Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Second Baby Favorites (6-9 Months)

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: time to link up with Jessi and Jenn for "What's Hap-pining Wednesday!" 

Knox is nine {!!!} months old today, so I thought I'd share what have been some of our favorite baby items for him these past three months. I shared my 0-3 month favorites here and my 3-6 months favorites here, so be sure to check those out, too! 

So here's what we have loved the last three months, albeit a bit random, but loved nonetheless: 

one || two || three

four || five || six 

Santa brought this book for Knox, and he loves it so much! It's bright and colorful, and in fact, he crawled for the first time toward this book! It's totally age-appropriate. 

The boys' pediatrician recommended we put one packet of these in Walker's morning cup of milk and a half packet in Knox's morning bottle. Of course, please check with your pediatrician before giving to your baby, but Brandon and I take a daily probiotic and feel like it works well for us, so must for the boys, too! 

We had this toy with Walker and he loved it so much that we kept it on hand. And Knox loves it just as much as his brother did -- and still does. ;) Walker will steal this from Knox when he isn't looking and race around the house with it. 

Another Santa gift, Knox is the perfect age to sit {buckled in} and enjoy this wagon. The seats are the perfect size for him -- with room to grow -- and they're comfortable and safe. We have really enjoyed getting out and walking in this wagon! 

Probably the best $6 I've spent on Amazon in a while, Knox loves this high chair toy! It's great to occupy him after he's eaten his evening pureés and while I'm getting dinner ready. Unlike many of his other toys that he throws off his highchair, this toy suctions to the highchair and it takes a lot for him to get it off and on the floor.

Another thing that was Walker's that we're now using for Knox: the Pottery Barn Kids mobile! Walker could not have cared less about the mobile, but Knox is obsessed. If he's ever fussy, we'll sit him in his crib for a few minutes and will hear/see him laughing hysterically and grabbing for the little sheep. 

These are the ONLY socks that stay on my boys' feet. Trust me when I say we've tried every sock brand in the book...but when Liz told me about these when Walker was a baby, we gave away every other brand of socks we had and practically bought stock in these. They're the best! 

Do any of y'all love these baby items, too? What are your favorites?


  1. Whoops I pushed publish before typing! These favorites are still favorites of us at 16 months!! Graham is obsessed with the mobile and tries to pull it down haha. That walker toy is so fun and he can finally fly around while
    Pushing it!

  2. Madeline loves her walker and she just got a radio flyer wagon for her birthday and loves being pulled around outside. So fun!

    The Lovely Latte

  3. waaahhh this takes me back! So fun and so cute!

  4. Ok I may have to grab some of those socks-I will never understand how babies manage to kick socks off ALL.OF.THE.TIME! I am wanting a wagon for the boys this summer so badly-that one is so nice!

  5. I am convinced there is something magical about that V-tech walker. Both of my boys loved it too!

  6. We use and love most of these items (1-5) too! Right now Remington is obsessed with her belly button! Yes to the probiotics! Going to check out those socks right now!


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