Friday, April 21, 2017


Happy Friday, y'all! I'm kind of limping toward the finish line today; I've had a yucky sore throat that was diagnosed as pre-strep yesterday, so I've thankfully been prescribed antibiotics and was given a steroid shot, and hopefully I'm on the up and up! That NyQuil slogan is so true: "Moms don't get sick days!" 

Anyway, here are some of my favorites this week: 

Did you catch my posts this week on my favorite spring dresses and my guide to Fredricksburg, Texas? If not, hop on over and check those out! :) 

Something I've really been struggling with lately is saying "no." Perhaps it's the firstborn child tendency in me that hates disappointing people, but I'm awful at saying "yes" too quickly, getting frustrated and burned out at the task in which I eagerly signed myself up for {#selfinflicted} and then wondering why on earth I just can't say "no" to begin with. Growing up, my parents could discipline me until the sun shined the next morning, but the second they told me they were disappointed in me, it just broke me. I hate disappointing people. 

Something that's very important to me is being available for my family. I know that's not the case for some {whether personally, professionally or physically}, but lately my heart is very focused in that direction. Lately, I feel as though I've been taking on too much and being available to everyone but my family. I've been exhausted, grumpy and overall just giving too much of myself in other areas and somewhat neglecting the exact reason we decided for me to leave my full-time job 2.5 years ago and stay home: my family. 

A big focus for me this summer is saying no gracefully -- and not feeling guilty about it. For our family, it's important that those who live within these four walls always come first, no matter what. I found this chart really helpful: "Helpful Phrases for Saying 'No'" and I hope it is helpful to some of you, too. Surely I can't be alone in my inability to say "no" and not feel guilty!

On a more uplifting note, I should just let Target take all my money. I walk in for baby formula and come out wanting a whole new wardrobe, to update the pillows on my couch and feeling the need to buy all of the summer everything. Seriously, what do they waft through the air vents there, Target crack?! #kidding 

While I was in there yesterday, this precious top caught my eye. I'm thinking it would be precious for our steamy, hot Texas summers: 

I'm in sheer denial that this sweet little love will be O-N-E in one month. That's it. I'm in full party planning mode over here for his first birthday party in a few weeks, and while I'm thrilled to pieces to celebrate him, I'm just in utter denial that he's going to be one. 335 days sure have gone by quickly, even though some days felt like they dragged on forever. It's true what they say: babies don't keep. And why did no one tell me how much faster it goes the second time around?! 

He's having a precious little "Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails" family {and framily} party over Mother's Day weekend and I can't wait to show y'all all about his special day. And thanks for the tips on these balloons! I bought them and am praying they look cute outside at his party. 

So: mamas of newborns, kiss those sweet cheeks as often as you can and know that, as that song says, "They look a little less like little boys [or girls] every day." 

Speaking of little boys, I picked Walker up from preschool on Tuesday afternoon and he was donning the cutest little set of puppy ears and a bright red nose. It was "Clifford the Big Red Dog Day" at school and I'm convinced we had the cutest little puppy in the pound! He continued to wear the ears and nose after nap, through playing outside and even at the dinner table. I love this age. 

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  1. It sounds like we will be partying it up on the same day :) I can't believe it's just three weeks away!!

  2. Hoping you're waking up feeling better this morning! I have a hard time saying no too. And i hate it. I end up doing things I wish I hadn't agreed to do and find myself bitter over it. I hate confrontation so that's a big reason why I always say yes. Cute cute top form target!cant believe that babe is going to be one next month!!!! Cue the tears. And walker is the cutest puppy dog ever! Have a great weekend, friend!

  3. Oh...loving that Target top! I'll be postpartum and nursing this summer, but I think I can still give off-the-shoulder tops a try. We live in Florida, so it would be perfect for the hot weather here, too!

  4. I hope you are on the mend and feeling better soon! It's amazing how quickly those little ones grow up, isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. That white top-now I need to go shopping!! And I hope you feel better, you are so right, moms do not get sick days!

  6. Love those outfits :) Spring and summer clothes are my fav!!
    Chelsea @

  7. I have the hardest time saying no as well! It is so tough for me. I find myself so stretched here and there. Thank you for posting that. It's like you were reading my mind I have been thinking about this all week. I really need to work on this too.

  8. What a great share!! The dresses are all beautiful for spring & your little ones are just precious!


  9. Target is SO dangerous! I am the same as you - walk in for one thing, come out with an assortment of things I didn't even know I wanted! I hope you are feeling better!

  10. I have the hardest time saying no to people, so last week I made the decision that except for the plans that are currently on my calendar, I'm not adding anything else for the month of May. I'm allowing myself to say no!

  11. It's so hard to say no - I've gotten fairly good at it with certain social functions at work because I live an hour away so that's a pretty good excuse ;) but right now, I'm having problems with lunches. I don't enjoy eating out and we need to be saving the money but it's hard to say no when all of the girls are going #FOMO I don't understand how Knox is almost 1!! So crazy! His party sounds like it'll be a blast!! Hope you're feeling better :)


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