Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekending: Last One for February

How did the weekend go by so quickly?! I swear we need a day in between Saturday and Sunday. Can we start a petition to make that happen?! ;) 

We're still living with my in-law's, so prayers for all of us in that situation. I know it's not easy for them to have us here for two weeks, and it's definitely not easy on us, either. And I felt so bad for Brandon having traveled all of last week and slept in a different hotel bed every night to come home to sleeping in another unfamiliar bed not in his home. Sigh. We'll hopefully be in our house this time next week, so fingers crossed for us on that. 

But anyway, here's what we were up to over the weekend...

{And clearly it was boring if my only picture is of a giant margarita...}


+ Brandon came home from his week-long business trip and I don't think I've ever been more excited to see him. We had a rough last week full of house crap, unexpected bills, sick kiddos and probably about four hours of sleep for me a night. 

+ We treated my in-law's to dinner at Chuy's as a "thank you for having us for a week." A margarita...or two...was just what the doctor ordered! 


+ I got a much-needed hair cut, eyebrow wax and time away alone and it was so, so nice. Then, I ran by the house to check on things and pick some stuff up, then came back to our "home away from home" so Brandon, the boys and I could go to Trader Joe's and grab lunch -- Mexican, what else?! 

+ We had a lazy afternoon, then Brandon grilled chicken and grilled corn on the cob for all of us for dinner, and I made yummy sides: roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower and green beans. 

+ We got the boys down for bed and we all watched "My All-American," which was really cute but also super sad! 


+ I've come down with what Knox had {and what seems to be making its way through our church nursery, ugh} so we laid low at my in-law's on Sunday: leftovers for lunch, cuddled watching "Finding Dory" with Walker while Knox took his morning nap, and of course, watching The Oscars' red carpet. I really couldn't care less about the show itself, but the fashion is definitely my cup of tea! 

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  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry you had to go through all that while Brandon was out of town. You are a rockstar, Mama! Hope you feel better (and get back to your own home) SO SOON!

  2. Oh friend I'm so sorry you're sick now! Y'all can't catch a break! Chuys is my favorite Mexican ever!! I hope you wake up this morning feeling better. 'Tis the season for germs ugh!!

  3. This was probably the first year I actually paid attention to the show because we went to an Oscar's party - but I agree the red carpet is more fun! Sorry to hear you're coming down with something - hope it's a quick recovery!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Mexican twice in one weekend - I mean you guys have the right idea (making a note now to ask Derek to go for Mexican this weekend, ha!) Hope all the house work is done soon and you guys can get back home!!

  5. I hope it gets better I know it is hard being at your inlaws and your husband traveling. Thinking about you guys
    Chelsea @

  6. Ugh so what's the update on the home situation? I feel ya girl - I know you're ready to be back and settled! Love that ya'll went to Chuy's (Mama and me fav) that me-time sounded fab as well! Happy Monday friend! xo

  7. I am willing to sign your petition ;) Hopefully the house gets finished up this week - that's got to be a long 2 weeks... Your you time on Saturday sounds amazing! You definitely deserved that :) Hope you feel better!!

  8. Hoping things start looking up and that you're feeling better so soon! XO


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