Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: My Favorite Target Finds

Do y'all remember when I told you last week that I gave up non-essential spending for Lent? Well, I'm still holding strong, but all of the cute finds at Target {and Old Navy and Loft and...} are making me die a little on the inside every time I see them. But, I'm trying to remember my "why," so I'll be keeping my wallet hidden for the next few weeks. 

BUT! If I weren't on my Lenten "fast," here are a few things I'd be scooping up from Target...because as we all know, you go into Target for paper plates and come out with a few new tops, a whole new line of glassware for your house, some coffee cups, a cute outfit for your kids and a new shampoo to try. Or is that just me...? 

Here are my faves: 

+ Cold Shoulder Shift Dress {here

+ Tencel Off-the-Shoulder Dress {here

+ Off-the-Shoulder Peasant Blouse with Flutter Sleeve {here

+ Square Neck Embroidered Blouse {here

+ Tie-Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top {here

+ Embroidered Lightweight Denim Dress {here

Anyone else loving Target as much as me right now?! 

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  1. I should probably fast from Target in general because it's so tempting but I have been getting better at not impulsing buying every darn thing I see. Having a baby helps with that for sure - leisurely strolls around Target are a thing of the past! I saw a lot of these pieces in the store the other day, they are all super cute!!

  2. Target is seriously killing it lately! There are like 10 pair of shoes I want and basically I can't even let myself go in there haha

  3. Oooh I love that cold shoulder dress with the flutter sleeves!! So so pretty!

  4. OKAY I had no idea these were all Target items when I first looked at the picture..that pink top is perfection! I should be able to go shopping with all the money I am not spending on coffee, right?.. ;-)

  5. So fun! I love that pink top. I made it through January and I've been back to my old ways ever since...gah.

  6. I love all of these flowy pieces. I know you gave up excessive spending, but with Target prices, it's so difficult not to buy things!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. That pink top is calling my name!!

  8. I cannot believe these are all from Target, they are adorable. I love what you are giving up for Lent though, it's going to be a great season in your life I am sure. Enjoying all the important things :)

  9. Ugh, all of those items are SO adorable!!! I'm going to have to stay away from the clothing area when I go to Target! And I feel like I figured out the Lenton Fast is you not spending money for lent - ? lol!

  10. Yes! Love this and headed to Target tomorrow actually - good thing I stalked your posts ;) muah!


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