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Thoughts for Thursday: Toddler Products to Make Your Life Easier

When you're pregnant, you typically only think about the itty-bitty baby stuff. You know, swaddles, baby wraps, infant car seats, hooded towels...all that sweet, sweet baby stuff. Your mind -- especially before you have your first baby -- can't even fathom that the tiny human currently rolling around in your belly will soon be walking, talking {and sometimes talking back at you}, sleeping through the night and feeding themselves. And yes, I'll admit, those latter two are pretty glorious. ;) 

But, as quickly as you blink, they'll be doing all of those things above and before you know it, you'll be donating those sweet swaddle blankets and those days of getting up every two hours or so in the middle of the night will only be a distant memory. And as quickly as you donate, you'll also need to scoop up some things for your ever-growing baby who is quickly growing into a toddler. 

Since we have a 3-year-old {who's almost more "kid" than "toddler" at this point, sob!}, we have accumulated a good amount of trusted toddler products. Some things we've tried and immediately returned, gave away or simply trashed. But the things on this list are those that we've tried, loved and are definitely keeping for when Knox is a toddler himself. 

So here are our favorites: 

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My mother-in-law gifted us with this booster seat for Walker right before Knox was born and it's great. There's no fabric -- let me repeat: THERE IS NO FABRIC!!! -- so you simply wipe down with a wet cloth after your toddler's messy and/or sticky meal. 

I've talked about this cutlery set before, but it's definitely worth mentioning here again. They're made out of recycled milk jugs and are the perfect size for little hands. They don't bed easily and can be thrown into the dishwasher, so that's a win in our book. And also? No metal marks on your table from child banging a "grown up fork" on it. Not that I know anything about that or anything. ;) 

Made from the same company, these deep, divided plates are also made out of recycled milk jugs. I like these because, as I mentioned, they're deep, meaning it takes a lot for your toddler to dig the food out of it for playing purposes. Like the cutlery, these plates can be easily thrown into the bottom rack of the dishwasher, which is always a win in this household. 

We previously had another brand of a bath mat and had to toss it because it got that nasty, yucky red mold pretty quickly. (Disgusting!) I did a lot of research and finally ordered this one from Amazon; it has a special hanger on it that allows you to hang it dry at night {#allthepraisehands} while still being comfortable and actually work as an anti-skid agent. 

We recently discovered these cups and I'm in love! Walker's in that weird age where he really should be drinking out of a normal-sized cup, but he's clumsy and milk sloshes across my hardwoods {and I'm tired of cleaning up spills by about 10 a.m.} I normally throw him a sippy cup with a straw and call it a day. But these trainer-type cups are great practice for him! He drinks from anywhere around the rim {like a normal cup} and it's clean, no spills and he feels so much more confident. I'd recommend this to any mom. 

Ahhh, potty seats. Here's the deal: those little potties that sit alone on the floor are disgusting. Without getting too detailed, there's nothing worse than throwing a tiny human's excrement from a tiny potty down a big toilet, flushing it and then having to clean said little potty. {Sorry, but it's true.} It's just much easier and cleaner to get a potty seat, stick it on the big potty and flush. Just being real here, folks. We like this one because it's cheap, it works and it travels well. Nothing fancy needed! ;) 

We love this car seat! Yes, it's big and bulky, but its safety ratings are second to none. I love that it has a recline option so that, when we're on long road trips, I can recline Walker to sleep so he's not sleeping with a weird crick in his neck. 

After going through a ton of leaky water bottles, these were a welcome sight. They literally do not leak! I send these with Walker to school and we also use them when we're out and about...especially in the car. 

When I was pregnant with Knox, we knew we'd need a double stroller. We were stuck between a rock and a hard place because we had a Britax infant car seat and not many non-Britax double strollers are compatible with that brand. So, we found this one after many reviews and we love it. It was great for Knox when he was in the infant seat and could sit in the back and Walker could be buckled up in the front. Now that Knox is out of the infant seat, he's buckled up in the front and Walker sits on the little "perch" in the back...which is great for him because he doesn't like being buckled in and restrained during our outings and loves the ability to get in and out {e.g. at the zoo to get in and out to see the animals as he wants/needs, but can't walk all around the entire zoo}. I also love that it's not a side-to-side stroller; those suckers get wide and while this stroller feels like a Suburban, it at least doesn't feel like something huge and wide! And a bonus, it's only $110 on Amazon right now!! 

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  1. We love those plates and the sippy cups!! I need to try those water bottles because I swear even our 'nice' ones leak!

  2. I think I have a variation of every one of this. And couldn't agree more!we love the 360 cups and the contigo water bottles!!

  3. My niece and nephew have those sippy cups and LOVE them! These are all such great recommendations, I will keep everything in mind!

  4. All of these sound super useful and easy to use. Especially the dishwasher safe cutlery & plates! I avoid buying anything that has to be hand washed.


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