Friday, March 3, 2017


Woo hoo, y'all, it's Friday! Here are some favorites from this week: 


We are moving back home Monday! #allthepraisehands 

The contractor started today {two days late, ugh} and will come back again to finish on Monday. They'll put the clear coat on my floors and paint the new drywall. It's going to be a complete wreck {and I know will give this OCD clean freak hives living in that big of a mess}, I'm just thankful we have a place to go home to -- and have had a place to live for two weeks. And I'm sure my in-law's aren't going to want to see us for a looooong time. ;) Ha! 

What did everyone give up for Lent? We're not Catholic, but every year we choose to give up something for Lent as a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made by dying on the cross. Every time we desire that sweet treat, or glass of wine, or sip of coffee, it's a gentle reminder to think about why we're giving something up. 

I chose to give up non-pertinent spending {e.g. buying nothing other than necessary items like groceries, gas, bills, etc.} and Brandon chose to give up sweets. I'd love to hear what y'all gave up! 


Thanks so much to ChessonEmily and my friend Victoria, our Charleston itinerary is all set! We are excited to hit up The Vendue Rooftop Bar; Husk; Hominy Grill; Fig, the City Market; Poogan's Porch and more. If y'all have any other recommendations for us to add to our "must-see" or "must-eat" list, let me know!

Yesterday was Texas Independence Day, and if you know anything about us Texans is that we LOVE us some Texas and seriously are so ridiculously proud of our state. We teach our kids the words to "Deep in the Heart of Texas," stick them in fields of bluebonnets {our state flower} every year for posterity's sake {see below} and can't get enough of the quotes, "Texas Forever" [FNL] and "You may all go to hell, and I'll go to Texas" [Davy Crockett]. 

So it was so cute for me to tell Walker yesterday morning, "It's Texas's birthday!" He said with a puzzled look on his face, "But how will Texas sit in a chair and eat birthday cake?!" I can't get enough of this sweet boy!

Did y'all catch my current spring obsessions I posted about yesterday? All of these are less than $75 -- and most under $30! Like I said in yesterday's post, I have "champagne taste on a beer budget," as the old saying goes, so I like to spend wisely on fun clothes and accessories. {And it helps that I purchased these before March 1! Ha!} 

Have great weekends, y'all! 

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  1. Girl, i need to give up spending as well. It'll never happen though. ugh hahah. I am so excited about your charleston trip, I'll text you some of our favorite things. Where are you staying? How cute is walker in the bluebonets and his reaction when you told him it was independence day is hilarious. love it!! Have a great weekend, friend! And yay for being back in your house Monday!

  2. Soooo jealous of your Charlestown trip! One of my very favorite places! Try to have lunch at Magnolias if you can squeeze it in!

  3. Okay for a second I thought you were MOVING. Haha but yay for getting back into your house! You Texans are funny with your love for the place, but I get it. So exciting your trip is coming up!!

  4. Charleston has been on my travel list for a while now!! That will be so fun!!

  5. I decided to do '40 bags in 40 days' (even though Lent is technically longer than 40 days. But basically just picking 40 areas of my house to go through and cleaning them out! So I'll donate/throw out hopefully 40ish bags of stuff I don't need anymore.. This de-cluttering nerd is excited :)

    Walker's comment about Texas' birthday is so cute!!

  6. I bet y'all can't wait for the weekend to be over & for it to be Monday already :) & yay for finalizing your itinerary! Y'all are going to have such a great time on your trip.

  7. Yay for moving back home!! Luckily you've had somewhere to stay but I'm sure you're ready to have your own space again :) I love that scalloped dress you shared. I'm thinking about ordering it for Easter!

  8. yay for moving back home! how exciting my friend :) thinking of you!

  9. Love Poogan's Porch (highly recommend the shrimp & grits) and Husk!! Enjoy!

  10. I have been in Texas for 5 years now & I still have no pictures of me in bluebonnets. This needs to change.

  11. Ah - so exciting that your moving home on Monday - so happy for you guys! Sounds like your hitting all the best places in Charleston - so jealous!

  12. Yay for going home!! So glad you're moving home soon! Looks like y'all have some great stops on your Charleston trip! Have a great weekend :)

  13. I know another blogger that isn't Catholic but is giving something up for lent too. I'm not giving anything up, but I'm also on a big diet program through my local hospital so I feel like I'm already giving things up just by being on that - like desserts and sodas.

    Lauren @


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