Friday, March 24, 2017


Happy Friday, y'all! We have a busy weekend ahead with not one but two birthday parties, Walker's soccer and hopefully a nap for all of us {fingers crossed on that one!}. 

Here's what I'm loving this week: 

Good customer service makes such a difference and goes such a long way with me. I had two instances of good customer service recently: with J.Crew and Walmart. 

The first, I had ordered this dress from J.Crew, but when I tried it on, realized I needed a smaller size {all the praise hands for that!}, but then remembered I had thrown the receipt and all the packaging away when I got it. I called J.Crew a couple of weeks later, and not only did they expedite the shipping on the size smaller dress, they emailed me a copy of my receipt and a printable UPS label to send the other back, and since it was a higher price now than when I originally purchased it, they honored the lower price. So thanks for that, J.Crew! And y'all, the dress is precious on! I can't wait to wear it on Easter Sunday!

The second, I had ordered my groceries from Walmart Online Grocery like I do every week, only to get home and realize they had left out about six items and by my mistake, I'd ordered the wrong type of aftershave balm for Brandon. So, I gave them a call and explained the situation. They immediately refunded me the money for the items I didn't receive from them, as well as the wrong type of aftershave balm; had me come back up to get my six items {that I wasn't charged for}; and while I was there, gave me a $15 gift card for my troubles; and then emailed me a $10 off promotion code to use on my next online grocery order. I was really pleased with their extra efforts to make it right!

And if you've never tried Walmart Online Grocery, seriously y'all, it's the best! I used to be a "Never Walmart" girl, but I can't resist people doing my shopping for me, loading it into my car for free, and the lower prices. It's a win-win all around! {Click here for $10 off your first online order!} 

Does anyone have a good spring-y lip gloss they would recommend? I'm in need of something lighter in both the coverage and color department for spring/summer. Brand and price don't matter; just hit me up with what y'all have! ;) 

The Champagne Supernova posted a link to this article recently and I was just dying laughing reading it: "8 Things You Think You'll Do With an Hour of Free Time vs. What You Actually Do." Y'all, I was rolling. You have to read it. #momlife for sure! 

I'm turning 30 in exactly two weeks. Ummm, what?! How did that happen?! Although I must say, I'm actually excited about another decade. My 20's were good, but I have a feeling my 30's are going to be great. I'll have some fun birthday-related posts in the next two weeks to celebrate because, duh, it's birthday month around here! ;) 

And aren't these balloons just the cutest?!

I'm still chugging along with diffusing essential oils in my house, and I even got a little hippie {for me} and rubbed some Thieves on the bottoms of our feet last weekend when we started to feel a little icky. Before Lent started, I ordered Ylang Ylang and can't wait to diffuse it this spring. {I also ordered Joy and Rosemary, too.} And we're still loving our diffuser

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  1. I have never tried Ylang Ylang but just the name makes me want to! ;-) What amazing customer service from both places-and so glad that darling dress worked out for you! Please share whatever you find for your lips-I am on the hunt for a pretty pink shade, too! :-)

  2. Gosh I love good customer service. Pottery Barn is usually super great. And love that blue dress, you will look stunning in it!!

  3. Oh my gosh - lip gloss and long hair - my nemesis LOL!! Love that you had great customer service - it's always such a nice thing! Hope you have the best weekend ahead girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Yay for birthday month!! Good customer service is the best - those are two great stories!

  5. So glad you were able to get such great customer service! Have you tried the Sugar lip products?! They make your lips feel like butter. Birthday time!!!

  6. Both of those customer service things are amazing!! Good service goes a long way!!

  7. JCrew customer service never fails. I once bought a pair of orange shorts (they were on trend in 2013) in the store. They got super faded and splotchy after one wash. Of course, didn't have the tag or receipt anymore. Called customer service. They were mortified at what happened to the shorts, looked up my receipt, gave me the receipt details as well as what to say to the people in-store. Went to the store, and they completely replaced the shorts. Amazing. Also, got those balloons for my parents' 30th anniversary party in 2014 and they are SO fun. Order them ahead of time!

  8. That is so awesome J Crew AND Walmart had great customer service! So exciting your birthday is so soon! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  9. LOVE that scalloped J.Crew dress! So perfect for Easter!!

  10. Love the balloons, when I spotted them in the Target dollar bins, I grabbed all the possible numbers for my kiddos birthdays! We don't have the Walmart grocery ordering, but do have Kroger pick-up and LOVE it!

  11. Good customer service = a big fat amen! That's awesome! I just snagged some NYX glosses at Target for 5 bucks and they're super cute! Cheers to almost 30 and looking forward to your weekend snaps! Xo

  12. Wow, that's some great customer service. It really can make all the difference. Yay for almost being 30!!! I hope you're doing something really fun to celebrate.


  13. Hey girl! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for yummy recipes on Pinterest. You have the yummiest/easiest recipes. Anyway, I happen to know Brandon in college-- small world! I'm loving your blog and your boys are just precious. Seriously check out the lip glosses from Beautycounter, you will love them! Best part: they aren't sticky! Unheard of, I know. Let me know if you try them and like them :) And Happy early 30th!

    1. I forgot to say, the color Peony is my favorite right now for the Spring!


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