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Guest Blogger Post: Meet Emily from Three Boys and a Girl

Hi, friends! My blogger friend Emily from Three Boys and a Girl and I wanted to continue the fun post that Julie and I did in December {read that here} and Mackensey and I did last week {read that here}. I met Emily, like I met Julie and Mackensey, through blogging, and I truly love her! We have found we have so much in common -- aside from being boy mamas -- so I know you're going to love her, too. 

We've swapped blogs today, so go check hers out, too! :)

Tell us about yourself and your family:
Hey there! I am Emily and I blog over at Three Boys and a Girl. Patrick is my husband of five years (we just celebrated our anniversary the end of January!) and I am a mama to two precious red headed boys. Jack is 3 and Graham is 1. My boys have birthdays eight days apart, so needless to say, the fall is pretty busy for us! I live in a small town in Eastern North Carolina. I have lived in N.C. since I was 12, but both my parents were born in North Carolina so it’s always been considered home to me. Before I had my boys, I taught elementary school. I was lucky to be able to stay home with Jack after he was born and I have not gone back to teaching since. Patrick owns his own lawncare business.

I blog at Three Boys and a Girl

How did you get started blogging?

I started blogging a year ago. After being an avid blog reader for many years, I decided that I wanted to take the plunge and start my own blog. As stay-at-home mom, I was looking for an outlet and a fun hobby, and also a way to connect with other mamas! I really didn't think anyone other than my husband and a few friends would read. It has become so much more than that! I love hearing friends and people I don't even know commenting about how they read my post. It’s been such fun for me! 

Thoughts on being a boy mom:
I will be the first to admit that when I was pregnant with Jack, I was full-on convinced he was a girl. Everyone around me thought so, too. Patrick still tells the story of when we went for the ultrasound and the tech said, “It’s a boy!” my face fell. Of course, I quickly got over it and was thrilled when our precious baby boy came into this world! When I became pregnant with Graham I told everyone it would be a boy. Of course in the back of my mind I thought maybe he would be a girl. But again, we were blessed with another precious boy! 

I could not be happier that I am a boy mom! These two red heads have my entire heart. It is true what they say, boys love their mamas! The amount of joy I get out of being a boy mom is indescribable. They are wild, rough, loud, but at the same time sweet, gentle and so loving! I definitely am not sure I will make it to elementary school before my nerves are shot; Jack has discovered that he likes to jump off any and everything, and Graham is fearless! Our playroom is full of trucks, trains, tractors, cars, and anything else that has wheels! I can’t imagine having it any other way and I love every messy, silly, wonderful thing about being a boy mom! 

What has surprised you most about being a boy mom?
The thing that has surprised me most about being a boy mom is how much fun it is to dress them! It’s no secret that I love clothes. When I found out we were having a boy, I thought for sure that the clothes would not be nearly cute as girl clothes. I was so wrong. I adore dressing the boys in sweet smocked outfits and bubbles make my heart swoon, but I also love seeing Jack dressed in his Carhartt pants and T-shirt.

What do you love most about being a boy mom?

I love that my boys can be rough and tough one minute and the next they are running up to me hugging me and giving me a slobbery kiss. There is nothing that makes my heart melt more than when I hear Jack say, “Oh, you forgot to give me a hug and a kiss!” and he runs up to me. Hearing, “I love you mommy!” is the best phrase in the whole world. There is something so sweet about hearing your “all boy” boy tell you that you look “boo-ti-ful”. 

Your answer when people as if you're going to try for a girl: 
I get asked more times than not when we are going to "try for a girl." This question always makes me laugh. First of all, did I miss something? Are we able to predict what gender baby we are going to have? As if I can just twitch my nose and say, "Ok, we are going to have a girl this time!" Since I am a non-confrontational person, I usually smile and say, “You never know!” But the truth is, I love my two boys and I cant imagine, nor want to, my life without them. 

However, I would love to have a girl one day! I have always wanted to have three kids; I honestly don’t feel like our family is complete yet. Now, trying to convince my stubborn husband of that is another thing! And while I would love to have a girl, I am certain that if and when we do have a third baby it will most definitely be a boy. And you know what, I will be perfectly ok with that! As long as he or she has red hair just like their older brothers! 

Words of wisdom for other boy moms: 
I am so lucky that I have a very strong group of boy mom friends! It is so fun to see our boys grow and play with each other. In fact, two of us have our second boys and we are hoping that our other friend who is pregnant is going to add to the boy mom crowd and have another boy. Although, we could use a sweet little girl to spoil! I love getting together with these girls and discussing all things boy. We are all in the throes of potty training so it’s usually the topic of conversation lately. If I was going to have some words of wisdom for a new boy mom I think I would tell her to relax and enjoy it. Some times I’m so worried about them getting hurt that I forget to have fun! Boys are WILD. They get hurt constantly, but they are so fun! They love any and all things with wheels. You will learn more than you ever thought you could about construction equipment. Yes, there is a difference between a backhoe and an excavator!

It is so important to savor every moment with them. They grow entirely too fast! I can’t believe that Jack is already 3! Wasn’t he my little baby just yesterday? Savor those sweet baby smells and cuddles. Kiss them a lot! I hug and kiss on my boys all day every day. I want them to know that it is ok to be affectionate and have a softer side. I give them sugar all the time. Jack’s favorite thing to do is “wipe your kisses off mama!” and then wants me to do it again. Yes, I will be that embarrassing mom in elementary school and I can’t wait!  Enjoy the wild ride that is raising boys! Lastly and this is what I always tell my friends who are pregnant with a boy…they LOVE their Mamas. NO matter what, you will always be the one the turn to when they are happy and sad! 


  1. It is so funny how similar a lot of us are! I 100% agree dressing little boys isn't SO much fun! And my youngest is our wild child too-they are so busy trying to keep up! :-)

  2. I think the one thing about having to dress boys is that it's often cheaper than girls.

  3. I had the same thought process about boy clothes and turns out boy clothes are just as fun as girls!! I'm still learning about being a boy mom so I enjoyed reading this!

  4. I love Emily's blog and finding Brittany's blog now. I love boy clothes. Especially all the accessories for them. I love being a girl mom, but you two make me want a boy.


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