Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Day in the Life

Well, Happy Thursday, friends! I have never done a "Day in the Life" post and had planned to do it for today...and then Knox got gastroenteritis -- AKA: lots and lots and lots of awful diapers. {Sorry if that totally disgusted you. It totally disgusts me.} But, I planned to do it, so even though our day was pretty wonky with him not feeling well and us not on our "normal" schedule, I went ahead with it. 

So, here we go. 

Wednesday, Feb. 1

*Normally we have Bible Study on Wednesdays, but we laid low yesterday for obvious reasons. 

6 a.m.: Brandon's alarm goes off. I wake up, grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen and head back to our bedroom to read blogs, check my email, respond to some text messages that came in overnight, and pay for an Etsy order. This is my favorite cup, chips and all, that my parents brought me back from New Mexico some years ago. 

6:45-7 a.m.: I head to the kitchen to get breakfast ready for the boys. Brandon is getting dressed for the day. Walker had pancakes, sliced strawberries, chocolate milk {his reward for not yelling in his bed that he was ready to get up} and his vitamins, and Knox had his usual 8 oz. bottle with some kid-friendly probiotic powder and some pureéd apples. I knew his stomach didn't feel great, so I did apples. (Note that I hadn't microwaved Knox's apples yet when I snapped the picture.) 

7 a.m.: Get both boys up. Walker asks to do "Superman," where he lays his tummy on my feet and we "fly," and I happily oblige. We hug and kiss and then I go get Knox. He has been feeling rough as of 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, and I have to change his crib sheets while Walker heads into my bedroom to say good morning to Brandon. I get Knox's diaper and clothes changed, then head into the living room. 

7:05-7:15 a.m.: I feed Knox his morning bottle while Walker eats breakfast at the kitchen table. Quickly realize I have another diaper to change, so I take care of that. Brandon leaves for work. 

7:15-8 a.m.: I do some chores around the house while Knox plays on a blanket in the living room and Walker watches a bit of "Rio." I make the beds, start a load of laundry, wipe down the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, and run the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen. 

8 a.m.: I feed Knox a few bites of his pureéd apples. He's not too into eating, so I wipe him up and get him out of the high chair. 

8:10 a.m.: Walker is now playing with his toy cars and trucks in the living room, so I carry Knox on my hip while I put away a load of laundry that I washed last night. 

8:30 a.m.: Knox is acting super fussy, so I change his diaper and get him down for his morning nap. He usually sleeps from 9-11, but obviously things are thrown a bit off when you're sick. Walker is still playing with cars and trucks in the living room. 

8:35 a.m.: Knox was exhausted and it only took five minutes of rocking to get him down. Walker asks to play with his construction vehicles in his sensory bin, and I happily oblige. I list a few outgrown clothing items on some Facebook resale groups, Lysol Knox's toys he was playing with earlier and put a note in our neighbors' mailbox.

9 a.m.: I finally sit down and play with Walker for a bit. I feel bad that he hasn't been able to be with his friends at Bible Study for two weeks due to illness -- and that he's not getting nearly as much attention with his brother being sick -- so I'm trying to give him some one-on-one attention. 

9:30 a.m.: I get Walker set up with LEGOs in my room while I take a quick shower and get semi-dressed for the day. I washed my hair and got out of pajamas, but didn't put any makeup on...but at least I feel (and look) clean. 

I text one of our babysitters to see if she would be able to come over this afternoon to sit at the house while the boys nap. I had to run to City Hall to make a deposit on something, and you have to do it in person. I didn't want to risk the 30-minute drive each day with Knox feeling so crummy. 

10 a.m.: I get Walker dressed for the day and fold the load of laundry I put in the washing machine earlier in the morning. 

10:15 a.m.: I finally get around to making my breakfast shake (Plexus 96 Vanilla packet, 1 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 TBSP peanut butter and 1 small banana). Brandon bought me this single-serve blender and it makes making these shakes daily super easy. 

I take a probiotic and hide some kid-friendly probiotic powder in Walker's milk. I'm trying my best to ensure we don't get sick. 

10:17 a.m.: Walker decides he wants a shake, too, so I make him one. It will be a later lunch for both of us today. 

10:25 a.m.: I notice that Knox is awake. It has been two hours, so I go get him up and change him. Walker is drinking his shake and playing with Mr. Potato Head and a dinosaur that he's named "Rex." He's really into "Toy Story" right now and I think it's cute how he's playing with those two toys from the movie. 

