Friday, March 17, 2017


Happy Friday, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing your green today so you don't get pinched?! 

Here's what I'm loving this week: 


Leopard is totally a neutral, right? My grandmother got me these Sam Edelman sandals for Christmas, and I've been wearing them on repeat with everything -- and I do mean everything -- thus far this spring, seeing as how it's been in the 70's here already. {And I'm not complaining!} They're so comfortable and versatile, and bonus: they come in a myriad of colors and patterns. Love them! 

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much over getting rid of bath toys due to the gross mold that gets in them, getting new ones, and then repeating every six months. No matter how much I try to squeeze the water out of them, they still get moldy and I definitely don't want my kids munching on those {Knox} and squeezing them everywhere {Walker}. So when I saw this bath toy on Amazon, I knew the Easter Bunny would need to tuck this in Walker's Easter basket for he and his brother to share. Do any of y'all have this? Thoughts? 

A side dish that's on repeat around here lately is this Italian Summer Pasta Salad. I could eat it alone, but Brandon always requests it as a side to some sort of meat, but y'all, I could eat this dish all day, errr day. 

Our family beach vacation is officially booked for this summer! We're so excited to take the boys to Destin for their first beach trip. So, if anyone has any Destin recommendations {restaurants, kid-friendly activities, etc.}, please let me know! :)

Maybe it's because I'm from the South, but I truly love the Gulf Coast! Orange Beach {picture below from our trip there in 2009} is one of my favorite places, but we decided on a very kid-friendly resort in Destin for the boys' first trip. Wish us luck! 

Okay, can we please talk about The Bachelor? Yes, I still watch the train wreck that is that show! [Avert your eyes if you've yet to watch the season finale and/or the After the Final Rose special.]

But for real, Nick drove me nuts this season. I'm not sure if it was the way he ended every sentence like it was a question, his lack of opening his mouth fully when he talked, or his wannabe hipster wardrobe at age 35, but either way, it was just a total blah season. I really liked Vanessa from the beginning {but wasn't a fan of her on the last episode and the ATFR} and totally called her winning. 

The way they brought her out alone on the ATFR special {usually they bring her out to him sitting on the couch}; the way they talked about fighting so much; and their overall uninteresting in each other on that finale special was cringe-worthy! I mean, mad props to them for admitting the real world isn't all sunshine and roses {too much with the roses comment?! ;) } but they just seemed about as interested in each other as I am with my worst enemy. So, there's my two cents on that subject.

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  1. I love those sandals--they look like they have cushioning which is a must with sandals I feel, otherwise my feet ache after wearing them. And yes, total neutral! The pasta salad looks so yummy!I haven't been to Destin but my husband did for work and he said it's gorgeous. He also said it's really family friendly. Last, I agree with you 1000000% on the Bachelor. They did not look elated or even happy really. I don't think it will last very long.

  2. Those flats are the cutest! And I haven't seen those bath toys but was just thinking about how gross ours are...ick! That pasta salad looks so yummy-I could eat cold pasta salad every day too! And girl you know my thoughts on the bachelor ;-)

  3. Leopard is totally a neutral! We have those bath toys! Jack loves them. They are fun and stick right to the side of the tub. That side dish sounds amazing. And I totally agree on the bachelor. I don't think they are going to make it 3 months. Neither of them seemed into either other at all. Have a great weekend friend!

  4. Destin is on our family vacation list, hopefully next summer!! Can't wait to hear about yours!

    And I love those sandals. I've been eyeing them forever

    Also, 70 degrees?? Girl, it's 18 outside right now 😂😂😂

  5. Love those shoes - and Destin. We have always stayed in SanDestin and they have a really cute boardwalk area with cute little restaurants and shops...very kid friendly!

    And sadly, I give the bachelor like 3 months before they bite the dust.

  6. That pasta salad looks so, so good! And those bath toys are super cute. I need to get some for my girl.

    Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte

  7. Destin is on my bucket list!! And I totally agree about the Bachelor... not a fan of him at all. This season was a let down :( btw THANK YOU for your pep talk yesterday. Yesterday was overall such a great day with Vivi. You lifted my spirits and I enjoyed snuggling her all day :)

  8. I love Orange Beach!! The Bachelor was awful this season. I knew it would be Vanessa all along but I was hoping I was wrong haha. I liked her okay until the last few episodes. I just didn't like them together! They seemed MISERABLE at ATFR and they were barely on the screen at all together which I think said a lot.

  9. Can I swim in a bowl of that pasta salad? It looks INCREDIBLE!!!

    Mesha -

  10. LOVE those sandals! Leopard is definitely a neutral (I'm currently wearing a leopard sweater lol) Your beach vacation is going to be so much fun! I didn't watch more than 3 episodes of the Bachelor this season because I can't stand Nick but I totally don't think they're going to make it...

  11. Those sandals are so cute! And The Bachelor finale was so maddening (kind of like the season overall). I figured that he wasn't going to pick Raven because of how much they were making it seem like he would, but at the same time, I was like, how can he pick Vanessa with all their serious unaddressed issues? UGH. I think Vanessa's too good for him, haha!

  12. My daughter has those pipes and loves them!

  13. I have had those exact sandals for nearly 4 or 5 years now. They are my favorite! Also, they have held up incredibly well considering how often I wear them. :)


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