Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekending

We had a lovely long weekend celebrating Memorial Day and remembering why it is we celebrate: to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our great nation. 

We had an extra long weekend {and are admittedly still on weekend time with Brandon taking today off -- all the praise hands!} and other than poor Knox being diagnosed with an ear infection at the children's urgent care on Saturday, we had a great weekend together. Thankfully the little guy is on the up-and-up now, but an ear infection + teething just makes for a pitiful little boy. 

Here's a bit of what we were up to: 

+ Friday afternoon pool dates at my in-law's with the boys {complete with a picnic on the deck} while Brandon was en route home from his business trip.

+ The boys enjoying spending some time with Brandon at our local high school outdoor complex: running the track, pushing a big tire around for exercise and running the bases of the softball field. 

+ Some Saturday morning yard work: laying new sod and putting some new weather stripping on our front door. 

+ While I did approximately 234 loads of laundry with this little sidekick pulling up to watch the clothes tumble around in the dryer. 

+ A trip to the children's urgent care, where sweet Knox was diagnosed with an ear infection and the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection; antibiotics to the rescue! 

+ And while we were doctoring it up, my other two boys were enjoying our neighborhood pool's opening day. 

+ Sunday brought with it a big rainstorm, and that, coupled with a sick baby, made for the perfect day to stay home and cuddle and let the antibiotics kick in. We did venture out for lunch at Mooyah, where I found my new favorite burger ever: the veggie ice burger -- a black bean veggie patty with Swiss cheese, sliced avocado, tomato and onion, wrapped in a big ol' piece of Iceberg lettuce. So delicious! 

+ And after the rain surely comes the sunshine; we enjoyed watching this beautiful Texas sunset on Sunday evening after all the nasty rain we had during the day. 

+ Monday we celebrated Memorial Day and of course, couldn't let the day pass without remembering why it is we truly celebrate. We are so thankful for the many men and women who lost their lives serving our great nation. We are forever indebted to them. 

We spent the day at my in-law's pool letting the boys swim {and being careful to not let Knox's little ears get wet}; and then enjoying a fun time at my in-law's annual Memorial Day party. 

Hat; Sunglasses; Earrings 

+ Today we're running lots of errands while Brandon is home...one of which is dropping my car off at the body shop since someone decided to hit my car in the parking lot at Target and drive off without leaving a note -- or just waiting for me. Sigh. Thankful for uninsured motorist coverage on our car insurance, but man, it sure is a pain to have to deal with. But, we're making lemonade out of lemons; Walker thinks Mommy is getting a brand new car {ha, the sedan rental!} and we'll be zipping around in a smaller car this week. ;) 

I hope y'all had a fun, safe, enjoyable weekend. We truly are the land of the free because of the brave! 

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  1. Y'all had so much great outdoor time this weekend! I love the last two family photos - too cute!

  2. Such a great weekend, minus poor Knox getting sick. This is the time of year I am SO envious of all of the pool time people get in the south!

  3. The boys in the pool - so darling!! I love scanning the sites at the little bathing suits for next summer (and may have already bought a sale one for a wintertime trip) - what size is Knox now, it's hard for me to pass up some of these great summer sales to prep for next summer/winter travels.

    You guys look so cute and festive for the holiday yesterday! So nice that Brandon is home again today!

  4. What a fun weekend! My pool is finally open so I can't wait to start enjoying some pool time.

  5. Seriously, your weekend sounds like the best MDW!!! (Minus sweet Knox's ear infection :() I hope getting your car fixed goes well - that's so awful someone did that!!

  6. Walker in his boots helping in the yard is so precious!!

  7. Goodness your boys are so adorable! Aside from the dreaded ear infection/teething, sounds like the very best kind of weekend. Good luck with your car! :)

  8. Poor Knox! I hope he is feeling much better now! You look so gorgeous and gosh people can be so mean can't they? I can't believe they didn't leave their number after hitting you :(


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