- ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!}; and the best part: Brandon can call us from the road using the Nucleus app on his phone and see what we're doing! Y'all know he travels for business a lot, and he loves that he can just check in on us during the day and say "hi." I also like knowing I can check in on my kids when they have a babysitter, or, if you have older kids who are old enough to be home alone, you can check in on them without the possibility of them ignoring your call or FaceTime. 

It looks like a small TV {or "a big iPad," as Walker said} with a 120-degree HD camera and stereo speakers on the top. You can set them up on a desk, counter or table, or even mount them on the wall. The unit itself is 8.08'' x 6.85'' x 0.95'', while the screen resolution is 1200 x 800. And they only weigh 1 lb. each!

You can set up as many as you like in your home, but the folks at Nucleus were so amazing to send us two to try out in our house. 

We chose to set ours up in the two places we are the most: our living room {which opens into the kitchen} and our master bedroom. The setup for the Nucleus units was ridiculously easy, and it was also easy to download the Nucleus app onto our iPhones and set up our own profiles so we can call while we're out. It quickly connected to our Wi-Fi and the buttons are big, easy to see and the included manual gives you all the instructions you would need. {I'm awful at technology and I was able to do this with Brandon!} 

Since one is in our bedroom, I also love that the folks at Nucleus allow you to put a shutter on the camera, too, and can enable "Do Not Disturb" for added nighttime (or nap time!) privacy. 

It's simple to press the button and call whichever room you're wanting to reach. 

We tried it out Saturday morning when it was time for Walker to leave to go to soccer practice. He was back in my bedroom getting dressed, Knox was sleeping, and it eliminated Brandon having to yell and wake Knox up and have to walk all the way back there to get him. 

He and Brandon even called me from Brandon's Nucleus app on their way home from soccer to check in and see what Knox and I were doing. I loved hearing that Walker made two goals and knowing they were headed to Home Depot to pick up a few things. 

We loved testing it out in various scenarios throughout the weekend, too, and Knox loved seeing Mommy on the screen. 

Walker even got in on the action wearing my glasses. As you can see at the top, it displays what room the unit is in and what room you're looking at. 

What's also neat about the Nucleus is that they're Amazon Alexa-enabled. We have the Amazon Echo Dot in our kitchen/living room, but I love that I can now, since I have a Nucleus unit in my bedroom, listen to music just in my bedroom. There's a helpful FAQ Chart on their website that answers a ton of questions. 

Nucleus is currently for sale on their website, on Amazon, at Lowe's and B8ta. The Nucleus is $249 per unit and available for $199 per unit when you purchase two or more. The Nucleus team is so sweet to offer you readers $50 off your entire order by using this special link! Y'all know I only share products I've tested and that work well for my family and me, and I can say with full confidence that this tool is unique, helpful, handy and gives this mom of two busy boys some relief and makes me feel like I have an extra set of eyes on them at home! 


  1. This is awesome!!! Def going to check it out!

  2. Wow this is so cool! Anything to cut down on yelling through the house is a win in my book :)

  3. This is so cool!! Love that Brandon can call and video chat while he's traveling!

  4. What a cool item! I definitely need to check this out :-)

  5. This is so cool! Technology is amazing.


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