Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday: Last One for March

Happy Friday, y'all! 

My parents are coming into town this weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday a week early, and I'm so excited to see them! We're also taking Walker to a little Thomas the Train event here and I know he's going to be so excited. 

Also, I so need an updated picture of my parents with my boys all together; this was taken almost a year ago on Knox's birthday. {And as an aside, how is my baby almost one?!?!} 

I have told y'all before about the charcoal "toothpaste" Brandon and I are using to whiten our teeth. It's the craziest, most hilarious thing to actually see, and I crack up every time we brush our teeth at the same time. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first about using charcoal to whiten my teeth...but then I went to the dentist last week. And what did both he and the hygienist ask? "What are you using to whiten your teeth? We can tell they're whiter!"  Y'all, I could've hugged them right then and there, and I loathe going to the dentist! ;) 

So seriously, pick some of this stuff up! The best part is that it doesn't make my teeth sensitive like when I use peroxide-based whitening products. 

Brandon gave me a little early birthday gift: new running shoes! Mine were Asics and they're so old that I couldn't even tell you when I got them. {Awful, right?!} I'm so excited to wear them. Does that make me an old person when I get excited about running shoes?!

May birthday newbie mom here and I need some help! Walker's birthday is in January, and we've always held his parties indoors out of necessity. But Knox's first birthday is at the end of May, and I'm planning to do it outside. {Please don't rain, please don't rain...!} That said, I'm in love with these balloons and want to have them at his party. But, my question is, do they work well outside? Or does wind completely destroy them? Anyone? Bueller? 

Okay, y'all, have you ever heard of ThreadRobe? It's a piece of furniture {see the picture below} that can accept, sort and store a full load of clean clothes. Yes, you read that right: it FOLDS YOUR LAUNDRY! Can I please have one?! 

You just wash and dry your clothes like normal, but when they're done drying, you put them in the bin of the ThreadRobe and it automatically folds and stores it for you. Sign. Me. Up. 

But want to know the part that I think is even cooler than that? It has a mobile app that you use when you need something to wear. Using the app {which totally makes me think of Cher Horowitz in "Clueless,"} you tell the ThreadRobe to retrieve and steam the items you've selected. The app also serves as your digital closet {again, totally like "Clueless!"} to help you create and select outfits, pack for trips and helps you shop for new clothes by showing you which items you already own will match the thing you're thinking of buying. Y'all, yes. Just yes! How cool is this thing?! 

And a sixth today because, why not?! Influenster was so sweet to send me their Rosy VoxBox recently, which included a myriad of goodies, including Fancy Feet Foot Petals; Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray; Purell Naturals hand sanitizer spray; Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant; and Vera Wang Embrace perfume. 

This was a fun little box to receive! The Fancy Feet Petals actually made my uncomfortable leopard print heels a lot more comfortable at church recently, and of course I quickly stashed the Purell in my diaper bag {hello, #momlife!}, the deodorant is the exact one I wear, so that was helpful to have another one on hand; and the perfumes both smell amazing. Unfortunately I don't have the hair type to use the sea salt spray, but I let a friend who has a natural wave in her hair try it out and she loved it. 

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. 

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Easter Basket Goodies

I'm so excited that it's almost Easter! It's definitely one of my favorite holidays, and even though the main reason we mark the holiday in our household is to celebrate our risen Savior, it is fun for us to give our boys Easter baskets on Easter morning. 

Growing up, my parents always did this for us and it's a tradition I'm happily carrying along to my boys. When we were little, my grandparents always gave their grandchildren a brand new swimsuit for Easter, and I love carrying on that tradition, too, by putting one in my boys' Easter baskets (and my mom sends them a bathing suit, too!). 

So here are some ideas of what to put in your little one's Easter basket this year, excluding candy since that's a given for the bigger kids, right?! ;) 

For both: one || two || three

For girls: one || two || three

For boys: one || two || three 

Also, be sure to check out my post about books to put in Easter baskets, too! 

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: March 2017

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Today I'm linking up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for "What's Up Wednesday." 

To answer the following questions: 

{1} What We're Eating This Week 
Easy, peasy meals have been the name of my game recently: this oven-fried chicken; steaks with mashed white beans and asparagus; tilapia tacos; and grilled chicken with a side of Greek pasta salad. Yum! 

{2} What I'm Reminiscing About 
As we near Knox's first birthday {seriously, how?!} I'm just over here reminiscing about sweet newborn baby Knox. I can't believe he's going to be one in about two months. Oh, be still my heart! 

All images (C) Liz Haas Photography 

{3} What I'm Loving 

This candle from Bath & Body Works. Y'all, it smells AMAZING. 

This one from Target -- also a favorite of mine! 

And this dress from Nordstrom -- I want it, I want it! 

