Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Happy Thursday! Here's a good ol' "Life Lately" post for you today, moreso for me to document our little week. I'm sure this is probably quite boring to most, but here's a little snapshot of our week thus far. 

+ Monday: 

I took the boys to one of our favorite local play places, Peek N Play, to burn some energy and have some fun. Walker loves this place, and I do, too, because it's so clean and organized. 

We have gone on walk after walk every day this week, as it's been in the upper 70's and low 80's {!!!}. 

Monday night, Walker wanted to play "dress up" with the blankets we have stored in the living room in a basket. The following conversation ensued: 

Walker: "You're Jesus." 

Me: "I'm Jesus? Then who are you?"

Walker: "The Wizard."

Hmmm, think we need to work on Bible lessons a little more. Not sure there's a wizard in the Bible. Ha! ;)

Brandon and I caught up on "The Bachelor" {thanks for texting me throughout the show, Jessi!} and I'm convinced Nick is a complete ding-dong and that he's wearing some sort of a retainer. ;) 

+ Tuesday

Walker had "school," and yes, it was warm enough for him to wear shorts and a T-shirt (but a light jacket for the early-morning playground time). I'll gladly take an 85* day in February! He did the cutest Valentine's Day crafts that I can't wait to see during his Valentine's Party at school on Tuesday. 

+ And while Walker was at school, my high school friend Emily came over with her cute daughter, Betsy, and we all went on a walk together around our neighborhood. Knox wasn't quite so sure what to do with a little girl in our house, but he {and I!} loved meeting this sweet girl and seeing her mama. 

The boys and I went on another walk {two for the day, boom!} and I made this for supper. Brandon and I watched both "This is Us" and an episode of the new "24." Clearly we are super cool and watch lots of TV during the gets-dark-early winter months. 

+ Wednesday

We had Bible Study at church in the morning, then laid low around the house for the afternoon. Walker decided to take just a 45-minute nap, so while I tried to respond to emails and get some contract PR work done, that clearly didn't happen. #kids #momlife 

Walker's "threenager" behavior was on fire all day yesterday, and I needed a glass of wine like nobody's business around 5 p.m., so I gladly poured myself one, made these yummy burritos for supper and let Brandon handle bedtime. Just being real here, folks!

+ Thursday
Today, Walker has "school" and I'm actually going to use the day to try to get organized and just get errands run. A few quiet hours alone while Walker's at school and Knox is napping will be quite helpful, I'm sure {or at least I'm hoping!}. 

+ Friday

We have nothing planned other than a park play date with some friends, and I'm really excited about a low-key day...which I'm hoping will turn into a low-key weekend. Depending on the weather, we may or may not take advantage of the zoo membership the boys were gifted for Christmas and take Knox for his first-ever visit, and Walker's 500+ visit. ;) 

So how's that for the boring life of a stay-at-home mom for you?! #reallife 

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  1. It's been a good week for you! So funny just how similar our days and weeks are! I need to discuss the bachelor with you. I just can't stand nick! Glad you got some "me time" last night. Lord knows you deserve it!!!

  2. Our weather here has been abnormally warm, too, which has lead to after-work walks every day this week and I've been loving that! Sorry that Walker is being a three-nager, but at least he's so darn cute...even as a Wizard! :)

  3. Walker's little arm around Knox in that fire truck is EVERYTHING. Swoon!

  4. Sounds like a week full of fun!! Sorry you had a rough day with Walker! If it helps, you have two of the most precious boys so you have to be rocking this mom thing!

  5. Your week sounds busy and fun!! The walk you guys took looks so nice! It was really nice here earlier this week but now we have snow :( BOO!

  6. I love that play place you go to-so jealous! And yes I remember every week why I was so sad they picked Nick instead of Luke..there's a reason this dude has been repeatedly rejected! So jealous of your warm weather-high of 45 here today so I'll probably be in my swimsuit!! ;-)

  7. I am so jealous of your beautiful weather. And that wine is one of my faves too! Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  8. What a fun week!! The pictures of the boys are so adorable and the wizard - so funny!! That's so neat you went to high school with Emily. I'm watching This Is Us right now and it's so sweet! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)


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