10:30 a.m. Knox is happy and smiling, which is good, but does have another yucky diaper, which I change, wash my hands thoroughly and let the boys play on the floor in Knox's room for a bit. I call Brandon to give him an update on Knox while sitting and watching the boys play. 

11 a.m.: Change another diaper, wash my hands again, and give Knox a bottle with some kid-friendly probiotic powder in it. When he's done, I give him some Pedialyte. Walker plays with some LEGOs on the living room floor while Knox has his bottle. 

11:15 a.m.: Yet another diaper. Handle that, then have to put Walker in timeout for raising his voice at me and throwing a temper tantrum. I put Knox's bottle and the syringe I used to administer the Pedialyte in the dishwasher during Walker's three-minute timeout. 

11:30 a.m.: Load the boys into the car and take Walker to the SportClips right down the street for a haircut. His hair is so shaggy and needs to be cut badly. Pray that Knox doesn't have a diaper while we're there.

11:35 a.m.: Walker is getting his hair cut and I had to change Knox's diaper on the floor of the SportClips bathroom, as there's no changing table. Thank God for changing pads to at least not have him laying directly on the disgusting bathroom floor. 

11:43 a.m.: Leave SportClips and stop by our church on the way home to drop off some stuff for our church Facebook free "garage sale" that's been sitting in my car for more than a week. 

12:01 p.m.: Arrive home. Get the boys unloaded, all of our junk out of the car, change Knox's diaper and get their lunch started. 

Knox has some applesauce and Walker has a little appetizer-type lunch of meat and cheese, blueberries, pretzels and Annie's Bunny Grahams outside. It's a beautiful day and we all just needed some fresh air. 

While we were outside, our babysitter texts me back and tells me she is available to come for the afternoon, so I make plans to run down to City Hall while the boys are napping. 

12:35 p.m.: I clean up from lunch; run the vacuum over the kitchen floor and back door area; refill the diffuser with Thieves Oil while Walker plays in the backyard and Knox plays on a blanket in the living room. 

1 p.m.: Change Knox again. Start another load of laundry while Walker continues to play outside. 

1:05 p.m.: Call Brandon and ask him to do a favor for me while he's at work. I finally sit down with Knox in my lap to cuddle and try to get both boys to wind down just a little bit before nap. We sing songs and Walker is being a super sweet brother to Knox and even coaxes some smiles out of him. 

1:30 p.m.: Knox is really tired. He normally naps from 2-4 p.m., but I lay him down 30 minutes early since he's yawning and rubbing his eyes. 

1:40 p.m.: I come out of Knox's room and make myself lunch. It's super fancy today: a ham sandwich and some pretzels. I sit on the couch with Walker while he watches an episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." He asks to cuddle, and I happily oblige. Then he asks for a small bowl of pretzels, so I grab that for him and we continue to cuddle on the couch. It's a nice little moment with my big boy. 

2 p.m.: I get Walker down for a nap. We read "Llama Llama Red Pajama," sing his "go to sleep song," say our prayers and give hugs/kisses. 

2:10-2:25 p.m.: I work on this blog post in the dining room because I love all the natural light in there in the afternoons. 

2:25 p.m.: The babysitter arrives, I give her a brief rundown and head out the door to City Hall. 

2:25-3:17 p.m.: I drive down to City Hall, get paid what needed to be paid, and head back home. 

3:17 p.m.: I arrive home, pay the babysitter and pour a glass of grape juice, as I've heard that helps ward off the stomach bug. Praying that's the case! 

3:25-4 p.m.: I work on this blog post. 

4 p.m.: I make Knox's bottle and put a little bit of kid-friendly probiotic powder in it, then go wake him up. 

4:06 p.m.: Feed Knox his bottle and catch a few minutes of the latest "Ladies of London" episode on DVR since Walker's still sleeping. 

4:15 p.m.: Knox and I go check on Walker, who's still sleeping, so we play together in the living room for a little bit. 

4:25 p.m.: I get Knox situated in his high chair to play with his new toy while I start supper. 

4:27 p.m.: A mere two minutes later, Knox goes to the bathroom and Walker wakes up simultaneously. I go get Walker up and then go get Knox changed. I wash my hands thoroughly and give Walker some Annie's Bunny Grahams (his new favorite snack) and some water. He's being silly and is refusing my picture-taking. 

