Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekending: First for March

Happy Monday! This Weekending post is brought to you by my iPhone, because it's all I could do to snap a few pics. Some are even from Insta Stories, so forgive that, too. You'll see why in a bit...


Walker was my little errand-runner buddy on Friday morning: we had to swing by our house to let the contractor in; then dropped off a meal for Emily; and then he and I swung by Nékter for a smoothie for him and a delicious Açaí Berry Banana Bowl for me. 

...all the while, my mother-in-law watched Knox so he wouldn't have to be shuffled around in the car so much, which was a huge help. He explored her living room and got himself stuck beneath her furniture all morning. ;) 

Friday afternoon, Walker asked me to "yay wiff" him as he went down for nap, and for once, I happily obliged. It was a sweet treat to nap with my biggest little guy!

That afternoon, my nephew came over to play with Walker, and then my brother- and sister-in-law came over to my in-law's for a hamburger supper. It was fun catching up with everyone!


It was move home day! Originally we weren't supposed to be in until Monday, but the dishwasher was installed and we were just itching to come home, so we packed up and headed home. Our cars were stuffed to the gills; I told Brandon we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies! 

I spent all morning deep cleaning, unpacking, doing laundry and getting my house back in some semblance of an order. Once the boys were down for their nap, I pulled out some of my spring décor and lit some candles...because nothing says "We're back!" like a mantle banner and a candle, right?! 

It was rainy and chilly all weekend long here, so indoors was the name of the game. Walker was super entertained with his Koala Crate subscription my in-law's gifted him for Christmas. 

I finally made the big "Egg Roll in a Bowl" craze that's making its way around the blogosphere and it was good. Not great -- it definitely needed a bit more spices and some more soy sauce than the recipe called for -- but I'll be making it again with a few tweaks. Note that I did use ground chicken and browned it in a mix of coconut and sesame oils, and I added an extra bag of the coleslaw mix. 

Once the boys were in bed, I took a long, hot shower and did a charcoal mud mask on my face and tried out a new charcoal "toothpaste" that Brandon bought a few weeks ago. I hadn't tried the mask before, but I actually really liked it {it smelled amazing and my skin looked refreshed after taking it off} and I can already tell my teeth are whiter after having used the charcoal powder...and I love that it's all-natural! 

We then poured ourselves a glass of wine in my favorite glasses and watched an episode of Planet Earth II before calling it an early night. And y'all, sleeping in my own bed was AMAZING, let me tell you! 

Brandon made chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes and eggs for breakfast, and as we were getting ready, we realized our dishwasher was still leaking! UGH! I was SO MAD! So, we scrapped all plans for the day and ended up having to go out and buy a brand new dishwasher. I seriously just want to go outside and burn money because that's what I feel like we're having to do with this dang rogue leak. Sigh. 

So, we spent the day dealing with that; doing laundry; and trying to clean as best we could. The contractor's coming out today to uninstall our dishwasher they just reinstalled on Friday; install my new dishwasher; and finish up work around the house. I'm READY for this to be behind us! Truthfully, it's been a rough, expensive first quarter of 2017 and I'm just ready for a much smoother, calmer rest of the year {please, Lord!}. 

Have a great week, y'all! 

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  1. Home improvement/repair stuff gets SO insanely expensive, you stop realizing (well kind of), what $700 here, $400 there, $1450 here really is. It's just a drain, and it's exhausting....hopefully it's all behind you for 2017 and you can just enjoy it!! New week!! :)

  2. Egg roll in a bowl - ummm need to make that soon!! Glad you guys are back in the house! Gary made me watch one episode of planet earth - i was oddly entertained LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Where did you get the charcoal toothpaste? I'm really wanting to try that & that mask.

  4. OH NO I'M SO SORRY YOUR DISHWASHER WAS LEAKING AGAIN!! I hope you finally got it all fixed. Going to definitely be trying the egg roll in a bowl recipe. And YAY for pretty spring décor-I hope despite the problem yesterday you are so happy to be home!

  5. Açaí Berry Banana Bowl I want to try one of these :) they look so good

  6. Oh man, I was just going to say it was so exciting that you moved back home early... freaking dishwasher! I hope this new one works! How awful! At least you're home (finally) and had a wonderful weekend (minus Sunday)!

  7. ugh you need a hashtag of #damndishwasher haha BUT the weekend looked fun! LOVE that Spring banner and the cotton - so cute! Also, glad you reviewed the eggroll thingy bc I've yet to try it but had it on my list. Happy Monday friend! Text ya soon for the Bachelor! ha

  8. Well I'm glad that you guys are back home (and that Knox isn't stuck under furniture haha), but I'm sorry that the dishwasher is still leaking. Hopefully the new one works well. You'd think the contractor would have....I dunno...TRIED IT once installed? Ugh. Prayers for a dry floor! :)

  9. So sorry about the troubles with the house! Hopefully things are resolved now and your enjoying being settled back in at home! Definitely nothing like being in the comfort of your own home! I just got a sample pack of that charchol mask because I was hesitant to buy a whole bottle! Looking forward to trying it, glad to hear you liked it! :)