Oh, and these sweet Salt Water Sandals I ordered from the boys FROM AMAZON!!! {If you're Southern and you know it clap your hands...} 

My friend Gentel told me about this disinfecting spray and I've been going all over my house disinfecting ALL THE THINGS. 

{4} What We've Been Up To
We have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather lately by spending as much time outdoors as humanly possible: walks, park dates, picnics -- you name it! Other than that, Walker has had school and soccer, we've had Bible Study, and I've just been doing my typical thing of errands, working out, making lunches, wiping bottoms and repeat! ;) I got to do something fun on Monday and do some voiceover work for a project my church is doing, so that was something fun and different. :)

{5} What I'm Dreading
Quite honestly, I don't think I'm dreading too much at the moment! This is my favorite time of the year and it's hard to find something to really "dread," for me anyway, right now! 

{6} What I'm Excited About 

My 30th birthday is next Friday, and we're heading to Charleston to celebrate! I'm so thrilled to see Charleston for the first time and spend some one-on-one time with Brandon. 

{7} What I'm Watching/Reading 
We're ending all of my favorite shows {I'm looking at you, "This is Us" and "The Bachelor!"}, but we're loving watching "Designated Survivor," "The Arrangement," our old people shows of "Dateline" and "48 Hours," and of course, "Real Housewives!" 

I recently renewed my library card and picked up this book; I love Lauren Weisberger! 

{8} What I'm Listening To 
I'm about to let y'all in on my dorkiness, but I'm loving the Margaritaville station on my Sirius XM radio! Ha! Anything and everything Jimmy Buffett-related I just love this time of the year when it's sunny and warm outside; it immediately transports me to the beach. 

{9} What I'm Wearing 
The weather here in North Texas has been downright gorgeous lately {if you haven't caught on with my 500 references in this post alone}! I wish it could stay like this year-round. That said, if I'm not in my typical mom uniform of yoga pants {these are my favorite} and workout tops {also my favorite}, then I'm rocking my J.Crew elastic waistband shorts. Yep, you heard me: elastic waistband. LOVE them! They're so versatile, comfortable and cute. 

{10} What I'm Doing This Weekend
We have a full weekend ahead! My parents are coming up to celebrate my birthday a week early; Walker has soccer; we're taking the boys to the local Thomas the Train event; and of course, the usual weekend plans: church, cleaning up around the house and errands.

{11} What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month 
Celebrating Easter {Knox's first!} and of course, celebrating my 30th birthday! Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I'm just so thankful to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. 

Just for grins, here are some photos from Easter past: 

2016 {and a very pregnant me!}: 



{12} What Else is New
Nothing much is new around here! We're chugging along with about two full months left of Walker's school and our Bible Study program before summer break, and we're most definitely looking forward to that! 

Monday, March 27, 2017


Our weekend flew by in a flash. I swear we need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday! Here's how I'm feeling today: 

It was a super rainy, icky morning, so our plans were really to lay low: we picked up our groceries from Walmart; grabbed Chick-fil-A for lunch; and took naps. Once it was sunny after naps, we went on a little walk; Knox stole his brother's toy while he was...indisposed...and we got ready for the Baylor men's basketball game with the boys' "Brother Bear/Baby Bear" jammies. 

Sadly, the Bears lost {badly} to South Carolina, but my boys looked so cute! 

I made this for supper and we went to bed after the sad Baylor game. 

We had a busy day! Walker had soccer in the morning, then we headed to a 3rd birthday party for one of Walker's sweet friends. His mama, Stacy, is a dear friend of mine and is the ultimate party planner: the party started at their house with a pancake breakfast, followed by a short walk to a local fire station for a tour for the kiddos. Walker, of course, was obsessed with the fire trucks! 

We came home; grabbed a quick lunch; Brandon went to play golf with his dad and older brother; the boys took naps while I read a lot of my book; and then we went to our across-the-street neighbor's little first birthday party. 

The big boys mowed our lawn while I picked weeds in the flower beds and played with Knox. We had leftovers for supper; Brandon and I watched a DVR'd episode of "Dateline" {where I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch} and then we called it an early night. #adulting 

We took the boys out early to get some pictures in the bluebonnets. Texans love us some Texas, and something we do every year is stick our babies in the bluebonnets and get a picture for posterity. ;) 

We got home and Knox started acting super fussy, was running a low-grade fever and tugging at his ear, so we scrapped plans for church and hung out at home instead. {I'm taking him into the pediatrician this morning as soon as they open; I'm suspecting an ear infection, sigh.} 

I ran to the grocery store for a few things while Brandon stayed home with the boys; then he ran out to Home Depot once I was home for supplies to replace our air vent covers in our house. {See: #adulting}. Knox slept for 2.5 hours in the afternoon and then went to bed at 6:15 p.m. because he was feeling so crummy. Here's to hoping he feels better today after seeing the doctor! 

Have a great week, y'all! 

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