He eats his snack on the couch while waking up and Knox plays. He quickly asks to watch an episode of "Curious George" I oblige because I'm worn out at this point; he normally doesn't watch this much TV in one day, but it's an off day and and I just make a mental note to not let him watch but one episode of something tomorrow. 

4:36 p.m.: I go back to fixing supper. Tonight, we're eating The Girl Who Ate Everything's Poppyseed Chicken Casserole, broccoli and rice. 

4:49 p.m.: Supper is in the oven. I then put the dishes I used to cook in the dishwasher; set  the coffee timer for tomorrow morning; and make both Brandon and Walker's lunches for work and school, respectively, for Thursday. 

After a long day, there's nothing fancy for Thursday; Walker gets half a PBJ sandwich, half an apple cinnamon rice cake, a clementine and some pretzels, and Brandon gets his daily peanut butter sandwich on Ezekiel Bread. 

4:49 p.m.: "Curious George" is over and Walker goes out in the backyard to play. I finish up lunches. 

5:06 p.m.: I feed Knox some applesauce while Walker walks on the window seat behind Knox's high chair being goofy. 

5:15 p.m.: I finish up supper: make the rice to accompany the casserole and steam the broccoli in the microwave. Then, I set the table. The boys are still being silly and making me laugh. 

5:23 p.m.: Knox jumps in his jumperoo, Walker makes a fort/pallet on the kitchen window seat and I fold and put away the load of laundry I put in earlier this afternoon. 

5:34 p.m.: Walker makes me a pallet on the floor of the living room in front of Knox's jumperoo. He tells Knox, "You are in da best mood today!" He is such a funny kid and cracks me up on the regular. 

5:53 p.m.: Brandon is home and we sit down and eat supper together. 

6:06 p.m.: Brandon plays with the boys for a minute and then bathes them while I clean the kitchen, give Walker his next-to-last dose of his antibiotic, pick up the living room a bit, take my vitamins, make Knox's evening bottle, lay out everything for tomorrow's breakfast and run the vacuum. 

6:20 p.m.: I give Knox his bottle while Walker and Brandon build a fort out of our couch cushions. This is their nightly ritual and I just LOVE it. 

After Knox's bottle, they all get in the fort and have some boy time. ;) 

6:45-6:58 p.m.: I rock Knox and get him down for bed. When I get out of his room, Walker catches me in the hallway and asks me if I'll read to him. I'm tired, but I happily oblige. We read "Where's Waldo Now?", say prayers, sing the goodnight song and give kisses and hugs. 

7:15 p.m.: I go out into the living room and plop myself on the couch with a box of Girl Scout Cookies and finish up this blog post. Brandon watches a DVR'd episode of "The O'Reilly Factor" and we catch up on our days while I finish up. 

8 p.m.: We watch an episode of "48 Hours." 

9 p.m.: We head back to the bedroom and get ready for bed. I'm so tired that I pass out before 10 p.m. 

And that was our day! 

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  1. Oh friend I am amazed at how much you get done during the day even with a sick babe. I mean your morning would take me all day and you were done before 12! I did a day in the life post today too and our days are very similar. Living the SAHM dream. I hope Knox is waking up feeling better and you get to change less diapers this morning!! Loved seeing what a typical day is like for you!

  2. Wow! You get a lot done in a day girly! Hope all the sickness will be out of your house soon for a long while!

  3. phew, im exhausted just reading that. having sick babies is seriously the toughest thing ever. It looks like you are doing everything possible to try and keep it from spreading though! I hope Knox starts feelings better and you get a little break! Loved reading about your day, busy mama.

  4. Your sick day still seems more productive than a lot of my days! Please tell me sweet Knox is doing better today! How do you like that casserole you made-I am on the hunt for some new recipes! These are always my favorite posts-because it shows EVERYTHING (even the details of all of those wonderful diapers) ;-)

  5. Oh man! Three things I noticed while reading this: 1. You get a ton done during the day! I thought it'd be like 1 or 2 and it was only 10am! You go! 2. poor Knox and poor mama! I can't believe he's sick again... and I don't want to even imagine how bad those diapers are lol 3. Even though he's sick - Knox always looks so happy!! Loved reading these posts- they're always so fun to read especially the SAHM ones :)

  6. Your poor guys can not catch a break :( I really hope Knox is feeling better today!! You've pretty much confirmed my worst fear with this post - the laundry never, ever ends HA! Question. Does Knox eat those apple sauce pouches on his own? I've been too chicken to let Camden try to do it but have been curious if he actually could.


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