Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekending: Holy Moly, Y'all

Well, I had grand plans for a super relaxing weekend: a massage, lunch with friends, dinner with my aunt, church on Sunday...

...and then I bent down on Saturday morning to wipe up something from the kitchen floor and saw water pooling beneath our dishwasher. We pulled it out and found about 1/4-inch of water just sitting beneath our dishwasher and yup, you guessed it: water damage. DISGUSTING. I was completely mortified because I'm seriously the cleanest person and also just disgusted and angry because, guess what? This very same thing happened four years ago and we had to file a homeowner's insurance claim on it! So apparently the contractors the insurance agency brought in didn't fix the problem and only put a Band-Aid on it. So many emotions going on over here, y'all. 

We're now dealing with contractors, a delicious-smelling bleach spray, dehumidifiers, box fans, no dishwasher, having to turn our water off at night so the leak doesn't continue until it can get fixed...and the list goes on. I know there's a lot going on in the world that's much bigger than this, but it's big to us in our little world, and it just kind of stinks. 

SO! It's going to be a fun couple of weeks 'round here, I think. #passthewine 

But, there was some good in the weekend: 

+ Knox crawled for the first time! 

I won't lie: I was getting a little nervous about it, especially remembering that Walker crawled right at seven months and Knox will be nine months on Wednesday. And so many people have kids Knox's age {or younger} and they're practically walking and going to college tomorrow. But then I remembered that old saying, "Comparison is the thief of joy," and it just hit me: comparison isn't good for anyone, comparison isn't going to make Knox hit his milestones any sooner, and this sweet boy is going to do things on his own time. Sigh, pretty much the whole theme of my weekend was to just LET. IT. GO. 

+ Sweet brothers in matching jammies 

I mean, is there anything sweeter?! 

+ An awesome aunt
My aunt was supposed to come over for dinner on Saturday night, so when I texted her that that clearly wasn't going to happen, she immediately high-tailed it over to our house, took the boys out of the house, and got them lunch {and ice cream and play time} at Chick-fil-A. And she snuck Knox his first waffle fry and let's just say that that boy is obsessed. 

She also stayed to help get the boys down for naps; helped us clean up some more; sewed my couch throw pillows that needed some repair; and played with the boys while we just got stuff done with this massive leak. 

+ Great in-law's
We actually spent last night at my in-law's to just get out of the house and away from everything. I'm going back to meet with the contractor today and based on what he says, we very well may be spending the week over here. Who knows?! 

So, we should be having an interesting week over here. I'm just praying for patience for Brandon and me, quick contractors and good news this week. 

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  1. Whew girl this weekend is one for the books! I am so sorry about all this. But so glad you found it when you did. I am right there with you on comparing. Especially since graham is almost 16 months and not walking alone. My bible study is all about comparison and constantly reminds me "there is no win in comparison". So proud of Knox. He's going to be so fast in no time!!

  2. Aww man girl, you all can't seem to catch a break! Praying for an uneventful week and good news for you! PTL for sweet family who help with our littles!!

  3. Can you send your aunt my way? She sounds like an absolute gem!

    Hang in there this week!

  4. Oh no! I hope that your meeting goes well with the contractor and that they'll be able to get things fixed up super quick for y'all.

  5. That totally stinks!! Hope you are able to get it fixed soon! That was so sweet of your aunt to be so helpful!

  6. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way! Hope things start to look up this week and y'all get some good news!

  7. Found your blog on the linkup!! Im so sorry to hear about the standing water - home ownership can be rough at times! Hope it all gets worked out soon!! Loving the matching jammies!

  8. Oh goodness what a horrible thing to find!! Not fun but that was so nice of your Aunt to come over and help you and play with the boys! I hope things get fixed quickly! Yay for Knox crawling!! I had a friend who's 1.5 year old could walk but just refused to - crawling was faster for him. He now walks but seems like kids are on their own time schedule ;)

  9. How did I miss this post today?! Thanks to our texting I'm now informed but on a better (but still sad) note - he's crawling!!! Ah babes slow down! They're are so darn cute and I love seeing Andi's face when she watches your snaps of the boys! I hope the next week or so is relaxing for you and that everything gets fixed and up and running!

  10. Ahh I'm sorry that your weekend started out on such a sour note, BUT knox crawling for the first time seriously makes up for it - at least in my mind LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Girl that is so frustrating, I am sorry! I hope it gets fixed as quickly as possible. And again, YAY for sweet Knox crawling! Jax was a day over 9 months when he first crawled, and he has been nonstop ever since :-) Babies really just do things in their own time!

  12. Prayers for a quick and painless renovation! Thinking of you lady!