Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday: Last One for March

Happy Friday, y'all! 

My parents are coming into town this weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday a week early, and I'm so excited to see them! We're also taking Walker to a little Thomas the Train event here and I know he's going to be so excited. 

Also, I so need an updated picture of my parents with my boys all together; this was taken almost a year ago on Knox's birthday. {And as an aside, how is my baby almost one?!?!} 

I have told y'all before about the charcoal "toothpaste" Brandon and I are using to whiten our teeth. It's the craziest, most hilarious thing to actually see, and I crack up every time we brush our teeth at the same time. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first about using charcoal to whiten my teeth...but then I went to the dentist last week. And what did both he and the hygienist ask? "What are you using to whiten your teeth? We can tell they're whiter!"  Y'all, I could've hugged them right then and there, and I loathe going to the dentist! ;) 

So seriously, pick some of this stuff up! The best part is that it doesn't make my teeth sensitive like when I use peroxide-based whitening products. 

Brandon gave me a little early birthday gift: new running shoes! Mine were Asics and they're so old that I couldn't even tell you when I got them. {Awful, right?!} I'm so excited to wear them. Does that make me an old person when I get excited about running shoes?!

May birthday newbie mom here and I need some help! Walker's birthday is in January, and we've always held his parties indoors out of necessity. But Knox's first birthday is at the end of May, and I'm planning to do it outside. {Please don't rain, please don't rain...!} That said, I'm in love with these balloons and want to have them at his party. But, my question is, do they work well outside? Or does wind completely destroy them? Anyone? Bueller? 

Okay, y'all, have you ever heard of ThreadRobe? It's a piece of furniture {see the picture below} that can accept, sort and store a full load of clean clothes. Yes, you read that right: it FOLDS YOUR LAUNDRY! Can I please have one?! 

You just wash and dry your clothes like normal, but when they're done drying, you put them in the bin of the ThreadRobe and it automatically folds and stores it for you. Sign. Me. Up. 

But want to know the part that I think is even cooler than that? It has a mobile app that you use when you need something to wear. Using the app {which totally makes me think of Cher Horowitz in "Clueless,"} you tell the ThreadRobe to retrieve and steam the items you've selected. The app also serves as your digital closet {again, totally like "Clueless!"} to help you create and select outfits, pack for trips and helps you shop for new clothes by showing you which items you already own will match the thing you're thinking of buying. Y'all, yes. Just yes! How cool is this thing?! 

And a sixth today because, why not?! Influenster was so sweet to send me their Rosy VoxBox recently, which included a myriad of goodies, including Fancy Feet Foot Petals; Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray; Purell Naturals hand sanitizer spray; Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant; and Vera Wang Embrace perfume. 

This was a fun little box to receive! The Fancy Feet Petals actually made my uncomfortable leopard print heels a lot more comfortable at church recently, and of course I quickly stashed the Purell in my diaper bag {hello, #momlife!}, the deodorant is the exact one I wear, so that was helpful to have another one on hand; and the perfumes both smell amazing. Unfortunately I don't have the hair type to use the sea salt spray, but I let a friend who has a natural wave in her hair try it out and she loved it. 

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. 

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  1. What a fun VoxBox! I actually use that surf spray all of the time. It is good for us wavy haired girls :-) Also I love you for calling BUELLER. I have no idea how those balloons work outside but I have seen a lot of pictures both indoors and outdoors? That picture of your parents and the kiddos is so cute, I can't believe how much younger Walker looks!

  2. Does the toothpaste taste like normal toothpaste? Haha!

  3. LOVE your new tennis shoes!! I am in desperate need of a new pair! I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  4. Have a great weekend! Love the new running shoes!

  5. Enjoy the birthday celebrations a little early with your parents - hope it's a blast!! And I love your new kicks! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I love getting Influenster boxes & trying out the different products. I haven't been using that one, but I've been using a charcoal toothpaste too & it definitely does work!

  7. Enjoy the time with your parents - that will be the best!! I love those balloons - I've seen lots of people use that type - I think as long as you tie them together at the top with garland or string it looks like it works well!

  8. Omg I want a ThredRobe SOOOO badly now! Why did I not know about this before my wedding?! I wouldn't have registered for anything else!

  9. Yay for a family visit! I need to try that charcoal product. Love your new shoes! I think we all need a ThreadRobe!

  10. I hope you have the best weekend!! Love your new shoes :)

  11. I love the color of your new sneakers!! And how cool is that closet?! It's totally like Cher in Clueless! I hate folding clothes so that would be perfect for me, haha!

  12. I feel like I could have written that post about the shoes! I just got a pair of Nikes this week, to replace Asics that are older than I can even remember! I'm so excited about the Nikes!

    I am definitely going to try that charcoal toothpaste!


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