Friday, May 12, 2017


Happy Friday!

We have a fun-filled, busy weekend ahead of us and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! We are celebrating Knox's first birthday on Saturday, Mother's Day on Sunday {my first as a mom of two!} and Knox is being dedicated at church on Sunday morning. We have lots of family and friends coming in this weekend and I'm so excited to celebrate my little Knox! How on earth is he almost one?! 

Did you catch my post this week about Second Baby Favorites: 9-12 Months? Go take a peek if you missed it! 

Just a bit of "Life Lately": 

+ Last week, Brandon had a short business trip, and so after we dropped him off at the airport, I took the boys to Founders Plaza at DFW Airport to watch "Daddy's plane" take off. Now, of course, it was clearly not Brandon's plane taking off, but Walker's at the age where I can still get away with this and since it makes him happy, I'm going to play it up. He loved waving to "Daddy's plane" and Knox, of course, just liked crawling all over the giant field. ;) 

+ While Brandon was gone, last Tuesday had just been a day. I was exhausted, we had nothing in the fridge to throw together for supper, so I packed the boys up and we went to Corner Bakery for supper. And yes, Walker totally went like this: in an MTV night shirt and rain boots on the wrong feet. Let's just file this under "Things I said I'd never do as a Mom and yet here I am doing them." Clearly winning in the mom department over here, y'all. {#sarcasm} 

+ And even though last Tuesday was a doozy, this sweet pumpkin pulled to standing for the first time! If there's anything I've learned as a mother, it's that kids do everything on their own time and when they want to do it, regardless of your intervention. That, and I can't compare my kids to others. Glass houses, y'all. Regardless, I was so beyond proud of Knox and his sweet grin tells you how proud he was of himself, too!

+ Our last Bible Study of the year was last Wednesday, and Walker loved it so much that he actually was sad and asked to go back, telling me he missed it. We went straight from BSF to pick up our groceries at Walmart and who greeted us at the pickup? Tony the Tiger himself! {With a free family-sized box of Cinnamon Frosted Flakes, natch.} Walker's tears were all but gone when he saw "that giant lion." Ha! 

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+ Brandon's company was working a local helicopter trade show this week, and he asked if I would bring the boys by since A) It was local and B) He knew Walker would love to sit in a real-life helicopter. I happily obliged and he was right: Walker had a big time! After visiting at the trade show for a while, we had a little picnic lunch outside at the Fort Worth Water Gardens. It was a fun mid-week treat! 

And BTW, Walker's now all about helicopters and has asked us only 786 questions about them since Wednesday. ;) 

Y'all know my love affair with Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli room spray. But guess what I discovered while I was in an Amazon Black Hole {totally a thing} earlier this week?! Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli dryer sheets! I did a little happy dance on the couch when I saw them, and I may or may not have ordered two boxes. Seriously, it's the little things. 

Paperless Post was so sweet to reach out to me about reviewing their site, which is just perfect timing for Knox's first birthday! I love that not only does Paperless Post have online invitations {think Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day get-togethers!}, but they have a full range of online cards: thank you cards, Mother's Day cards, personalized stationery, moving announcements, and much, much more. 

Everything on the site is so user-friendly and what I love {aside from the bevy of card options to choose from} is that you can schedule your cards to be sent at a later date {meaning I can search for, personalize and schedule cards to be sent during one nap time} and you can get a free preview sent to your email before it's sent to triple check that it's how you want it before it goes out. I mean, clearly a woman thought of this, right?! ;) 

Thanks to Paperless Post, I was able to order some precious personalized thank-you notes to send after Knox's birthday party; I mean, how precious, right?! 

And I even found a precious graduation card for my brother's girlfriend, who is graduating from Baylor University today: 

And even a Mother's Day card for my mother-in-law, who's currently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and won't be here to open a paper card on Sunday: 

This blurb was in cooperation with Paperless Post, but all opinions are my own. 

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! I'll be back Monday with a weekend rewind, and I'll post details of Knox's party on Wednesday! :)

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  1. A fun week y'all have had! Jack loves a helicopter. You're going to have so much fun at the party. I can't wait to see pictures!! Those paperless post cards are darling!! Happy Friday, friend!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the party!

  3. Is this the best weekend ever?! Enjoy the party and Mother's Day! xx

  4. Y'all have had such a great week. Seeing airplanes take off, checking out the helicopters, hanging out with Tony the Tiger... hope your weekend is just as good!

  5. Y'all had such a sweet and busy week! Have the best weekend celebrating your boy! XO

  6. Walker's face at the Corner Bakery is priceless! We definitely have those day too! I hope you have the best weekend celebrating your sweet boy and you!

  7. It sounds like you have such a fun and busy weekend of celebrating coming up!! Have so much fun! My youngest just turned one a few weeks ago - time goes by so fast! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  8. Knox looks so proud of himself for standing!! So adorable and go Knox! I'm so glad y'all loved BSF so much!! I can't wait until I can take my kids one day :) The helicopter day sounds like a blast and perfect for Walker. I hope you had the best weekend - sounds like y'all did some amazing stuff and I can't wait to read about it!!

  9. That is so precious that he loves watching the airplanes so much. I hope you had such a great Mother's Day and felt extra loved xoxoxo


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