Friday, March 10, 2017


It's Friday! Here are some things I'm loving this week: 


It's officially Spring Break in Texas! Well, some people had off last week, but my kiddos have it this week, and we're pumped! Even though everywhere around here is going to be crazy crowded, we have some fun things planned for the week. Is it Spring Break where you are? Is anyone doing anything fun? 

Y'all, I'm absolutely addicted to the Snips and Snails Facebook group. Literally CANNOT QUIT IT. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?! I bought this cute outfit for Knox's baby dedication at church in May {before my Lenten fast!} and I cannot wait for him to wear it. Yes, I'm from the South and love dressing my boys in bubbles, rompers and John-Johns when they're babies! 

{Photo via the seller}

We aren't planning to move for another year-ish or so, but I'm always looking for houses online and planning and dreaming about how I'd update them. The house we're currently in was our very first home -- and definitely a "starter home," -- and I just didn't know any better when I was a 24-year-old trying to go from decorating a 600 sq. ft. apartment to a home of my very own. Then we had kids, and then I started staying at home, and now I know we're moving, so I don't really want to spend anymore money than I absolutely have to updating my décor and paint colors. Sigh. 

But since I'm dreaming, can we please talk about these bistro chairs from I'm so obsessed with this trend right now. And in my dreams, my two rambunctious boys wouldn't destroy them. ;) And also in my dreams, I'd have a white couch

And these from Amazon are super cute, too! 

Knox recently had his first taste of spaghetti and y'all, that boy is obsessed! He still only has two bottom teeth, but the way he begs for food, you'd think he had a whole mouth full! I'm still a little nervous to give him too much solid food since I'm afraid he's going to choke, so I'm asking y'all: what are your favorite soft finger foods for baby? I've honestly forgotten from when Walker was this age {#momfail} so I'd love your input! 

And let me tell you, I'm going to be thrilled when he's eating the same things we're eating for supper! I love making his pureés, but man, it's going to be great to have him join us at the dinner table. 

Did y'all catch my favorite Target finds I posted about yesterday? Clearly I'm {still} having an off-the-shoulder moment. ;) 

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends {or Spring Break weeks}! 

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  1. Yay for spring break! Ours isn't until Easter but my sisters starts the week after next and I'm going to Disney with her! There is another awesome BSt group I need to introduce you to. Love that Knox loves spaghetti. So I'm totally a freak ab choking but I've learned with graham their jaws are seriously much stronger than you think! He only has 5 front teeth and that's just within the past little bit. He can really eat anything! I just break it up small and he goes to town. So don't be afraid to try some new things!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Following this about soft foods.. haha!

  3. My little sister is on a cruise for her spring break right now and it makes me miss college sooo much! I'm living vicariously through her haha. Looove those blue chairs!!

  4. Watching Knox eat is seriously the cutest thing ever!! Hope you have a great weekend and oh man do I miss Spring Break lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I dont have Spring break for another MONTH! I'll be well on my way to being ready to pop by then haha. Love the spaghetti photo--too stinkin cute!

  6. I love the pre-moving phase of looking at houses and decor online and just dreaming. :) Your boys are so precious! My LO only has two teeth as well. She loves bananas, avocados, cooked and cut up carrots, bits of soft bread, soft tortillas, peaches, shredded cheese...well, you name it really! :) Have a happy Friday!

  7. Happy spring break! Have so much fun! And those chairs are amazing!!

  8. I am so happy it's spring break! I just have to get through today & then I am free! Love your Target finds!

  9. Those chairs!!! I need them in my life!!! <3

  10. Happy Spring Break! That little outfit for Knox is the cutest and I am loving that chair trend too!

  11. IM obsessed with those chairs! Enjoy your week..I don't take off because daycare doesn't close but I'm kind of already daydreaming about once my kids are in school and taking a week off of work with them :-) Lincoln has been kind of ahead with his eating, kid loves table foods! But we do soft noodles, peas, corn..things that basically if he swallows whole I know he won't choke. Oh and blueberries cut in half, he goes nuts!!!

  12. LOVE that sweet bubble you bought for Knox's dedication! He's going to look so adorable! I have to ask, what's a Lenton fast? Hope you're anjoying spring break!


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